How to pick one of the best Extension Ladders:


Doing things around the home can require the use of a good-quality extension ladder. The best extension ladder reviews get read for the assistance they give to shoppers on a ladder’s specifications, including its height and reach. Knowing the product’s vertical height is not enough, since a ladder’s length is covered by several other factors.

When determining the exact height you’ll need to reach your roof, for instance, you will need to measure the height of the edge of your roof. The ladder then needs be positioned at a 15-degree angle to the side of your house, which means it has to be at least three feet taller than the edge of your roof. Remember that the angle you place the ladder at can use some of the extension ladder’s height, necessitating that this element be taken into consideration prior to making a choice on the most reliable extension ladder that you will need. The maximum height then should easily incorporate that vital aspect.

The highest standing point on the ladder is four rungs down from the top, which also gives you a good idea what the safest standing point at maximum. You should not attempt to go up beyond this point, as this will be dangerous. Extension above the roofline is best at three feet, so factor those elements in as well.

Determine the required overlap of ladder sections so you can stay within safe limits all the time.

Do take note of the ladder’s duty rating. Before you get that extension ladder for Christmas decorating on your roof, take note of its maximum safe load carrying capacity. This will include a person’s fully clothed weight plus the weight of any tools and materials that need to be carried along while on the ladder. So know your weight and that of the holiday decorations you’ll be carrying as you use the ladder to get up your roof.

Check out the best Black Friday deals for extension ladders made of lightweight substances. Aluminum is the most common material used in extension ladders, although there are products made of aluminum alloy that support almost the same weight. Wooden ladders are substantially weightier aside from being less steady than aluminum ones. Lightweight units also enable easy carrying to and from storage or a vehicle.

In addition, remember that a ladder’s maximum reach is usually one foot less than its actual height. Top support point or height to gutter would fall about 7 inches or more below the ladder’s total height, which means you can not really utilize the rest of the ladder’s height all the way to the end. There has to be an extension above the roof line. This is so even when you’re eyeing the best product for the money.

The best rated unit is collapsible to some extent. There are some that fold open and lock into place, while there are folding ones that telescope and collapse into a length of just a few feet, making easy storage and carrying.

Keep in mind that strength should never be compromised, which makes products the most popular for many buyers.  To conclude, these are the components you want the best extension ladder 2022 to have.


Things to consider:

  • Lightweight material that makes the ladder easy to carry and store
  • The right height and maximum standing point for your specific climbing needs
  • A safe load carrying capacity that does not compromise on overall safety
  • Provisions for easy carrying and convenient storage


Top rated Extension Ladders in 2022


DeWalt DXL3020-16PT Fiberglass Extension Ladder


 Best Extension Ladder ReviewsDesigned with rugged performance supplemented by professional use in mind, the DeWalt DXL3020-16PT 16-Feet Fiberglass Extension Ladder is a Type IA ladder, which means it can support up to 300 pounds duty rating or weight limit. The non-marring durable top has tool slots to provide stability on irregular structures and corners. The work surface is protected with slip-resistant rubber tread, giving you ample traction while on the unit. This ladder has earned praises in many best extension ladder reviews thanks to the nylon rope that provides durability and strength for heavy use. The quick latch is designed for ease of use when the rungs are locked in place. Rung caps enable noiseless carrying of the ladder. The ladder has wrap-around steel shoes for more stability and support.

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Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder


Helping you get the job done is what the Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder is designed to do. It has a load capacity of 300 pounds, making it ideal as a climbing device for working on utility, electrical, residential jobs and light construction work. It is outfitted with D-shaped rungs with full serration to provide a slip-resistant surface. The mar-resistant rail end caps protect landing surfaces while endowing the ladder with longer life. This is the best extension ladder 2022 thanks to the peair of extra-heavy-duty slide guides found at the top of the base section that combine with a stop on the fly section to ensure that the unit will never be over-extended. This product is safe and easy to use thanks to the heavy-duty plated steel shoe with thick rubber treads.

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Werner D1116-2 Aluminum D-Rung Extension Ladder


The Werner D1116-2 Aluminum D-Rung Extension Ladder is a light-duty aluminum ladder made with 200-pound duty rating. The Traction-Tred D-rungs are made of aluminum, with slip resistant capability for safe use. the rungs are connected to the rails employing Werner’s patented Alflo rung joint connection to ensure consistently twist-less performance.  At the bottom of the fly section can be found internal guides that securely interlock the rails. This ladder is outfitted with gravity spring locks to enable it to operate without any hitch. The modified I-beam rails are fastened tightly and securely to ensure safe and trouble-free stepping on every rung of the ladder. This 16-ffot ladder extends to a working height of 13 feet to reach those areas that are difficult to get access to.

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Multi Purpose Aluminum/Folding Step Ladder/ Scaffold


The Multi Purpose Aluminum/Folding Step Ladder/ Scaffold Is a heavy-duty extendable product that offers seven different functions in one. It can be used as a twin stepladder, a telescoping ladder, as two scaffold bases and a stairway ladder. Get more done with just a single unit, which enables you to clean house windows, do exterior and interior painting, decorating, and reaching your balcony or roof to check for leaks and other issues. This is a versatile assistant for home and business use. It has a 330-pound capacity so you can bring your tools as you go up the ladder. It has an extension length of 12.5 feet and its compact dimensions are 10.75″(L) x 14.75″(W) x 39.75″(H). It is of anodized aluminum alloy construction precisely made for anti-corrosive protection. It is fitted with multi-position smooth operating hinges plus safety locks for worry-free use.

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XtremepowerUS 12.5 Professional Series Extension Aluminum-Ladder


If you own a small vehicle or have no tool shed or garage, the most popular brands of extension ladders may not be for you. The XtremepowerUS 12.5 Professional Series Extension Aluminum-Ladder may be your only solution to your accessibility needs. It holds a maximum of 300 pounds and has a length of from 30 inches to 12 ½ feet when fully extended. Built for light-duty projects such as gutter cleaning, this ladder is functional and effective for reaching hard-to –access areas that need your attention at home. It has a lightweight design and a sturdy frame and is pretty straightforward to use. The ladder has quick-work movement for easy set-up and fold down after use. It takes less than a minute to extend fully and uses about three minutes to be put away.

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