Doing tons of research can be stressful especially for the first-time parent who wants to find the best baby gear. To help you find the best exersaucer, we did our own research and comparison of a variety of products by analyzing actual user feedback and the ratings and reviews in expert review sites for baby equipment. Thanks to all that research, we’ve been able to find what countless customers consider a top notch choice, the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo K6070. This product is designed to support your baby’s need for comfort and security. The two soft leaves extending from the frame make the perfect canopy overhead as your baby tries to reach the soft toys suspended above. The rotating seat features a soft spring cover to keep tiny fingers from injury. The three-level seat height adjustment delivers a personalized fit. As there is a huge probability that the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo K6070 would easily run out of stock, you can go for the second best product, the Evenflo 6164920.



Buying Guide


One of the best baby gear to be invented for stimulating learning in a young baby is an exersaucer. This type of baby equipment develops the physical and mental abilities of a growing child in limitless ways. What are the things to look at when getting this type of baby equipment?

The best exersaucers for baby ensure your child’s safety

Like any other piece of baby equipment, an exersaucer should be designed to guarantee the safety of your child during use. There should be no small parts that could come off easily and be swallowed accidentally, as such items could become choking hazards for a small child.

The exersaucer is supposed to keep your child amused and occupied a lot better than a regular baby walker can. Also, no sections or parts should pose dangers of pinching tiny toes and fingers. Considering how delicate your child’s skin is, even just the tiniest pinch could cause severe harm or injury.

Make sure to do some diligent research on any product recalls for exersaucers. Consider this highly critical when looking at used models. Make sure to pay careful attention to the product’s age and weight restrictions and manufacturer recommendations before parting with your hard-earned cash.

An exersaucer is not intended to provide many hours of playtime for a baby. Experts recommend having the baby in the exersaucer for only around 15 minutes a day, such as when you need to take a quick break or do a couple of small chores that both take the same amount of time to complete. Set a timer to ensure you follow the 15-minute rule.

This will ensure that your child’s learning doesn’t depend solely on the device and that the baby doesn’t quickly tire of the gear as they grow.


The best-rated exersaucer should be well-made and should have a lot of interesting features for a child

Make a mental note of the activities that your child loves doing and this should include their favorite toys. Most exersaucers are designed with a specific theme, such as cartoon characters, farm or jungle animals, and ocean creatures. This makes the device highly interesting and customized to your child’s specific preferences.

The colors of the device should not clash with the physical appearance of your living space, including the room decor.

Exersaucers with lights offer a cool way to play for a young child. Bright hues and flashing lights are quite attractive to a child. So are noises or sounds such as songs, bells, and beeps. Dangling toys are fun. Some models even allow the attachment of toys on an overhead bar to enable your child to reach high and exercise the muscles, aside from deriving maximum entertainment value.

Spinning seats allow your child to change the direction they are facing easily while using energy safely through jumping up and down and rotating the seat in another direction. Look for models that enable the attachment of additional toys to keep your child from getting bored with what is incorporated in the exersaucer. Loops may be present for that purpose.

Heaps of exersaucers have a toy arch over them for versatility in play opportunities.


The best infant exersaucer provides convenience

The seat should be washable considering how baby gear gets dirty rather quickly. The material should be easy to wipe clean of quick messes. The seat should be removable as well for washing. The device should also fold easily for trouble-free storage. Make sure you are able to do this using as little effort as possible.

An adjustable seat height allows you to ensure a customized playing experience for your child every time. It will also ensure that your child can use the device for several months as they grow. The exersaucer should fit through doorways without the need to be taken apart. That said, make sure to baby-proof your home before getting an exersaucer.


Top Rated Exersaucers in 2022


The market has plenty of options on exersaucers. While this fact may complicate the buying experience for any consumer, we designed the buying guide above to help more buyers become better informed when making a decision. The best products are also featured below for even more shopping assistance.



Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo K6070


The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo K6070 provides a fun and exciting way for your child to play while standing compared to a regular baby walker.This device supports the need for your child to experience healthy development. The gentle jumping motion encourages the development of gross motor skills.

As your child jumps, the exersaucer’s lights and sounds get activated, providing excitement at play for your young child. The delightful music and bright colors stimulate the auditory and visual senses of a young baby. This jumping device provides a comfortable and safe place in which your child can play while seated or standing.

Around the play station are several toys that your child can explore delightfully. The various toys introduce a young child to cause and effect situations, such as what happens when the baby turns one toy or pushes it forward. A lovely overhead canopy is created by the two leaves extending from the frame that also features suspended soft toys for terrific striking play.

Thanks to the rotating seat with soft spring covers, the exersaucer ensures that tiny fingers do not get pinched easily during play. To ensure a custom-fit for your child, the device features a three-position height adjustment. The rotating seat also enables interactive play from any side.

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Evenflo 6164920


With a number of toys on the deck and on the arch, the Evenflo 6164920 provides multiple opportunities for quickplay for your baby. This model features fun sound and toys that help stimulate a young baby’s auditory and visual capabilities including the ability to identify noises, shapes, and colors.

The entire device helps nurture your child through a variety of stages of development crucial to mental and physical growth. The toys that surround the exersaucer are made of plastic, and this guarantees safety and comfort for the young child. You baby will surely find myriads of ways to use every toy in the exersaucer optimally.

The seat adjusts easily to suit your child’s growing needs thanks to the three different height positions. No need to worry about your child easily outgrowing this lovely play station. Height adjustments can be carried out on the legs of the unit for effortless customization to suit your child.

The seat pad is removable to enable effortless maintenance. It can be popped into the washing machine to make it clean and good as new. The exersaucer folds up easily to enable convenient carrying and storage and to support the need for portability during travel. The Tea Party theme, in turn, supports the objective for teaching a child about interesting objects around us.

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Bright Starts Sweet Safari 60330-1


Designed as a Springin’ Safari Bounce-A-Round Entertainer, the Bright Starts Sweet Safari 60330-1 provides babies a fun way to spend short periods of play while making any mom’s life easier than before. This exersaucer gives 360 degrees of bouncing action and activities to help a baby grow stronger legs and develop a bright mind.

This lovely exersaucer is designed to keep your baby entertained while playing, allowing you to do a quick chore or take a quick break while keeping a watchful eye on your child. Your baby will enjoy bouncing with joy in the seat of this beautiful, brightly colored exersaucer. It features 12 toys in all that encourage the development of motor skills.

This is a dynamic activity center that provides more than a dozen activities to develop your child’s specific motor skills. Your child will love spinning, bouncing, and grabbing while tinkering with the different cute characters on the play station. The supportive seat supplements the bouncing pad quite nicely to encourage your child to stand, jump, and reach while being supported on all sides.

As your child’s little legs grow fast, this device comes with three-level height adjustments, so there’s always plenty of room for your baby to grow. The cute, smart seat rotates a full 360 degrees all the way to enable your baby to have easy access to every dynamic toy on the play station.

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