Best fishing reels under $75


Cheap fishing reels for sale


Fishing reels are cylindrical device on a platform of a fishing rod which is used for winding and stowing line. Fishing can be a great source for passing time and a tool for relaxation. Anyone who loves fishing would crave for a fantastic fishing reel from the best Shimano fishing reels reviews which makes a great preference according to their needs. There’re several factors in choosing your reel. Unfortunately, there is very few information on great fishing reels which is why we’ve come up with this review to let you about the best fishing reels under $75 according to your needs but with the best quality possible.


Abu Garcia Fishing Reel


Best fishing reels under $75

Abu Garcia Baitcast Reels are pretty good as they provide smooth-retrieve functions. You’ll also get 4+1 bearing system as well as a solid build platform which can withstand hours of hardcore fishing. The body weighs just 7.9 ounces and the ergonomics are pretty amazing. You don’t have to put too much weight as the aluminum spool provides enough strength. There’s also Power Drag System which helps you to get smooth drag output. You’ll get extended gear life with Dura gear.

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“ I bought the Abu Garcia Fishing Reel 3 years and I am happy to share with you that it stays with me on those times. The fishing reel is very reliable since it was made in good aluminum product which makes everything perfect for fishing. This is very a nice investment to people who loves fishing.”  Arron Wood


Abu Garcia Left Hand Fishing Reel


This is another durable baitcast reel from the same manufacturer Abu Garcia. It has two kinds of capacities. One is 12pound/145 yard spool and the other one is 30 pound/130 yard spool. It also carries 4 stainless steel ball bearings as well as a roller bearing. It’s quite lightweight and it has 1 piece of graphite frame and side plates. It’s engineered for powering up your fishing to have aggressive techniques in your fishing. Considering the hardcore fishing and affordable price, this reel can be your perfect weapon for hunting fishes.

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“ I never feel any difficulty with the Abu Garcia Left Hand Fishing Reel because it is easy to handle as well as to use. The ergonomic designed handle makes tis possible and true. Aside from that, the fishing reel is lightweight which makes fishing more fun and exciting than before.”  Saundra Harmon


Abu Garcia 5600 Fishing Reel


It comes in a package and it’s quite different from the previous two reels. It has 3 stainless steel ball bearings for smooth fishing performance. It contains the gear ration of 5:3:1. It can drag up to 12.5 lbs and provides the function of right hand retrieve. It has an ADS Spinningool design for loading extremely heavy fishes. It’s 13.6 ounces and has the line capacity of 12/205. It provides Corrotech treated instant Anti-Reverse function. With these fantastic packages, you can get this in the best fishing reels under $75.

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“ The fashionable Abu Garcia 5600 Fishing Reel is a reliable reel you can use in your fishing activity without exerting too much effort. The reel is very effective in catching fish because it can lengthen the string more than what you experienced on your previous fishing reels.”  Gilbert Hobbs Sawyer


Abu Garcia BCX Fishing Reel


Abu Garcia BCX Reel is the one which can give you a durable and amazing control when you use reeling in fishes. The ones who are control freaks are recommended to use this. This solidly built BCX Bait casting Reel can give you multi-disk front drag system which is quite powerful and it is adjustable to provide you the setting which you need to get home whoppers. Abu Garcia can put the entire ball in your court by featuring the 6-pin centrifugal brake that gives you an even, controlled cast. It features 3 German stainless steel ball bearings + 1 German Corrotech treated bearing for corrosion resistance.

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“ I can say that the Abu Garcia BCX Fishing Reel is very durable and long lasting because of the materials used in the reel. This was optimized because it cannot add enjoyment to the fishing activity. Moreover, I bought this in a very budget – friendly price so I was really satisfied with its performance.”  Lanny Shelton


Okuma CL302L Fishing Reel


Trolling reel cannot be better than this one. It has small compact design and black in color. It’s the cheapest one in our list. You can’t get trolling easier than this one. You can just set the drag and use the On/Off switch to whether to engage or disengage the drag system to go for fishing. It also features Aluminum handle arms, stainless steel level wind system and powerful Rulidium drag components which can get the job done with ease. Classic Pro models feature a fully machined aluminum frame reinforcements and two ball-bearing drive systems with machine cut brass and stainless steel gearing. We hope you’ve liked our review on the best fishing reels under $75.

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“ Fishing will be easy with the help of the Okuma CL302L Fishing Reel. This fishing reel makes everything settled and perfect because it is one of a kind. I recommend this product to all people out there especially to those that who loves fishing because this will satisfy you a lot.”  Reginald Burnett