Top rated Fire Extinguishers in 2019


In the best fire extinguisher reviews, a variety of options have been identified as being essential items in being able to prevent fire from spreading. With that, this article lists five of my most recommended choices, based on the feedbacks that have been provided by its users as well as my personal evaluation of their quality and functionality.


Kidde FA110 Extinguisher


Best Fire Extinguisher Reviews

One thing that I like about this fire extinguisher is its multi-functionality, which means that you no longer need to have a lot of such in order to fight different types of fire. This one alone will already prove to be effective in putting out Class A, Class B, and Class C fire. In addition, regardless of where the fire has started, such as wood, paper, or whatever material, this model will be able to put the fire out easily without too much effort and hassle on the part of the user.

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The Kiddie FA110 Extinguisher is an effective and efficient fire extinguisher I have at home and in my office in case of fire emergencies. This one is I rely the most especially for some unexpected happenings. It is easy to use as is reliable enough as proved by its previous users.”  Beryl Welch


Kidde FX10K Extinguisher


While it is recommended that you have a fire extinguisher that will provide you with primary protection, it is also a good thing that you have one that will provide you with supplementary protection. In this case, as it has been revealed in various best fire extinguisher reviews, this model will prove to be a dependable choice. Aside from being able to pass rigorous tests in order to prove its reliability, it has also been issued the necessary certifications as a proof to its effectiveness.

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I don’t have to worry in any fire emergencies because I feel protected with the Kiddie FX10K Extinguisher. This extinguisher is easy to use as instructed in the body of the extinguisher. It is sold in a promotional price and can be sued efficiently because of the lightweight the product has.” Carol Belanger


Kidde 21005779 Extinguisher


This rechargeable fire extinguisher contains 4 pounds of multipurpose monoammonium phosphate, which is recognized as a good material in fighting fire, even in extreme cases, such as one that has originated from electrical equipment. With the ability to discharge in as quickly as 13 seconds and to up to 15 feet, this is definitely one thing that must be found in every house in order to protect property and loved ones from the detrimental impacts that can be an outcome of fire.

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My property and home appliances are well protected because I have the Kiddie 21005779 Extinguisher. I bought this in Amazon before and it is useful until now. I never thought of an extinguisher like this because this unit is the one that last longer with me. This gadget is incomparable.”  Evelyn Rose


First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher


This fire extinguisher is a breeze to use. When fire breaks out, you no longer have to deal with complications in knowing how to use your fire extinguisher. Aside from the label and instructions that are comprehensive, it also includes a wall-mount bracket to make sure that it will be accessible once it is needed. To add, many of its users have also liked the fact that it is light enough and therefore, not hard to be carried from one place to another, such as from where it is stored to the place of fire.

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Complications and problems are not anymore a problem with the First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher as this one is the best I have at home. This makes everything settled at home so I don’t have to worry and think of something even I am sleep. Even my child can use this in case of emergencies.”  Rosemarie Clark


Kidde 466204 Extinguisher


For many of the users of this fire extinguisher, one good thing about the product is that it has a visible capacity level indicator that will let you easily know if it will still be functional in times of need. This is also equipped with several features that contribute to its durability. For instance, the valve has the ability to resist different levels of impact. In addition, it is housed in a durable cylinder that has the ability to resist corrosion even after a long time.

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The Kiddie 466204 Extinguisher was really designed with efficiency and functionality. The performance is really incomparable compared to other extinguishers I used before. This is a quality wise gadget so I don’t have to ask for more about this gadget. The product is worth it and useful.”  Johnny Pacheco