Top rated file boxes in 2019


Every respectable office or home study room has a file box. Such storage units are great in keeping important documents in one place. People use such products whenever they organize different things around the house. A good file box comes in handy while administrating tax records or other documents. There are many models available today, coming in different sizes and designs. In order to ease up the selection process we decided to draft the best file box reviews on five products that responded very well to our tests. We took into consideration during our study quality, utility, design and durability.


Sterilite Storage File Box


Best file box reviewsA durable file box can make all the difference in the world in an office. It is the perfect tool to organise files and place them in categories. Most of the current top file box reviews underline the sturdy design and advanced functions of Sterilite Storage. This advanced box can be used to hold different types of documents. It can accommodate with ease letter and legal size files. The product includes indexed lids which permit secure stacking with minimal effort from the user’s part. It has a contoured design which delivers a very comfortable grip while transporting the box in new locations.

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Fellowes Box Stor/File Storage Box with Lift-Off Lid


People working in offices, big or small, understand the importance of a file box. Even though the majority of project files are digital, there are also other types of documents that require physical storage in secure environments. One ofbest file box in 2019 comes from Fellowes: The Box Stor/File storage box. Designed to accommodate different sizes of documents from A4, A3 and smaller ones like brochures, letters and tax records, this model has a double wall and solid single wall construction. It features a user-friendly lift-off lid which prevents the appearance of problems while putting or removing files from different compartments.

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United Solutions Snap and Lock Plastic File Tote


The majority of the latest best file box reviews underline the utility of United Solutions Snap and Lock model. Designed to help people organize better their files, this durable file box doesn’t disappoint! It can be used to accommodate handing files, A4 and legal size documents. The box is made out of heavy duty plastic and measures around 11 inch by 14.5 inch by 17.3/4 inch. It is the ideal storage solution, especially for individuals that have to deal with a lot of documents on a daily basis. The product also features an advanced Snap and Lock lid which secures all documents placed inside.

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Storex Industries Corp. Storex Portable File Box with Bottom Drawer


Every respectable office manager wants to use the best file box in 2019 in order to safely store different files. Out of the many models available on the market it seems that one product from Storex Industries Corp. deserves more attention: the Storex Portable File Box. This high quality box file has a unique design and an accessible bottom drawer which can be used to store small items like pens or labels. It doesn’t contain any PVC! This portable file box has a lightweight design which allows people to take it from one place to another. Furthermore it uses Snap-tight lid system to securely keep documents in place!

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Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box


A high quality file box is perfect for organizing different types of documents and files of different sizes. One of the best products currently available on the market is Snap-N-Store file box. This powerful file box can be used in order to protect and safely organize magazine collections, letters, legal size documents, newspapers and tax records. It has a sturdy construction and chrome-steel handles which makes the box resistant to prolonged use. In addition to the modern look, this model has heavy-duty fibreboard panels. Easy to install and manage, Snap-N-Store file box is a great investment to any office!

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