If you’re here just to find the best facial steamers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best facial steamers on the market by looking at what users have to say, be it through owner reviews or comments on social media. From all the products we read about, the KINGA Nano Ionic is the absolute best. This model has tremendous benefits for those who use it. First of all, besides being a great facial treatment deliverer, it can be used as a humidifier when the air is dry, which is essential not only for beautiful skin, but also for the overall health of your respiratory pathways. Secondly, it must be mentioned that this steamer is very fast, as it takes just 30 seconds to start producing steam. Last, but not least, its ceramic heating element is highly efficient and one of the many reasons why so many consumer reviews praise it as the best steamer around. In case you cannot find the KINGA Nano Ionic, you can try the Panasonic EH-SA32-P, a model that came as a solid second in our research.



Comparison Table


Product Attachments Price Dimensions Recommended Age  Our Rating Where to buy

Panasonic EH-SA32-P

No $$$$ 6 x 4.1 x 8.5 inch 18+ A AMAZON

Secura Hot & Cool S189

Steam rod $$$ 8.2 x 6.3 x 8.5 inch 18+ B+ AMAZON

Conair MDF3 Facial Sauna

Exfoliating brush, sponge $$ 8 x 8 x 9.2 inch 18+ A AMAZON

Revlon Facial Sauna

Measuring cup, 2 cones $$ 7.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 inch 18+ B AMAZON

Salon Facial Steamer

Rolling base, rotating nozzle and more $$$ 27.1 x 12.1 x 9 inch 18+ C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


One of the quickest and most popular ways to get a deep cleaning of the pores and adding moisture back into the skin is by using a facial steamer. By using a facial steamer, you are getting the impurities that are deeply embedded in your skin to be steamed away.

Instead of spending money on steam treatments at a salon, you can purchase home devices that allow you to pamper yourself from the comfort of your very own home. We have created this guide to help you choose among the best rated facial steamers and pick the device that you will find most beneficial.


While the point of purchasing one of the best rated facial steamers is to take advantage of hot steam, you don’t want to scald your skin! Some people have different temperature tolerance levels and if you aren’t careful, the steamers can get very hot, very quickly! A facial steamer with a temperature gauge will allow you to manually set the steam temperature that you feel most comfortable with.



There are several different types of facial steamers that you can choose. Among the top ten steamers are the portable steamers. These are handy, useful, and best of all, affordable. A facial sauna has a mask that slips over your face and the mask funnels mist to saturate your skin.


Extra Features

A facial steamer is an excellent tool to have to clean your face from impurities, but it can also help you clear your allergies and sinuses if you are ever feeling ill. There are some steamers that allow you to include essential oils into the water reservoir. These oils can be used for medicinal purposes or just to help you relax after a long day. From a safety stand point, you may want to look for a steamer that has an automatic shut off feature. This feature has a sensor that will turn the steamer off the moment the water gets too low. After all, you don’t want the device to burn up or even shatter the reservoir (if it is glass) if it becomes too hot!

Sometimes after a long day, the only way you can relax is by pampering yourself. By luxuriating under the hot steam and enjoying the relaxing vapors, not only are you ridding yourself of impurities on your face, but you can almost feel the stress of the day melt away too.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Facial Steamer for Home Use


Secura S-199 Nano Iconic NanoCare


After a long day at work, you can take comfort that you have one of the best facial steamers for home use right in your bathroom cabinet. This device generates superfine nano scale steam within seconds. This superfine steam quickly absorbs in your skin, leaving it moisturized while opening and unclogging your pores. The facial steamer allows you to remove dirt, oils, and other unsavory toxins from your skin and it can be used as an alternative to exfoliating scrubs or chemical peels. You can also use this steamer to add humidity to any room.


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Best Facial Steamer for Acne


Secura Hot & Cool S189


For acne prone skin, the Secura Hot & Cool Facial Steamer has been considered to be one of the best facial steamers for acne prevention. The hot steam allows you to remove toxins, dirt, and grim from your skin. It opens your pores and prevents blackheads from forming and unsightly breakouts from occurring. The cool mist gives you a comforting effect for sensitive skin, regardless if you suffer from irritating acne, sunburn, or if you have delicate skin. The cool mist shrinks your pores and adds a youthful glow to your skin. The cool mist also helps to decrease allergies and is even able to prevent you from catching a cold, as it tightens the skin. By alternating the cool and hot steam, you will improve your skins elasticity over time.


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Best Facial Steamer for Salon


Jocasta Professional Salon


The compact facial steamer features an ozone combination with a twistable arm. The oxygen ionic vapors make this one of the best facial steamers for salons because it sterilizes and cleans the skin. The steamer promotes healthy blood circulation and can be used without activating the ozone if you wish. The device has an automatic shut off in case the water level is too low. The machine heats up in six minutes and can run for almost 20 minutes, at which it will automatically shut off because the water level is too low. The steamer has an even flow that does not drip.


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Top rated facial steamers in 2022


If you are looking for a new facial steamer, you will benefit from reading the rest of this article. The products that will be mentioned below have been given words of praises in the best facial steamers reviews that have been published in the past. Some of the most notable features of these products will also be noted below.



KINGA Nano Ionic


1.KINGA Nano Ionic

The KINGA Nano Ionic is a consumer’s’ favorite because of its fast action and its tremendous advantages for healthy, beautiful skin. The sterilized steam produced ensures that the vapors will enter your skin and thus replenish its water reserve, keeping it elastic, firm and blemish free.




The steam produced by this top of the line is composed of very fine particles that have no trouble penetrating the skin, in order to provide the well known benefits of steam.

There are many important advantages to using this steamer for healthy skin. By restoring water levels in the skin, it stimulates collagen production, which makes the skin elastic and beautiful.

The UV lamp installed on the steamer has the role of sterilizing the steam, so that you benefit from the purest water particles possible.

When the weather is dry and your skin may suffer, the steamer can be used as a humidifier. This is beneficial for your airways, as well, because the sensitive respiratory system is usually affected by dry weather.



One of the drawbacks to be mentioned is that you cannot use aromatherapy oils with this steamer.

Cool-down takes quite a bit, up to half an hour, so do not be surprised if the steamer is still hot after a few minutes after shutting it off.


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Panasonic EH-SA32-P NanoCare


Best Facial Steamers ReviewsThe gentle steaming action that is being provided by this product is perhaps a primary reason on why it is considered to be one of the top rated facial steamers in 2022. This is as against other products in the marketplace that acts tough on the skin, and hence, can possibly cause irritation. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that it is made in Japan. Therefore, make sure that the seller will offer the wattage that is right for you. Make sure as well that you can read the instructions provided, especially if you do not understand Japanese.



Designed for DIY Hydration Facial right at home, with a lightweight design that resembles a nice little vase that can be easily positioned on top of a table

Releases a powerful burst of steam that can open up the pores of the skin to help eliminate dirt and grime stuck to the pores, making the EH- SA32-P the best facial steamer for acne 2022

Makes facial cleaning more effective as the pores are more receptive to facial cleansing products that can be used to complete a full beauty regimen

Can also be used to induce easier breathing when the nose is clogged or to help the lungs get better penetration by inhalable cold medications



Requires AC 100 volt rating, which may not be the standard in some countries and requires use of a transformer/converter

Needs electricity to run


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Secura Hot & Cool S189


As it has been noted in the best facial steamers reviews, this product can prove to be an excellent choice basically because of the presence of ultrasonic atomizer. With such, the steam that is produced is said to be better. The mist that is produced is ultra-fine, and hence, making it easier to be absorbed by the skin. Both hot steam and cool mist will work in combination to deliver what will prove to be best for your skin. Many of the people who have used such in the past were also extremely happy with the fact that it can be used not only as facial steamer, but also for dehumidifying of a room.



Produces hot steam that opens up the pores and effectively unclogs them to easily remove grime, oil and dirt from the skin

Ideal alternative to chemical peels and exfoliating scrubs that can cause potential damage to the skin with their aggressive formulation and chemical action

Soothing effect obtainable from the cool mist that works on sensitive skin, taking care of sunburn, thinness and acne more effectively

Deep-level cleaning made possible through employment of hot and cool mist to restore skin elasticity, with a separate chamber for herbal medicine or essence oil and distilled water



Plugs into 110v AC outlet, necessitating use with a power transformer in some countries

Steam rod needs to be used carefully to ensure longevity


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Conair MDF3


In this product, there are two different attachments that can be used for thorough facial cleansing, providing you with the assurance that impurities will be removed. It has a battery-operated exfoliating brush that will prove to be a snap to use. It also has a sponge where the moisturizer can be applied. When the unit is used, there is no need to exert too much effort and time. It also has automatic shut-off feature that will prevent continuous functioning. For sure, this is an excellent alternative home treatment compared to the expensive treatments in dermatological clinics.



Designed with a cone that ensures mist is concentrated on the face to open up the skin pores more easily and prime the skin for hydration

Comes with a facial brush tool that has two attachments: a sponge for application of moisturizer product and a gentle exfoliating brush

With automatic timer and on/off switch that help ensure there is no overheating and that steam is used more efficiently at all times

Mentioned in best facial steamer for acne reviews for being a powerful facial sauna that addresses concerns on clogging of the skin pores due to insufficient removal of make-up



Unit can get very hot so placement on top of a table is a must

Production of steam is fast and efficient, making water in the chamber evaporate quickly


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Revlon Facial Sauna


With the use of this product, you can have your pores opened to invigorating steam and absorb the heat that is being produced to allow the skin to rejuvenate and to bring back the glow that is desired. There are two cones that are included: facial cone and nasal cone. While the facial cone can prove to be helpful in terms of facial steaming, the nasal cone can prove to be effective in cleaning your nasal passages, especially when you are having a hard time breathing because of having clogged nose. The best thing is that it will not take a long time before the result can be finally visible.



Leaves the skin renewed, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with its two-step action via a nasal cone and a facial cone

Facial cone focuses hot soothing mist on the face to help moisturize the skin and soften it, thereby restoring natural radiance and suppleness

Nasal cone helps clear the nasal passages with relaxing and therapeutic steam, also serving to ease inhalable respiratory medication deep into the lungs for more effective upper respiratory treatment

Thermostatically Controlled Temperature to ensure that the perfect temperature is set and to protect the user from potential accidents while using the unit



Works with 110v AC rating, requiring use with a transformer in some countries

Produces a moderate amount of steam that can be effective for unclogging skin pores


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Salon Facial Steamer


In looking or the best facial steamers in 2022, one thing that should be given emphasis in the evaluation of the possible choices would be its size. In such case, this model can prove to be a good choice basically because it is lightweight and compact. Hence, this can prove to be an excellent choice with regards to portability. This is also a very affordable option. While the price tag is reasonable, you can still be assured that it is replete in terms of innovative features that enhance its effectiveness as a facial steamer.



Provides professional salon facial care with 750 watts of heating power to produce steam that can open up the pores and eliminate dirt, grime and oil

Tap water can be used on the system to produce soothing and relaxing steam, and to give sauna-like treatment plus sterile UV ozone production

22-ounce reservoir ensures completion of every facial steaming session without having to do refilling

Adjustable height to give optimum positioning while steaming, with rotating nozzle and rolling base for easy transportability and positioning on any side



Must be used by licensed professionals and with proper training only to ensure correct execution of instructions

Professional size for salon use, not for DIY or tabletop use


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Facial Steamers – What to Look For:


Thousands of Americans are trying their best to look great in different social situations. Unfortunately as recent statistics demonstrated more and more men and women suffer from different skin problems. Due to the high vulnerability of the facial area, it seems that most impurities gather on the cheeks, forehead or chin. Dermatologists recommend facial steaming to people with sensitive facial skin. This technique is efficient in removing different impurities from pores and safely releasing toxins from different skin cells. Picking out a reliable home facial steaming kit is very important for people that have serious facial skin issues. A good facial steamer can help men and women to obtain beautiful skin, worth showing to the whole world.

Today’s offer on facial steamers is more than impressive. The market is teeming with different types of steamers, capable of meeting the skin’s characteristics. This is why we took the liberty of testing 20 of the most popular facial steamers on the market, already used by thousands of people. After 5 hours of tests on each product we were able to carefully draft the best facial steamer reviews. With attention you’ll be able to use an efficient facial steamer, capable of delivering amazing results. Depending on your budget, there are absolutely stunning steamers with proven effects on the skin cells. There are a couple of things to take into account before opting for a particular model. It is important to realize that facial steamers offer a smooth and precise skin revitalization process on different types of skin. You won’t have to worry about impurities once you start using on a daily basis professional facial steamers.

How to find the best facial steamer in 2022 ? Well, today’s market is generous, offering month after month professional products worth using when needed. According to recent statistics it appears that a growing number of men and women use facial steaming in order to obtain smooth and healthy skin layers. The first thing that you need to know about facial steamers is how to fully benefit from the product. You will notice that each facial steamer comes with special instructions which guide you through the whole process. Furthermore you must look for facial steamers released by top rated brands that have already helped thousands of people to remove facial impurities with limited effort.  Some products like Conair facial steamer or Sating Smooth Facial steamer can get the job done and precisely diminish the appearance of skin problems.

Once you find the best facial steamer in 2022 you won’t have to worry about skin issues. It is essential for women to look great whenever they go out. Some of the latest derma studies showed that facial steamers offer precise results and proactive effects against acne. Furthermore facial steamers increase oxygenation levels and get rid of unwanted bacteria from different skin areas. This device delivers amazing results against dry and cracked skin! In addition to the revitalizing working pattern, facial steamers offer enhanced purity control against pores filled with impurities.