An Expert Buying Guide on Family Tree Software:


With the help of the best family tree software of 2021, you have the ability to learn all about your family and their history. Instead of looking through family albums and wondering who the people were, and what kind of lives they lived, these programs can help you learn everything you would like to know—as long as you have some information to start the search. Because there are so many useful software programs, we cannot tell you which program is the best. However,we can provide you with some useful information that will help you make the decision on your own.


Reporting and Publishing

For those who are interested in creating a complex and detailed family tree chart, you will want to look for the most popular family tree software that has strong publishing and reporting capabilities. You can do this by reading the best family tree software reviews in order to get a good idea how extensive the program features are from real users. You may want the program to be able to arrange family relationships in a number of ways, as well as present them in ways that make the most sense. Many family tree programs can allow you to publish your findings on webpages, as books, or as wall charts.


Additional Features

When you are looking for a new program, it should include standard features like custom text fields for privacy options and notes. A feature like problem-spotter alerts can be an asset because they can detect inconsistent data in your findings. These inconsistencies include duplicate names/individuals and impossible dates. Some of the highest rated family tree software programs have the ability to add contact lists or addresses. To go one-step further, the best family tree software of 2021 have been known to include DNA testing and entry spaces to include medical conditions and religious affiliations.


Documentation and Citations

Digging through your family’s history is no easy project to take on. If you are up for the task, you will want a program that can make the organization process as hassle-free as possible. The ideal program should be able to handle all of your records in a neat and easy-to-access way so that you can find data within a few seconds. Some of the top ten family tree software programs give you the ability to upload sources straight from the internet and they are compatible with GEDCOM—a common genealogy file. If your program can link pictures and videos to your sources, then it is safe to say that is may be one of the best programs for the money.


Researching your family tree can reveal a lot about who you are. While you are looking through your family’s past, you may uncover some very interesting details that you never could have imagined. You never know, you could be a descendant from royalty or related to a Nobel Prize winner. Until you do the research, you will always be stuck in the “I wonder…”


Things to consider:

  • Choose a program that offers numerous ways to document and publish your findings.
  • The program should give you options when it comes to listing notes and information.
  • Select a program that can help organize all of your information for easy recall later.


Top rated Family Tree Software in 2021


Creating a family tree is generally a project that is given to children while in school; although, many adults have taken up the research and have turned it into a hobby. Learning about where you family comes from is interesting to many people. When you are looking for a software program to help you create a comprehensive family tree, you will want to read the best family tree software reviews because they will help you choosewhich program is the best software option for your needs.


Calico Pie Family Historian 5 Deluxe Genealogy Software


Best Family Tree Software ReviewsCreate stunning family trees with the use of this software. The “Smart Trees” feature automatically adjusts when you alter the data or adjust boxes and branches. You can use diagrams for easy browsing and exploring, as well as adding relatives. With this program, you can add pictures, sounds, and videos to the tree, thus making it interactive and turning a general tree into a touching keepsake. The Family Historian program is 100% compatible with GEDCOM, the global standard for sharing family tree information.

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RootsMagic 6 Family Tree Genealogy Software


This program includes a 350 page book that helps you get the very most out of all the features of the RootsMagic 6 program. As an easy-to-use program, you have the ability to create extensive family history reports, feature multiple navigation views, and give you the ability to add photographs to the tree.The program also features publishing and website creation tools. The software supports unlimited people, families, life events, notes and photographs. You can take all the information you added to the program and can print complete books, beautiful family tree charts, forms, or customized reports. The options are limitless.

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Nova Development US Family Tree Maker, Essentials

The Family Tree Maker Essentials program takes discovering your family tree and simplifies it. The program includes a 1-month subscription to to help you uncover useful information about your family’s past. You have access to U.S. historical records, photographs, news stories, and other family trees. As you complete your family tree, you can include extended family members into the tree by using the new “Family View” option.

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Nova Development US Family Tree Maker, Deluxe


Family Tree Maker Deluxe includes a three-month subscription to and allows you to create your family tree quickly and easily. You can use the TreeSync feature to update your family tree from any computer with internet access, or even from a mobile device. The organizational tools allow you to sort children in families by birth order, as well as view people by their location. Due to the upgrades to the family tree software, you have the ability to print complex genealogy, thanks to the enhancements made to the chart and reports function.

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Individual Software Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9


With the updated version of Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9, you can create your family tree easier than ever before. The program makes searching for ancestors simple, thanks to the one-click searches that will scan the world’s largest genealogy database. The program grants you direct access to the Family Search database where you can import records and information directly into your family tree. Users do not need to sign up for a subscription to use the database. With the Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9 program, you can create colorful family trees, keepsake charts and reports, and in depth family books.

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