Top rated Ergonomic Office Chairs in 2019


A variety of models have been included in different best ergonomic office chair reviews in the past. In this article, I will provide you with an idea on five of these top models, with the anticipation that such will prove to be helpful in choosing the best option within the product category.


Choosing the best ergonomic office chair – Professional Advice


ergchToday, thousands of new or well-respected offices need professional ergonomic chairs, which people to use while working. The interest for such chair is not a surprising matter given the long hours some men and women put in working at their computers. A high quality ergonomic office chair manages to promote precise posture, managing to significantly diminish the amount of strain on different pressure points of the organism. Due to wide selection of products available on the market, it can be pretty difficult to narrow the search down to one single model. This is why you should consult some of the best ergonomic office chair reviews, which represent important sources of information, needed while browsing for a new product.

Ergonomic chairs are designed especially for people with various health conditions, such as back pain or hip discomfort. Once you install the best ergonomic office chair in 2019 in the comfort of your office, you will be able to work without problems and go about daily issues with no restrictions or fear of body pain. You will enjoy staying in a comfortable chair without pressure stress on various parts of the body. A carefully designed chair, come with a curved design which deliver a strong lumbar support, directly on the lower back region where pressure is exercised. The curved design safely supports the natural curve of the spine and thus, in distinct phases prevents slouching and maintains a precise straightening of the spine.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Capacity price Color Fabric Our Rating Where to buy

Comfort Commodore II

400 lbs $$$$ Black Leather A+ AMAZON

Office Star WorkSmart

250 lbs $$$ Black Eco Leather B+ AMAZON

Lorell Executive High-Back

225 lbs $$$ Black Mesh Back + Nylon Base B+ AMAZON

Boss B8601 Executive Chair

250 lbs $$$ Black/Grey Leather B+ AMAZON

LexMod Edge Focus Chair

+300 lbs $$ Black Mesh Back Mesh Back +
Iron, Plywood, PP, Nylon


In order to identify the most efficient model you need to consult some of the best ergonomic office chair reviews, written by people that worked all their lives with furniture. Still, chairs should come equipped with many functions, which can improve people’s productivity. You will find on the market besides standard ergonomic chairs, ergonomic knee chair and also ergonomic ball chair which manages to reduce the amount of bodily stress on back, afters long hours of work.

Ergonomic knee chairs are designed with attention for sitting, with padded elements which support the knees and also rear end. The chair manages to redistribute weight between the 2 pads so that the knees are protected. Such products include back pad for additional comfort on the back, letting the user work for hours and hours without experiencing physical limitations. Ergonomic knee chairs reduce strains and muscle pain related to long sitting periods of work. Ergonomic ball chairs are designed with attention in order to be used in offices, with desk chair and rolling wheels, offering high benefits.

Finding the best ergonomic office chair in 2019 can be become an easy task once you set out a budget, analyse how many hours you work and history of muscle pains you experienced in the past. With such guidelines in mind, you will be able to find a product, best suited to your daily needs. There are people that want to be comfortable while working. Office managers understand full well, this particular reality, because it translated to their firm utter productivity and results.


Things to consider:

–          Types of ergonomic office chairs: ergonomic ball chair and ergonomic knee chair

–          Support, durability and comfort levels

–          Weight support and adjustability especially for long hours of work

–          Special curved design, for strong lumbar support on the lower back



Comfort Commodore II Office Chair


According to many best ergonomic office chair reviews, this model is one of the most modern-looking among all of the products within competition. It is also very durable and has the ability to support up to 400 pounds of weight. Its durability is not just made possible by the quality of the materials, but also by the incorporation of a strong base. It is also designed with an adjustable headrest, giving you the freedom to choose the angle at which you feel most comfortable with.



Chair holds up to 400 pounds maximum and has an adjustable headrest to support leaning at the back when needed

Chrome arms are padded for that extra factor of comfort when seated in the chair while ensuring durability and long-term use

Engineered with seat height, tilt, locking, tension and swivel adjustment to enable user to get the most customized seating position possible

Five-point star base is designed to be strong and stable, able to hold a large frame really easily



Arm rests may not work well with a desk built with a keyboard tray

Ability of headrest to recline is a bit short


Comfort Products Commodore II Executive Big and Tall Chair has really made an excellent impression on me with its high comfort level. I am relaxed while I work, so I couldn’t ask for more. ” Gabriel Baggett


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Office Star WorkSmart Office Chair


This ergonomic chair will let you feel less stressed with all the things that you need to accomplish at work. It has a nice contoured-shape and well-padded seat and back, which will make you feel comfortable. To add, another thing that I like about this office chair is its design. From the way it looks, you can easily tell why it is the chair of choice of many corporate executives and high officials. It has a very elegant aesthetics, which will prove to be perfect for a sophisticated workplace.



Built-in lumbar support at the back provided by a thickly padded contour seat that conforms to the body’s structure to lessen or prevent lower back pain arising from prolonged periods of desk work

One-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment enables easy control with dual function knob and additional back height adjustment for all around support

Arms have adjustable width while heavy-duty nylon base is fitted with dual wheel carpet casters for easy transportability

Upholstered in eco-quality black leather with padded height to give ultimate support where it’s needed the most



Bottom cushion may be too firm for some users

Back, side and armrests may be a bit wobbly


The positive feedback this chair got was the main reason for me buying it. I can’t complain at all about the comfort it provides me and after a long day at work I don’t feel any pain in my lower back thanks to it.”  Edward Parker


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Lorell Executive High-Back Chair


One thing that I liked about this chair is that it is perfect for different users. In some other models, while it is only the back that can be adjusted, in this model even the configuration of the arm rest can be modified. You can customize its width and height to make it more comfortable. In addition, its back is specifically designed to be high to make sure that it can provide better support for the back. With this chair, you will surely not notice time pass by while you are at work.



High-back chair features a mesh back to help provide a cool feeling to the user while seated comfortably in the chair

Ergonomically designed to offer a high back made to support the natural curvature of the human back, making this the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support 2019 for many users

Arms can be adjusted in width and height while seat height from the floor can be adjusted to a person’s height, with easy control between 17 inches to 21 inches

Five-point star design of nylon base offers superior carrying capacity for the chair and pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt, 360-degree swivel and independent three-lever control all contribute to the chair’s overall functionality



Chair back is really large so care must be taken when spinning the chair around

Has little aesthetic attraction


My wife bought me the new Lorell Executive High-Back Chair for my home office. It was the perfect Xmas gift she could have made. The chair was really comfortable because of the high back design. The padding is very soft and is my favorite thing about it. Now I know what’s the best ergonomic office chair in 2019, the Lorell Executive. ”  Charlie Johnson


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Boss Black LeatherPlus Office Chair


Best Ergonomic Office Chair ReviewsThis is another model that can often be seen given high ratings in various best ergonomic office chair reviews. It has superior lumbar support in order to make sure that you will not suffer from body pain after several hours of being seated and doing office work. Beneath the seat, there is a pneumatic lever that will allow you to modify the height of the chair depending on your preference and what will prove to be most comfortable for you.



Numerously mentioned in best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support reviews thanks to its ability to provide much-needed lumbar support and pneumatic seat height adjustment features

Upholstered in exclusive black LeatherPlus™ to give that luxurious office look plus a waterfall seat design that helps eliminate leg fatigue

Comes with adjustable tilt tension control and  upright locking position so user can get the most comfortable seating position possible to facilitate work on the desk

Supports up to 250 pounds weight capacity to comfortably hold users with large frames



Not built for shorter users

LeatherPlus™ material not the same as Nappa leather


Buying this office chair from Boss was a great idea and it feels so much more comfortable than the old one I had.  I also assembled the chair instantly in the office, without using any tools. A great chair for office work without a doubt. And the best part about it was the fact that I bought it with a Black Friday discount which made this ergonomoic office chiar extremely cheap.” Dave Hudson


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LexMod Focus Office Chair


If you want to free yourself from the excessive stress that is being experienced at the office, purchasing this chair is one thing that I can recommend. It will provide you with the relaxation that is needed while seated and doing some office work. One of the things that make this a good choice is the sponge chair, which is not too soft or too hard for anyone. Because of this, you can be given an assurance that you will enjoy the highest level of comfort, even after spending several hours seated in this chair.



Constructed of various materials including plywood, iron, Nylon and PP, to ensure sturdiness and support where they are needed

Has a breathable mesh back that enables circulation of air  to and from a person’s back thus offering ventilation when seated

Mesh fabric covers the sponge seat, with both contributing to a cozy and comfortable seating while ensuring maximum ventilation

Seat height is adjustable, as is seat tilt with tension control so user can find the perfect seating position, with flip-up arms that can be easily pushed up or side-by-side to the back of the chair and out of the way as needed



Back rest has limited recline ability

Built smaller than other units in this class


I admire the ergonomic design of  LexMod Focus office Chair. It’s solely made for the making me feel comfortable while I work in my office. I feel relaxed while I sit in it and this allows me to concentrate 100% on my work. I give a five stars rating for this office chair and I sure it’s one of the top 10 models in 2019. Even the best rated ergonomic office chair reviews had a very good opinion regarding this model. ” Dorothy Pryor


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