Looking for top family camping tents? If you can’t seem to make up your mind and don’t really know how to choose the absolute best product, we’re here to help. Knowing more about family tents means saving more on your purchase. Also, it’s the safest way to get a product that speaks to your needs and to the needs of the people you’ll be sharing the tent with. Tents vary according to size, fabric, number and features of zippers and even according to price. Have a look at our informative buying guide to make sure you pick the model you’ve been looking for.


What to look for when buying the best family camping tent?


The size of the tent

These items come in various shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you to choose the appropriate one. If you intend on going camping alone or with your partner, there are numerous variants on the market that make it possible for two people to feel comfortable inside a small tent. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending some quality time with the rest of your family, choose a bigger tent.

Most people usually prefer to buy larger products, unless they are traveling on their own. It is said that manufacturers often exaggerate the number of individuals that can reasonably fit inside a tent. For example, if the manufacturers claim that the tent is destined for 8 individuals, you should probably split this number into two and use it for 4 persons. This is a rule of thumb when it comes to buying family tents.

Yet another thing to consider before making a purchase is the height of the people that will sleep inside the tent. If you intend to use it for yourself but are impressively tall, it would be safer for you to choose a tent that’s 8 by 8 or even 10 by 10.


The fabric

This is where family camping tent reviews come in handy. Most tents nowadays are made of nylon or other synthetic fabrics. While this might not be a problem if you’d like the product to be waterproof, it could end up being an issue if you intend to place it under direct hot sunlight. Depending on the combination of materials, it could get unbearably hot inside.

Weather is an important factor when picking one tent or another. Look for people’s opinions and reviews, because they are unbiased and will tell you whether one model is fit for the seaside and another one is great for camping and hiking in the mountains.


The price

There is a common belief that products that are more expensive are usually better than cheaper ones. While this could sometimes be a myth, in some cases it is actually true. This goes for tents that have to remain durable during harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snowing and freezing, or even extreme heat. In these cases, it’s better to spend an additional buck or two just to know that you’ll be free from danger.

Least expensive products work perfectly for spending a day at the beach, provided that they’re made of materials that don’t get overly hot.


Top Rated Family Camping Tents in 2022



Browning Camping Big Horn


This tent looks and feels like a caravan or a mobile home. It is known as one of the most sturdy tents on the market. At the same time, it can be put together in a short amount of time and it doesn’t even require a lot of experience in camping or installing other tents. You’re covered as long as you read the instructions. It comes with its own steel stakes.

The inside of the tent can be split into two rooms, which even have separate entrances. It seems that there’s enough space inside it to fit a queen-size and two twin-size inflatable mattresses. Additionally, it even has some leftover storage space. Interior pouches can also be used for storing various tools or items.

Aside from being praised for being roomy, it is also acclaimed for being tall. People with heights of 6 feet or more can walk around the inside of the tent without needing to bow their heads.

Unlike other models belonging to the same line, it’s well ventilated and comes with 6 windows. No one wants to be inside a tent that’s overheated. Lack of oxygen becomes evident during the night, when nobody gets in or out. To prevent feeling uncomfortable because of this particular reason, always choose a product that’s spacious enough to let air circulate and that also comes with a satisfactory number of windows.

It is one of the roomiest top family camping tents out there, and can frequently be bought for less than $300. If this price seems too high, we’ll tell you that it comes with seams for harsh weather and is among the most acclaimed tents. You’ll go through rain and heavy sunshine inside this one and will not even feel a thing.

Furthermore, the model features floor seams, which basically means that if water from the rain gets inside the ground, you won’t feel any dampness at all. According to multiple reviewers, the floor is exceptionally thick, making it practically impossible to feel the ground. So what is the best camping tent for families? It’s simple. This one is.

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Wenzel Blue Ridge


This product is specifically designed to fit seven people. Family camping tent ratings speak highly about it, particularly because it provides a comfortable amount of space. As is the case of the tent we described above, this one can also be split into two rooms. The rooms are separated by a divider, which is optional. The divider is zippered.

The model comes with a mesh roof, and this means that during the summer you can spend a relaxing night under the stars. After all, stargazing is at a glance away, thanks to this tent.

The only difference between this product and the Browning Camping item is the fact that the Wenzel Blue Ridge one comes with a single door instead of two. As already stated, air ventilation is important when buying a family tent. This endeavor is taken care of given the fact that this item comes with three windows. The tent poles are made of fiberglass and are known to last for a long time.

The product is waterproof and will protect people from heavy rain and other unfortunate weather changes. In fact, the fabric it is made of safely allows drops to glide over the surface and fall down on the ground. Rain drops would otherwise accumulate on the top surface of the tent and therefore create the risk of it becoming more fragile. The weight of water can become unbearable in the case of some models, but not in the case of this one.

It seems that it takes a remarkably short time for the tent to be set up. The same goes for moments when people need to disassemble it quickly.

The inner space of the tent is supplemented by numerous storage pockets. The model even comes with an E-port that has been specifically designed for electrical devices. Additionally, manufacturers have included sacks and stakes, so that customers aren’t required to look for them in other stores and there is no chance of them choosing the wrong products.

Various customers praise it for its sturdiness and state that it put up a great fight against strong wind and heavy rain.

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass


This model is yet another viable option when prospecting the market for the best family camping tent. Up to 10 people can fit inside it. Similarly to the models we’ve previously described, it can also be split up into two rooms. The neat thing about this one is the fact that it even features two doors.

The main difference between this item and the other two that we’ve mentioned is the fact that its height is a little lower, which is why you probably won’t be able to stand up comfortably while you’re inside the tent. On the other hand, there are customers out there that claim it all depends on the height of users. That’s why it’s recommended that you choose this model over another one, particularly if you are a smaller-sized individual. The center height of the item is 76 inches.

As for sturdiness, it’s also made of fiberglass, which practically makes it impossible for the stakes to brake. In spite of this feature, the general skeleton of the tent isn’t remarkably rigid, which is one of the reasons why it is so easy to put together. The fabric is sturdy and can put up with various weather situations.

We’ve already emphasized the importance of air ventilation, which is why we have to tell you that this tent also comes with mesh roof vents. The windows are placed in such a way that they allow air to travel naturally and efficiently. During hot summer nights, this characteristic will allow you to enjoy a relaxing night sleep.

Not only can the item be assembled and disassembled easily, but it also comes with a duffel that helps users store it and carry it safely.

Customers are speaking highly about the quality of this Mountain Trails model, yet there’s something worth mentioning: the tent doesn’t come with insulation, which is why it’s recommended that you take it camping when it is not freezing outside. However, if you own all the equipment that’s needed for camping, you’ve probably bought some sleeping bags and will not find any issue in sleeping in this tent.

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Ozark Trail Instant Cabin


This item is by far the best family camping tent of 2022. The most amazing thing about it is that it is so roomy that it can fit your entire family. It’s a 3-room cabin tent that comes with all the accessories you might have wished for, including two dividers.

12 people can sleep comfortably in it, thanks to it being so spacious. Furthermore, it comes with 7 windows, which means there is no way that you ever feel stifling, in spite of sleeping next to so many other individuals. Don’t worry – 3 queen-sized air beds can fit inside it.

If you have any allergies to insect bites, you don’t need to worry anymore. The whole interior of this product is patched with mosquito nets.

We know it’s sometimes difficult to put together a tent, particularly if there are no more than 2 people available to set it up. But this one comes with a system that makes it possible for it to be assembled in a time span of less than 2 minutes. In fact, various customers claim that the longest part about putting it together was taking all the parts out of the bag.

When getting the tent out of the box, something that may strike any customer is that the poles are already pre-attached to the item. This practically makes it possible for the tent to be erected with very little help.

One individual claims that they used it for 9 or 10 times every year until they had the bad luck of going camping during a tornado warning. Unfortunately, the tornado showed up and the tent collapsed miserably. However, the customer isn’t unhappy, considering that they’re realistic enough to understand that tents mustn’t be used during tornados.

Judging by reviews, it seems that this is among the sturdiest products on the current market. Moreover, people claim it is the largest modern tent out there today. Its size makes us presume that it’s the safest choice for people with large families or large numbers of friends. It would clearly go along with some tent accessories or additions, such as sleeping bags, lanterns, and airbeds. You’ll have enough space to store all these if you choose this tent.

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If you’re still feeling unsure about which tent you should pick, we’ll make your decision even easier. If you intend on camping with many other people, buy the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin. If you’re interested in getting top quality and sturdiness at the same time, choose between the Browning Camping Big Horn and the Wenzel Blue Ridge. If you own a small-sized car and can’t handle transporting a larger tent, choose the Mountain Trail Grand Pass. Whatever model you end up purchasing, you really can’t go wrong with one of these 4.