If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best fire pits money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best fire pits on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Heininger 5995 is the best fire pit for sale because it can be easily used almost anywhere. Its portable size makes it ideal for use in the backyard, on camping trips or for tailgating parties, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to take with you. It also comes with a hose and regulator so all you need is a small propane tank to enjoy a clean burning and smokeless fire. If the Heininger 5995 is not in stock in your area you could consider the Landmann USA 28347 since it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Diameter Price Accessories Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

Heininger 5995

19 inch $$$ Propane tank hose,decorative rocks 22 lbs A+ AMAZON

Landmann 28347

23.5 inch $$$ Cooking grate; Full-diameter handle 32 lbs A AMAZON

UniFlame WAD820SP

34 inch $$$$ Heavy steel grate, easy-lifting spark arrestor, and wrought iron stand 58 lbs B+ AMAZON

DeckMate 30087

24 inch $$ Wire mesh, lift off spark screen Log grate and fire tools 24 lbs B+ AMAZON

Fire Sense 60873

22 inch $$ Log grate, cooking grate and fire tool 7 lbs B AMAZON



Buying Guide


If you are looking forward to have a campfire in an enclosed area, if you want to seat around and relax or cook marshmallows or hot dogs, then an outdoor fire pit is the right thing for you. Best fire pits reviews provide you with top five outdoor fire pits that you might have been longing for years. These outdoor fire pits would come in handy in winter season. When these are used safely, and properly, fire pits can give you many hours of enjoyment.

There are many outdoor devices which can improve the quality of different social events but none can match fire pits. Elegant and stylish, fire pits are great in providing warmth and can act as a special centerpiece for different social gatherings. Friends love them and family members can’t get enough of them during all those long nights of chatter and laughter. Our outdoor event planners underline the glamorous effect that a good fire pit can bring. This is why we are not surprised to see so many Americans search for professional fire pits. We analysed with attention the current top rated products available on the market. After going through 45 high quality models we drafted the best fire pits reviews in order to help people identify right on.


Usability and versatility

The first thing that you need to take into account is utility. Fire pits can be fun and also a unique way to express your personality. There are permanent and portable fire pits which can be used for different occasions. You will find large models that act as permanent warmth elements in your back or front yard. Still, there are also small units with foldable accessories that you can use during various camping trips. With attention, you will discover that there is a fire pit model, ideal to use whenever you desire. Going through the best fire pits in 2019, guarantees that you will find a product capable of warming you up during long and chilly nights. Today’s market comprises large, mid-size and small fire pits. Depending on your needs, a fire pit should be easy to find. All you need to do is pay attention to details and choose wisely.


Size of the firepit

Large fire pits usually come with a special design and create a big fire for all to enjoy. Afterwards you have to gather ashes and throw it away, since the pit will burn a lot of wood. Due to its sturdy construction, a large fire pit can be pretty hard to move from one place to another. This is why such models are used by professional contractors during weddings and special events in order to spice up the atmosphere with something special. Usually, most of the best fire pits in 2019 comes from the mid-size category. Such devices are balanced and provide comfortable warmth that all people nearby can enjoy. Mid-size fire pits are set somewhere between 30 to 36 inches wide, holding a decent amount of wood. Such models are stylish and include special ash trays that help you clean them faster.

The last category, small fire pits, is packed with creative models bent on meeting the needs of campers and hikers. Often used by people who move a lot, small fire pits represent a great addition to your camping gear. You can use it order to warm up, eat some marshmallows and swap interesting stories with friends. The devices include foldable legs and protective cases which help during transportation. So, now that you know which are the types of fire pits and what they offer, choose wisely and enjoy having around such a great warmer!



Top rated fire pits in 2019


The list below comprises of the most appreciated fire pit models currently available, each model gathering loads of positive feedback from users all over the United States. Read our short reviews of these fire pits to find out which one best suits your needs and preferences.



Heininger 5995


Best Fire Pits ReviewsWe all look for things that are light and easy to carry, Heininger outdoor fire pit is something that can fulfill your requirements. The best feature for which we put it into first position of best fire pits reviews is its ability to burn smokeless. It has a 19 meter diameter including a 10 feet hose with regulator attached to it. The portable fire pit is the perfect piece for adventure in outdoors. This awesome all season fire pit has a very affordable price.




Outdoor adventures just got a bit more fire-y with this outdoor fire pit that can be the perfect centerpiece and the ideal conversation piece

Provides warmth during tailgating parties or camping trips by running on a regular propane tank and burning clean and smokeless fuel

The entire family can huddle around the fire pit that comes with an attached regulator and a ten-foot hose

Lightweight and easy to carry so there will always be warmth to go around and even decorative rocks to be interested in and laugh about



Requires separate purchase of a standard propane tank, another sensible investment

Does not come with a cover, which would make travelling with the fire pit much easier


“The best fire pit reviews offered valuable info regarding Heininger 5995 and this convinced that this was the best choice I could make. It turns out I was right and the light weight allows me to take this fire pit with me wherever I go camping. I suggest taking a good look at Heininger 5995 if you are searching for a fire pit.” – Robert Valdez


Buy from Amazon.com for ($107.24)




Landmann 28347


This wild life fire pit is much easier to assemble than others so the cookouts are nicely done. You can cook foods quickly and also the grills fit nicely. The fire burns well in this pit, the sparks do not come beyond its screen and the ash is all that remains after the fire has burned out. It’s easy to reposition the fire pit with the help of the rail around the top and surprisingly it remains cool. The only thing you required is to attach the legs and that’s it. Such a beautifully designed outdoor pit with great functionality is a bargain.



Comes with a spark screen so the family can gather round safely and have interesting conversations by the fire, making this a favorite in best outdoor fire pit reviews

Comes with a poker or fire iron so flames can be tended easily while the family gathers round for some bedtime stories

Less cleaning entailed thanks to the sensible black finish, giving more time for family bonding

Special nighttime ambience induced by attractive rustic wildlife cutouts so there’s always something to look at or talk about



Thin sheet metal construction makes the unit lightweight

Paint flakes chip off with use but can easily be repainted or pre-coated with high-heat resistant paint before initial use


“Using this fire pit extensively has shown me it’s definitely a top notch model, which helps me start safely a proper fire. Yes, the rail around it does remain cool, a feature which surprised me too. In conclusion this fire pit is definitely worth buying.” – Scott I. Soto


Buy from Amazon.com for ($94.18)




UniFlame WAD820SP


For people who love unique designs, this fire pit is a master piece for them made of marble and slate. Moreover, this product has a limited warranty for one year. During chilly evening, this fire pit will provide you and your guest a nice and toasty feeling. Woods can be loaded easily and burns effectively in the 22 inch diameter bowl. For your safety, there is an easy lifting tool and steel made grate. This nice looking fire pit costs from $100 to $150, depending on the store or site which sells it.



Impressive-looking fire pit makes an ideal conversation piece in the outdoors, with its slate-and-marble construction and attractive copper accents, so the family can get warmed in style after a satisfying meal

Black porcelain fire bowl requires little cleaning while being resistant to rust and corrosion, definitely built to last

Burns up to four logs at a time to create a toasty medium-sized fire, so everyone can gather close and have fun, warmth-filled conversations, truly the best outdoor fire pit 2019

Mesh screen provides significant safety from sparks so one can get close without any accidents



Not designed to produce large bonfires but makes a great medium-level one

Attractive table surface would be even better if it could function as a full table, but that’s not what the unit is for


“The design of the fire place matches perfectly my patio. Lighting a fire is easy and most importantly safe. The marble certainly makes its design more attractive. Because it has a very stylish design and a high level of safety I think it’s the best fire pit 2019. Black Friday made it very cheap, so I couldn’t resist buying it.” – James D. Sena


Click to see the price on Amazon!




DeckMate 30087


A decorative cutout increase warmth and glow from this trendy fire pit, and just fits with your personality.  A fine wire mesh screen gives you protection from the sparks and also allows you to enjoy an open view of the fire. You can use it for burning charcoal, wood logs as well as artificial logs. The most important thing is that people really enjoy doing campfire using DeckMate outdoor fire pit. You can own this stylish fire pit for very reasonable deals.



Comes with a poker so the coals can be reignited to produce more flames, plus a screen mesh guard that keeps sparks from flying into the air

Coated with high-temperature paint that won’t come off after periods of use, so the fire bowl looks constantly attractive

Has a larger surface area that allows more people to gather round and enjoy the warmth it produces

Decorative star and moon cutouts enhance the glow and warmth that can be derived from this lovely fire pit



Buying an appropriate cover can help so the unit can be left outside in the winter

No lip on the fire bowl for the grate to rest on, but bowl tapers enough to hold the grate when fire is built inside


“I guess this fire pit has all the necessary features and the right design to be seen as one of the top 10 models. I used it for making fires with charcoal or wood and in both cases I’m pleased with the cozy results. On top of all this, it doesn’t even have an expensive price range. I bought this fire pit for under $90” – Gregory M.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($79.99)




Fire Sense 60873


Easy portability, a 22 inch heat resistant bowl, and folding legs are the best features that you can get from this outdoor fire pit. For convenience, you will get a bag to carry the fire pit and also a screen lifting tool for safety. This thing sets up quickly, stores neatly and fits in the bag nicely. It doesn’t need any tool for setting it up, therefore, making its way in our best fire pits reviews list. The price of this fire pit ranges from $60 to $70 only.



Fire screen and steel bowl both painted with heat-resistant coating to maintain integrity and durability after periods of usage

Includes a fire poking tool to keep the fire going, a log grate to hold logs in place and a cooking grate so the family can have barbecues while enjoying the warm fire

Needs no tools for assembly as every component easily settles into one functional structure

Easy portability via the folding design enables users to store or bring the unit anywhere



Needs small firewood to go with the small, nice-looking fire bowl

May make grilling a bit difficult due to the diminutive capacity


“I find this fire pit from Fire Sense to my liking because I can easily set it up and start a fire. The lifting tool makes using it very safe and it always creates a cozy feeling after the fire is lit. Because it has a compact size, storing it is not difficult. On Xmas it was discounted and I just had to have it. I don’t know who makes the best fire pits, but I’m certain this is one of the highest rated models.” – Clara Bouchard


Buy from Amazon.com for ($60.13)