What to Consider When Buying a New Facial Cleaning Brush


Remove stubborn makeup and reveal glowing, polished skin simply by using a facial cleaning brush. Designed to unclog pores and exfoliate dead, dry skin cells, there are several types of facial cleaning brushes to choose from. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best facial cleaning brush in 2018.

Best facial cleaning brush


One of the first aspects to consider, according to the best facial cleaning brush reviews is your budget. These convenient and effective products can vary dramatically in price, and deciding on a set spending limit will help you narrow down your choices. Your budget will also help you determine which features are included with the facial brush, though your skin type will play a role in your decision.



As stated in the best facial cleaning brush reviews you want to choose one that is easy and convenient to use. Controls conveniently placed on the handles let you easily adjust speeds and turn the brush off and on. Battery powered models are ideal for travel, and are often designed to be used in or out of the shower. Facial brushes that feature a lightweight ergonomic design are generally easy to maneuver and control, and can also prevent wrist and arm fatigue.



While your budget will help you determine which features are absolutely necessary and which ones are nice to have, there are some that you might want to consider. Facial brushes with variable speeds are often priced slightly higher, but are ideal for use with sensitive skin. Included batteries are always appreciated, along with several interchangeable brush heads to meet your skin’s changing needs. Some facial brushes also include a massaging function that can help you relax while stimulating blood flow, and models that exfoliate can leave you with younger, radiant skin. You might also want to choose a facial brush that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and brushes that include additional cleansers and lotions can improve the overall appearance of your skin.


Top Rated Facial Cleaning Brushes in 2018


While we can’t choose the right product for you, we can show you the top rated facial cleaning brushes for 2018. Designed to be easy to use and effective at removing dirt and stubborn makeup, maybe one of these facial cleaning brushes is exactly what you need to reveal a radiant complexion.


Olay Pro-X


1.Olay Pro-XAfter just a few uses it is easy to see why this is a top selling facial brush, especially with the included kit. It is designed to be safe to use on all skin types, and is effective at polishing away dull patches and removing impurities. This facial cleaning brush is priced to fit most budgets, and includes everything you need to improve the look and feel of your skin.

Designed by dermatologists this facial brush is ideal for all skin types, and features three speed settings. Use the lower setting on sensitive skin, and the higher one for deep cleaning pores and removing stubborn makeup. The kit includes two heads for polishing and cleaning your complexion, and the soft bristles are ideal for exfoliating dead skin cells away.

It is safe to use on most skin types every day, and with three speed settings you can customize your cleansing routine. You also have the advantage of its waterproof design which lets you use the brush in or out of the shower. Up to 700 percent more effective than washing with just the cleanser, you will be able to see visible results in as little as 5 days. See blemishes and dark spots fade away and enjoy a younger and more radiant complexion.

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Essential Skin Solutions ESS-0300


2.Essential Skin SolutionsThere is very little not to like about this top selling facial cleaning brush, including its affordable price. It is designed to improve the look and feel of your skin, and includes all of the brushes and pads you need to get started. This cleansing brush is also designed to be easy and convenient to use, and you will love being able to show off your radiant looking complexion.

This cleansing system is designed for your face and body, and includes all of the attachments you need to improve the appearance of your skin. There are two brushes designed to exfoliate different skin types, along with a larger one to use on your body. You also have the advantage of the effective pumice stone which will leave your feet and heels smooth and ready to be shown off.

The brush is waterproof so you can easily exfoliate your face and body in the shower, and you will love its convenient cordless design. The brush also features a massaging function which can help improve circulation for a vibrant complexion. Reduce the signs of acne and minimize the appearance of pores, and since this facial cleaning brush is recommended by dermatologists you know that it is safe to use.

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Pixnor P2016


3.Pixnor P2016Considered one of the top selling facial brush and massagers on Amazon, it is designed to be just as effective as a professional treatment. It includes 7 heads that are designed to effectively clean different skin types, and its affordable priced will comfortably fit almost any beauty budget.

This top facial cleansing brush is designed to be easy and convenient to use at home, and to give you the same fresh, glowing complexion you would normally only get from a professional. There are two speed settings to safely and effectively deep clean sensitive skin, and with seven heads to choose from you can easily customize your beauty routine.

You have the advantage of its waterproof construction which lets you use the cleaning brush in the shower, and it features a lightweight design that is easy to maneuver and control. This also makes this cleansing brush easy to pack and carry, so your skin will always look its best. With the ability to exfoliate, deep clean and massage your complexion you can enjoy smooth, radiant skin that also looks years younger.

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