In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best espadrilles for the money? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best espadrilles for the money on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Alpargatus Black is the best pair for sale because these shoes are 100 percent handmade and crafted in Spain. The sole is constructed from natural rubber so it is durable and comfortable. The shoes also come with crisp white stitching to give them a sporty appearance. If the Alpargatus Black is not available, you could consider the Alpargatus Low Heel as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


Espadrilles are easily identified by their rubber soles, canvas uppers and unique braided jute rope that defines the edges. Dating back to the Middle Ages, these shoes are known for their comfortable, lightweight feel. Espadrilles are still popular, and now they come in several styles and colors. Before you rush out to buy a pair there are a few aspects to consider. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to make a smart purchasing decision.


Before you choose one style over another, it is important to think about where you are going to wear them. Sandals might not be the best Espadrilles for walking, but they are a good choice for a picnic or BBQ. Traditional style pairs that easily slip on are great for a day at the beach. They can even be a good choice for walking around town.

If you need a little more support, there are Espadrilles that are perfect for you. Some manufacturers have designed pairs that are similar to a tennis shoe. They are still lightweight and comfortable, only there is a little more support on the sides. If you are planning on a day a walking, these might be the best choice.


Materials and construction

Traditionally Espadrilles were constructed from canvas, rubber and jute rope. While these are the materials still commonly used today, there are a few other options. If breathability is especially important you can find Espadrilles that come with a mesh upper. Leather, denim and suede are durable and give the shoes a more sophisticated appearance. This does come at a higher price that might not be worth it if you just want a comfortable pair of shoes for the beach.

You can also find comfortable and affordable cotton Espadrilles. The one downside to Espadrilles constructed from cotton and materials other than canvas is that the shoes are often not constructed in Spain. If authenticity is important, then you will probably want to pay a little more for a pair that was handmade in Spain.


The right fit

Finding the right fit can be a little tricky, especially if you are buying Espadrilles online. If the shoes were constructed in Spain, chances are you will have to convert European to US sizing. Thankfully most manufacturers post a convenient conversion chart on the website or with the product description.

Some reviews recommend rounding down if you wear a US half-size. This will also depend on the material used to construct the shoe. Most uppers are designed to conform to your foot, but some can feel tight at first. This is especially true for canvas and leather Espadrilles. These materials will eventually stretch, but it will take some time. This also means that they might not be the best choice for walking long distances.



Top Rated Espadrilles for the Money in 2022


Espadrilles are comfortable shoes that are a great choice for warm summer days. Ideal for men and women, chances are you can find a pair that is perfect for you. While we can’t choose the right pair for you, we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best espadrilles for the money showcased below.



Alpargatus Black


If you love the casual style of classic Espadrilles this pair might be the perfect choice for you. The loose sides and heel ensure your feet won’t ever feel restricted, while still conforming to your feet. The fabric upper only adds to the shoes’ comfort, and also helps to ensure a comfortable fit. Whether you are browsing through shops or spending a casual day with family and friends, these shoes will keep your feet happy all day.

Espadrilles for women almost always have an added decorative touch. This holds true for this pair from Alparatus. The black fabric upper is offset beautifully by the white jute rope along the edges. It widens along the toe box to provide extra support, and to give the Espadrilles a feminine appeal.

Like most classic Espadrilles the sole is comprised of natural rubber and jute. Not only does this give the shoes an authentic appearance, but it also adds to their durability. If authenticity is an important detail, you’ll love knowing that these Espadrilles were handcrafted in Spain. Constructed in the area where the shoes were first introduced, it is hard to get more authentic than this.

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Alpargatus Low Heel


Espadrille sandals are becoming a popular choice with women, especially in the summertime. These shoes provide the same level of amazing comfort as the classic models, only they are a little less casual. While you probably won’t want to wear these sandals with a business suit, they look great when they’re paired with shorts or sundresses.

Even though these might not look like the classic Espadrilles, they are constructed in Spain. If authenticity is important, this should appeal to you. This also helps to ensure the shoes’ durability. When this is combined with their affordable price, these sandals really are a good value for your money.

The upper is a blend of cotton and polyester so it is comfortable, forms to your feet and resistant to normal wear and tear. The material is also dyed a deep Navy blue, making it a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Like most Espadrilles the sole is 100 percent natural rubber, and lined with jute roping. The beige roping against the dark blue only adds to the shoes’ attractive appearance. With these Espadrilles you get the advantage of comfort and style at a price that will fit almost any budget.

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Vans U Classic Slip-On


If you’re looking for something a little different in a pair of Espadrilles, you might want to consider this pair by Vans. Constructed from a top manufacturer, you can rest assured that these Espadrilles are a good value for your money. To ensure that you know that these are a pair of Vans, they come with the company’s signature waffle pattern on the rubber sole.

The rubber sole also provides some traction, while adding to the shoes’ durability. What sets these Espadrilles apart is their design. Styled after tennis shoes, they are able to provide a little more support than classic pairs. This is due to the elastic accents on the sides that ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Designed to quickly slip-on, these Vans are just as easy and convenient to wear as other pairs. Best of all these Espadrilles come with a mesh upper that will keep your feet cool in hot weather. To give them a more classic appearance the edges are lined with the traditional jute rope. If you didn’t think you could find a comfortable and supportive pair of Espadrilles, these Vans might be just what you are looking for.

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