What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Fetal Heart Monitor


The miracle of birth has always fascinated parents, and hearing the baby’s first heartbeats is one of the most exhilarating experiences for anyone. Fetal heart monitors bring the baby closer to their mother and father by letting them hear clearly each and every heartbeat. Choosing the best fetal heart monitor is not easy, but with a bit of guidance and a few tips you can make the perfect purchase and enjoy the experience to the maximum.


When shopping for a new fetal heart monitor, the most important question must be if it is safe for you and your baby. Today almost all baby products go through rigorous tests meant to ensure the highest safety possible during use. Fetal heart monitors are not particularly dangerous to the baby and his development and they come without any safety labels and regulations. Regardless of this aspect, you must keep an open eye for any product that looks suspicious or has any reported technical problems in order to be a hundred percent sure.


Clarity and volume

The main function of a fetal heart monitor is its ability to detect a baby’s heart as soon as possible. The best fetal heart monitor reviews clearly praise the devices that have the best detection and accuracy while providing a clear sound to those listening. While most of them offer a headset for the parent to use, some have additional speaker functionalities to make sure that the baby’s heart is heard by more people than one. Being able to share your baby’s heartbeat with your significant other is a great way to create a special bond that will last a lifetime.


Additional functions

Fetal heart monitors come in all shapes and models, some offering improved heart detection, others multiple headsets or speaker functions. When looking for the best you must go a little deeper and read about any additional functions and options your fetal heart monitor may provide. Search for monitors with the best options and look for features like sound recorder or baby heartbeat rate display. While these extra functions are not essential for a good fetal heart monitor, most best fetal heart monitor reviews give those extra credits and you should do, too.


Top Rated Fetal Heart Monitors in 2021


While trying to come to your aid, we looked for the best baby heart listeners and created a short list. All the selected products are of great value and offer the best experience anyone may desire from a new fetal heart monitor. Read more and find out our three best recommendations for you and your baby.


Ultrasound Pocket Doppler By Graham-field


Finding the best fetal heart monitor is not easy, but the Ultrasound Pocket Doppler meets all the criteria needed to be our first choice. Used even by obstetricians for early baby heart detections, this baby heart monitor is one of the best available on the market right now. With excellent sound quality and superb detection rate, this monitor is the perfect choice for any expecting parent.

Created for medical and personal use and featured by all the best fetal heart monitor reviews, this heartbeat monitor has one of the best detection probe that you can find out there. The lightweight 2 MHz Doppler detection probe is sensitive enough and can detect your baby’s heartbeats as early as 16 weeks with perfect accuracy.

Using a speaker to deliver the clearest possible sound to both parents, the Ultrasound Pocket Doppler is a great choice for any parents who want to witness this important moment together. The sound volume can be adjusted with ease for the best experience possible.

Named one of the best fetal heart monitor 2021 this baby heart Doppler is perfectly accurate, light and durable and comes with its own case for easy transportation. Easy to use and perfectly safe for you and your baby, this is the best choice you can make when purchasing a baby heart monitor.

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Bebesounds Prenatal Gift Set


When looking for more than a simple baby heartbeat monitor, this set is the best choice. Simple to use, with great sound detection capable of both listening and recording the baby’s heart beats, this system comes with many functions that help mothers connect with their unborn children. Capable of recording the earliest baby’s heart beats, but also the mother’s voice, the Bebesounds Prenatal facilitates the deepest level of maternal bonding possible.

Earning the best fetal heart monitor 2021 title, this compact sound system is perfectly capable to detect the faintest baby’s heart sounds with excellent accuracy. Featuring a dual headphone system that allows both parents to clearly hear the baby’s heart, the Bebesounds model comes with an additional speaker option that can be used to broadcast the sound for anyone around to hear.

Besides the heart monitoring functions, this system can also facilitate broadcasting the sound of the mother to the baby. A sensitive microphone can register the mother’s own voice and redirect it towards the baby. This proven technique aids the baby in its development and makes it comfortable with the mother’s voice and sounds even before birth.

Ranking high in all the best fetal heart monitor reviews, the Bebesounds Prenatal Gift Set is the perfect present for parents during pregnancy time.

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Baby Monitor Angel Sound 100s


This fetal heart monitor comes without any additional bells and whistles, but with an incredibly accurate detection rate and a superb dual output sound system capable of supporting two headsets or a headset and a speaker.

Easy to use, extremely simple and compact, the Baby Monitor Angel is one of the top rated fetal heart monitors 2021. Its ultra-sensitive Doppler sound detection system is one of the most impressive features of this baby heart monitor. Capable of detecting any baby heartbeats as early as 10 weeks, this is regarded by many as the best device for any parents anxious to hear their baby’s heart as soon as possible.

Simple and enjoyable, this fetal heart monitor does exactly what it says and detects the baby’s heart with perfect accuracy. Using a two-way sound output this monitor is flexible enough to be used with any kind of speaker or headset you can buy on the market. This non-limiting feature is perfect for all parents who want to choose what kind of speakers or headsets to use according to their own desires.

Cost efficient, simple and providing perfect quality, the Baby Monitor Angel is praised by all its users. Get this fetal heart monitor and you are guaranteed to enjoy your own baby’s heartbeat sound in minutes.

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