If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best family game money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. There’s a myriad of games that can be bought on the current market, and so we take pleasure in giving out a helping hand to buyers who might be struggling with picking just one. We’ve gathered a lot of info in regards to family games in general, and we’ve analyzed anything from the best board game reviews and sales figures to value offered for the price and item quality. Additionally, we’ve focused on determining the impact some of these products had on expert review sites and social media networks. We eventually came to the conclusion that Farkel Party is the best family game money can buy. It’s fun and education and fast-paced enough so that no one gets bored while playing it. In addition, it has tremendous benefits when it comes to developing the math levels of children. Let’s not forget that it is one of the most affordable products on the line, since it can be bought for a reasonable price on most online marketplaces out there. If for some reason, you’re not able to buy or try Farkel Party, you might be interested in considering Wits & Wagers, as it’s the second best we’ve found and is almost just as fun.


Top rated family games in 2022


Nothing beats having a nice quality time spent in the company of your family and one of the fun activities you can do is to play a game which is sure to put a smile on every family member’s face. When it comes to choosing your game you will find that through the best family games reviews you will know exactly what to buy in order for the fun times to start whenever all the family gets together. Laughter is guaranteed in abundance with one of the following games.


What family game to choose – Buying advice


5While the world is wrapped up in video games, many people still enjoy a good round of some of the most popular family games. Now what is the best game on the market? Well, that’s a personal preference. What this guide can help you with is how to choose the right game for your next game night.

When you are choosing a game, you want to take into consideration the ages of the people who are going to be playing. While there are classic games that never get old, not every game is appropriate for everyone. Young children may not understand the intricacies of games that require a lot of strategy and the adults may not find much enjoyment in playing games meant for children. You have to find a good balance.

There are not many new family games on the market, which is why some of the highest rated games are classics. These games can appeal to a variety of interests, which is important so that every player feels included and they enjoy playing the game. Families who enjoy a little competition may find games that allow players to collect more money than other players or knock them out of the lead. Creative families may enjoy games where you act out scenarios or draw pictures and their teams have to guess the key word or phrase.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Age Recommendation Price No. of players Game Type Our Rating Where to buy

Farkel Party Game

5+ years $$$ 2-6 Dice A+ Full review

Wits & Wagers Family

10+ years $$ 3+ Trivia B+ Full review

Say Anything Family Edition

8+ years $$ 3-6 Question Cards B AMAZON

HedBanz Game

8+ years $$ 2-6 Cards B+ AMAZON

Beat The Parents Board Game

6+ years $$ 2+ Question Cards B+ AMAZON


Time is a big factor in planning a game night. If you have younger players, you will want to be mindful of this. Children often have shorter attention spans, so games that can be completed quickly, are ideal. Some more involved games have the ability to span several hours or can even span several different evenings of gaming. It is important to find a game that can work with everyone’s schedule.

The task of choosing what is the best family game rests on how many players are going to be participating in the festivities. You will want to choose a game that allows for however many people are going to play. Most board games range from two to six players, which is perfect for most families. One on one games are good for small families or for initiating tournament-style game nights.

Suppose your family is not fond of board games. You have the option of using playing cards for game night. You can add multiple decks of cards depending on how many players are participating and what kind of games that will be played.

Gathering the family together and having a good old-fashioned family game night is a terrific opportunity to bond with one another. While we cannot tell you which is the best game for your family, we do hope that this guide has provided you with some insight on what kind of options you have. The next time you are planning game night, keep these things in mind.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure the game you choose is age appropriate for all the intended players.
  • The game you choose should appeal to everyone’s interests so everyone can enjoy the experience.
  • You will want to choose a game that can accommodate however many people are going to be participating in the game.
  • When all else fails, you can never go wrong with a good card game.



Legendary Games Farkel Party


This is the best family game on the market today. It has gathered quite a wide degree of appreciation because it is easy to learn and poses no problems to young players, it has a positive educational impact, and is reasonably affordable.




This is one of the games that don’t require too much effort put into learning it. The instructions are remarkably easy to understand which means that, once the users start playing Farkel Party, they can get the hang of it in a timely fashion. Since this is a specially developed family game, it can be utilized by players of virtually all ages. Thanks to Farkel Party, family time can be entertaining and help users learn just a little bit more about their relatives.

Many buyers have underlined the emphasis on education put by this game. It’s common knowledge that kids sometimes have a hard time learning the rules of games, but this one is excellent if you’d like to teach your children some more maths. It’s safe to say that rolling the dices and adding points doesn’t look like rocket science, and using the game in your spare time can significantly increase a child’s openness to subjects such as maths, which would otherwise be considered boring or tedious.

Farkel Party is extremely affordable, as some online marketplaces, and Amazon included, sell it for as little as twenty dollars.



Although the vast majority of the reviews we’ve encountered are positive, there have been some people who complained about the narrowness of the dice cups. It seems that rolling the dice in your hands is occasionally more efficient.


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North Star Games Wits & Wagers Family


Wits & Wagers is the second best family game on the market today. As is the case with the game showcased above, this one easy to learn, helps kids with adding numbers and is a net winner when it comes to affordability and convenience.




One of the main advantages of playing Wits & Wagers is that there’s no limit in regards to the age of the players. In fact, since this is a trivia-based game, children can oftentimes beat their parents. The 4-step process the product is based on can be grasped by all players as quickly as possible, making this family version very popular among users who want to spend some quality time with friends and relatives.

Keeping the score can be done easily with the help of the board provided in the pack. Most of the buyers who reviewed this product emphasized that adding the scores can also be done by children and not only by adults. Once a player has gathered fifteen points, he or she becomes the winner. Therefore, it’s very easy to develop the math skills of a child thanks to Wits & Wagers.

This option is very convenient, as each gaming session lasts just twenty-five minutes. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new game, considering that this one has a similar price to Farkel Party.



Some of the individuals who have purchased this alternative state that it gets a bit boring after playing three sessions. However, the same people claim it’s a great option for kids.


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Say Anything Family Edition


Best Family Games reviewsIf your child is over 8 then the Say Anything Family game is perfect for creating a wonderful and fun family atmosphere. And like the name says you can say absolutely everything you want to answer the numerous questions asked by this game. The obvious conclusion will be a huge amount of amusement and laughter all round. With so much freedom of expression provided by this game it is a favorite of the best family games reviews.



Though not one of the most popular in terms of worldwide recognition, this is a five-star game that will be loved by everybody due to its ability to stimulate  creativity in players

Designed to be on a PG level, for younger players who need something new to try with a few friends after the party is over

Loads of fun brought by a game that will last and that has become one of the best family board games for the money, thanks to its easy-to-love price and intrinsic value

Combines creativity without playing too much on getting highly competitive, a fantastic family board game that should keep family game nights interesting



Comes with small parts and not meant for really young children

Playing components are not made with visual appeal in mind, but rate high on functionality


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HedBanz Game


Guessing games are a lot of fun for everyone and for a nice family time it can be just the right thing to bring a smile on everyone’s face. This game is educational as well and it will improve your child’s creativity when he asks questions to figure out which card is on his forehead. And the winner is the first one which guesses what they are. The popularity of this game has surely made it one of the best family games in 2022 which parents will rush to buy.



May not be one of the major games that frequently land as the top 10 family board games in history, but when it comes to humor and excitement, this game delivers

Goofy guessing game allows players to use their brains in many ways in order to figure out the cartoon on their head

By asking yes or no questions, a player devises the quickest way to know what picture she has on her head, a guessing game made more nerve wracking and exciting with a sand-clock timer

In this game, everybody knows but you, making it more fun-filled and enjoyable for the entire family or for a group of friends



Cards that contain the cartoons are limited

Guessing time can be too short at 45 seconds


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Beat The Parents Board Game


A board game with a very unusual name is simply called Beat the Parents and will put kids and parents head to head in a trivia environment which will surely start some nice quality family times with everyone smiling and having loads of fun. Answer different questions get lucky with different wild cards and ensure you are the first one to the finish showing your parents who is the best. Make a tradition out of playing this game at least one evening every week.



Fun-filled trivia board game that allows parents and their children to go head to head in a friendly competitive game, proving who the real boss is

Adults need to answer questions concerning kids,  while children have to answer questions that the older players should really know

Tests knowledge of the opposite generation via a series of funny questions that, if answered correctly, should have a player moving across the board

Wild cards could serve to advance movement or set it back several paces, with the objective being to move both player pieces to the finish first to win



Visual appeal may be lacking, but game is cost efficient

May not be too exciting and an original concept, but still holds up well in this product category


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