Professional Buying Advice on Exaust Fans


If you’ve been looking for the best exhaust fan of 2018, you’ve come to the right place. Since we’re keen on giving prospective buyers a helping hand, we’ve put together a buying guide that can help you correlate your needs with the features of the model of your choice. Here’s what you should know if you want to get the right unit for your requirements.

Best Exhaust Fan


Exhaust fans can generally be split into four main categories. Wall mounted exhaust fans are among the most common varieties, and they’re perfect for getting rid of the stale air in the user’s home, without the use of any ducts. Ceiling mounted exhaust fans are also rather common, but they require a duct in order to be able to expel the air through the roof.

Inline models are traditionally mounted in between ducting, and they do their job best in the places where the direct installation of exhaust fans is impossible. Kitchen range units are well-known for their ability to not only reduce the amount of stale air, but also decrease moisture levels from the cooking area.

From these four types of exhaust fans, the kitchen range one is by far the least noisy.



Various online marketplaces sell exhaust fans for a much friendlier place than actual retailers, so you’re likely to buy a model online. Yet how can you know that you won’t pick the noisiest one? There are two main ways of making sure that you purchase a quiet fan. The first method is to check for information related to the noise rating. The second way is as simple and effective as possible: just read some of the best exhaust fan reviews.


Price and the manufacturer commitment

While some models can cost around fifty dollars, other can well go beyond two hundred. The fact of the matter is that no exhaust fan can be compared to another, as some might be destined for shops and others might be better employed in a home user’s living room.

As for the manufacturer, we recommend brands from the United States and Europe, because we’ve seen that they are somewhat more considerate toward customers, compared to their Asian counterparts.


Top Rated Exhaust Fans in 2018


For your consideration, we’ve selected three of the most popular models we’ve stumbled upon during our entire research. All of the following have been granted many positive user reviews, coming from American and worldwide customers. They’re capable of an excellent performance and do the bang for the buck, so they wouldn’t hurt giving a shot to.


Fantech 2SHE1021


1.Fantech 2SHE1021Fantech has a long history of manufacturing top-quality products, and this one is certainly no different when it comes to the brand’s standards. This is a shutter mounted exhaust fan that has been specifically designed to go through the wall. It can be utilized in anything from stores, factories, offices and even farm buildings.

The unit is compliant to the OSHA regulations and is known for having performed excellently in performance ratings and in sound ratings.

This model has a voltage of 115 V, a frequency of 60 Hz and a motor power of 24.9 watts with a current of 1.4A. The CFM of this unit is estimated at 585 and the impeller speed is 1725 rpm.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this variety. We’ll start by saying that this is one of the top rated exhaust fans in 2018, considering that over 90% of the individuals who have purchased it were satisfied with what they got and wrote positive reviews. Some characterize it as being a good performer, while others simply speak highly of the way it does its job.

Most buyers emphasize the fact that this is a strong yet quiet fan that can be used in a variety of places.

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Bionaire BW2300


2.Bionaire TwinThis Bionaire model is more affordable compared to the one we have showcased above. It might not be as powerful as the Fantech unit, but it definitely does what it’s supposed to do and comes with a series of features that are hard to say no to.

For example, the fan features three speeds and electronic control with LCD screen and a remote control. The thermostat of this variety is fully programmable, which means that users have the freedom to customize the settings as they please. The thermostat is capable of turning on or off the fan in order to adjust the comfort level of buyers, and according to the settings the users have already defined.

Unlike other models in the same line, this is a window fan, so it works best when mounted vertically.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty against defects.

This model has managed to gather some of the best exhaust fan reviews out there, with over 1,400 individuals claiming it’s worth having a look at. Some buyers have put together detailed reviews where they actually prove the superiority of this unit over Holmes and Honeywell products. Many users have nothing but good things to say about this fan, as some have been utilizing it for eight years and counting.

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Holmes HAWF2021


3.Holmes Dual BladeIt would have been difficult to leave out the Holmes variety from this list, as it is probably the most affordable exhaust fan we’ve ever encountered while we were reading about them. Sure, it’s a bit more basic than the other two models we’ve described earlier on, but it will do the trick for the home user looking for an exhaust fan that does not break his or her budget.

This is a unit that’s designed to fit most double hung and slider windows.

Some of the most attractive features of the Holmes Dual Blade variety include the versatile air flow, the adjustable screen and the two speed settings. As it can be seen, the formerly mentioned Bionaire Twin unit has three speed settings, so it’s better than this one. Yet what good, dependable exhaust fan can cost as little as thirty bucks? The answer’s simple: the Holmes Dual Blade.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item.

While most of the customer reviews we’ve consulted are positive, there have been buyers who have underlined that they were looking for a bit more power in the motor of the Holmes exhaust fan. Nevertheless, the same individuals claim the unit offers good value for the price.

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