If you’re here just to find the best facial masks and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We went through a lot of data regarding the best facial masks available in the market by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, as well as the social media activity gathered around these alternatives, be they for sale or not. Out of all the products we’ve considered during our research, the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask is the best as it leaves the user’s skin both feeling and looking younger and healthier. What’s more, this personal care product has been designed with the user in mind, which is why it contains Vitamin C and a broad variety of natural extracts, ranging from pineapple to lime and cucumber. Using the mask is relatively easy and can be performed in as little as twenty to thirty minutes considering that this is a peeling product that can be removed with ease. If the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask is unavailable, you could also choose the Pure and Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Face Mask as it’s the second best option out there.


Top rated facial masks in 2022


The facial masks that will be mentioned in the rest of this article can prove to be some of the best choices within the product category. The words of praises that have been expressed in the best facial masks reviews can prove to be more than enough reason to believe that the following products will not lead into regrets.


How to choose the best facial mask – Expert opinion


4One of the most popular treatments for glowing skin is by using a facial mask; but, in order to get the best results, you want to know your skin type and understand its unique needs. We have scoured the best rated facial masks on the market and created this buying guide to help you choose which kind mask is best suited for your skin type.

For people with dry skin, you will find that a moisturizing mask will be the most beneficial for you. These concoctions are full of hydrating ingredients such as vitamin E, natural oils that are good for the skin like olive, tea tree, and jojoba oils. Some of the highest rated facial masks for dry skin include rich butters like shea butter or cocoa butter. When you apply the mask, it will have a creamy texture and it may not harden like clay masks typically do.

Those with oily skin will benefit from masks that are made from clay or mud. These compounds deep cleans the skin and draws out any impurities because they have an astringent property that works deep in the pores, eliminating dirt, make up, and excess oils. These types of masks are also good for those who want to diminish the look of large pores, as it tightens the skin as the clay dries on the skin.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Full Body Mask Absorption time Our Rating Where to buy

Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud

6 oz $$$$ YES 10 minutes A+ AMAZON

President Pharmaceutical My Beauty Diary

10 pc $$$ No 20-30 minutes B+ AMAZON

Neru Biotech Face Mask Essence

10 pc $$ No 15-20 minutes B+ AMAZON

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

16 oz $$ No 5-20 minutes B+ AMAZON

Neru Biotech Face Mask Collagen Essence Full

10 pc $$ No 15-20 minutes B AMAZON


Dull or aging skin can be brightened by choosing to use a mask that is full of antioxidants and moisturizers. Anti-aging masks typically come in the form of a gel or a cream, but it can also be found in cloth sheets that have been laden with vitamins, mineral oils, and extracts. Some people like these because they have the easiest application, since all you have to do is press the cloth onto the skin. You can give your face a new and rejuvenated glow by using masks that include vitamin C or kojic acid, which act as brightening agents.

If you are trying to treat a skin condition, like acne, you will want to look for words like “clarifying” or “purifying” on the packaging. These masks may include ingredients like salicylic acid or sulphur, which are used to fight acne breakouts. Just make sure that the mask is not a “scrub” because it could end up irritating the skin, more than helping it.

Among the top ten facial masks, you will find some very expensive treatments. It is easy to fall for the gimmicks that claim that caviar and snake venom are perfect for healthy skin. In fact, you can find some affordable masks right in the drug store. Even better, you can find recipes for masks that you can create at home if you want to stay away from chemicals that you cannot pronounce. It is all a matter of personal preference at that point.

When you are trying to get healthier skin or just brighten the skin a little, a facial mask is a great option. With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to having beautiful and healthy skin.


Things to consider:

  • Dry skin requires hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, natural oils like tea tree, olive, and jojoba, and/or shea butter or cocoa butter.
  • Oily skin can benefit from masks that are made of clay because it draws out the impurities in the skin.
  • You can brighten aged or dull skin with masks that have antioxidants in them. Look for creams that have vitamin C or kojic acid in them.
  • Acne prone skin can be treated by using masks that use salicylic acid or sulphur. Look for the terms “clarifying” or “purifying” on the package.



Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Face Mask


Best Facial Masks ReviewsThe essential minerals that are found in this product has been considered by many people as a paramount reason on why it is considered as one of the best facial masks in 2022. It is made from fine grains, which can prove to be highly effective in the removal of dead skin cells and in the provision of rejuvenation that is needed. While it can prove to be good in maintaining the best appearance of your skin, it has also long proven to be effective in the treatment of various skin disorders, such as psoriasis and eczema, among others.



Is one of the best facial masks for acne scars due to its formulation from essential minerals that not only clean the skin but also heal, revitalize, detoxify and soften it

Young and healthy natural skin is promoted through the essential oils that hydrate and moisturize the complexion, draw out impurities and help reduce wrinkles and the effects of aging

Uses 100% pure, certified organic and natural ingredients, without employing potentially-harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, phosphates and various additives

Dead Sea Mud is power-packed to provide natural beauty remedy with 21 skin-rejuvenating minerals including bromide, calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur and zinc that keep the skin young, radiant and fresh-looking



Smell is strong due to the Dead Sea origin of the product, but not bad

Works powerfully as the ingredients really go deep into the skin, producing a special cleansing sensation on application



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President Pharmaceutical My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask


As it has been noted in the top rated facial masks in 2022, this option can prove to be good basically because of the use of extracts from black pearls. The latter is the main component of this product that is helpful in making your skin whiter. It is replete in terms of ingredients that can make your skin not only beautiful, but also healthy. The nutritious components, such as minerals and amino acids, are promising in terms of the benefits that cannot be found in other products that are available in the market. It also contains natural Vitamin C.



With whitening complex essence sourced from shimmering black pearls to help make the skin more radiant and leave it with a youthful glow

Imbues normal skin with a sense of being reborn, making it rejuvenated and more lustrous-looking, helping to make users feel more confident and beautiful

Hydrates tired-looking skin and infuses it with vibrancy, in a formula that is suitable for daily use and made to be absorbed quickly into the deeper layers

Gentle formula also contains natural plant extracts that offer sustained action and better results than those obtained from chemical peeling treatments



Suitable for some skin types but not all

May feel slimy due to the infused natural ingredients


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Neru Biotech Face Mask Essence Mask Combo


If you are still looking for the products that have been given favorable feedbacks in the best facial masks reviews, there is no doubt that this is one option that should not be overlooked. Many of the people who have used such in the past have noted that they never had any regrets in choosing it above others that can be taken into account. It is said to provide the best value for money. It has the ability to reduce the size of your pores and to rejuvenate the skin. For sure, it is one product that will keep you looking young for a longer span of time.



Leaves the skin finely moisturized, making this product one of the best facial masks for dry skin due to rehydrating ingredients that infuse the complexion with more moisture

Opens the pores up to give it a spa-like treatment, helping the skin accept the many benefits of the 10 different special essences it is made of: aloe; arbutin; caviar; coenzyme Q10; Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF); herb; pearl, phytoncide; royal jelly; and sea weed

Simple application after the face has been cleansed and toned, only requiring the mask to be applied gently to the face and left on for 15 to 20 minutes and then the remaining serum massaged on the face after mask is removed, and needs no washing afterwards



Masks are large for easy application to any size of face


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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing


This is considered by many as one of the most powerful within the product category, which is more than enough reason on why it can prove to be a good choice. It is made from 100% calcium bentonite clay. Since it is made from natural materials, you can be assured that it will not be harmful for the skin and that it will not lead into harmful side effects. There are no animal products and additives that are used in the product. The bentonite clay that is used in this product has been dried for at least half a year, which makes it more effective in delivering positive results.



Offers a very powerful facial, employing 100% natural calcium bentonite clay to deliver amazing deep pore cleaning without integrating animal products, fragrances or additives into its special formula

Indian healing clay similar to what was used in ancient times by early generations to beautify and refresh the skin, something that even Cleopatra herself would use if she were alive today

Patented clay formulation that works in the same way as ancient healing clay, which was used to take care of pimples,  blackheads and skin sagging, making this one of the best facial masks for acne prone skin

Bentonite clay sourced from Death Valley, California, where it undergoes sun drying  in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees for up to six months before it is packaged, ensuring efficacy



Clay material may clog drains, so mask should not be washed off on a sink or while in the bath


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Neru Biotech Face Mask Collagen Essence Full


These facial masks have been given special formulation to make use of active ingredients that can make your skin glowing and free from impurities. Research has been dedicated by the manufacturer of this product, which is a reflection of their commitment towards giving their customers nothing but the best. One of the good things about this product is that it is good for all skin types, even if you have the most sensitive skin. Regardless of your skin type, the same level of effectiveness can be expected. Lastly, many were also happy with the fact that it is very affordable.



Specially formulated to revitalize the skin using active ingredients that deeply penetrate into the innermost layers to infuse the complexion with radiance

Powerfully relaxes the skin while infusing it with ample moisturization and elasticity, making it more resilient to environmental stress and other factors

Offers an alternative to regular professional facial spa treatments that can cost a lot, giving users an option to visit facial salons less frequently

Makes the skin look moisturized, younger and brighter, made to be used in every season and for all types of skin



Directions on the package are in limited English, but masks are very easy to use nonetheless

Great for once-a-week treatments, with results that are immediate and not permanent


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