Best epilators for the money


Beauty is women’s first priority and to achieve it she takes every step she can. Clean and smooth skin enhances the beauty and to attain that many painful processes like razor, wax etc is present. But if you want to avoid that then you must try some of these epilators as they are the best epilators under $50 for you.


Learn how to pick a new epilator – Expert buying guide


2If you are tired of using tweezers and painfully pulling hairs one at a time, or spending a fortune on regular waxing sessions, it may be time to purchase an epilator. An epilator is an electronic device that pulls multiple hairs at one time and is more convenient for temporary hair removal. There are many types and this guide will help you to figure out which epilator is the best for you.

The tweezer type of epilator pulls away all of the unwanted hair using multiple rotating metal disks that clamp together and then apart as the head rotates. There is also a spring type of epilator that consists of coiled springs that capture the hairs and pull them out. The rotating disk epilator uses rotating disks to capture the hairs, much like the spring type. With a variety of options to choose from, you will first want to consider where you plan to use the epilator.

Since they are designed for specific parts of the body you will want to first determine which type will fit your needs. They are labeled on the package to make sure you get the right one for sensitive areas. There are epilators made specifically for peach fuzz, also known as female moustache, and eyebrows. These work like threading and are called Episticks. There are also epilators designed specifically for your legs or bikini area. If you have sensitive skin, make sure that the device you purchase will not cause irritation.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Cord Type Price Travel Bag Speed Control Our Rating Where to buy

Emjoi Soft Caress AP-10

Corded $$$$ Included Dual A AMAZON

Braun Series 3-3170 Silk Epil

Corded $$$ No Dual B+ AMAZON

Philips HP6401

Corded $$ No Dual B+ AMAZON

Emjoi Divine AP-17B

Corded $$ No Dual B AMAZON

Pursonic FE400

Cordless $$ No Dual B AMAZON


Often compared to shaving, epilators can be the best option for your legs and underarms. They are more affordable than waxing and have longer lasting results. The most popular epilators will only need to be used once every few weeks, eliminating the need for daily shaving. With even the cheapest devices, you may find that you do not have to use it again for a month or more. After continuous use, you may find that the hair stops growing all together. This alone makes it the hair removal choice for most women.

With a wide variety available, you can find the best epilator for the money. They are not very expensive and you can purchase a basic corded device for around $30. If you would like more accessories and the ability to pluck hairs as short as 0.5mm, you can expect to spend $100 on average. You can save money by taking advantage of coupons in your weekly circular, Black Friday deals and specials for Christmas or other holiday seasons. They are a reliable, long lasting option for hair removal and can save you money in the long term, when compared to waxing and shaving.

After reading this guide, you may find that it is time to change the way you handle hair removal.


Things to consider:

  • How will you be using the epilator, they are made for different parts of the body
  • How much time and money will you save compared to regular shaving and waxing
  • After continuous use, you can completely eliminate hair growing on unwanted parts of your body


Philips HP6401 white epilator


Hair removing process can be very painful for some but with the help of this product hair removal can be done easily and effectively. Hairs up to 0.5 mm can be removed without any problem. According to our best Philips epilators reviews, you can set this product on suitable speed so you can have clear and smooth hairless skin within a minute. Its head can easily be washed so you can remove hairs in hygienic way. Unlike other hair removing process it is safe and an easy method.



Is the best epilator for underarmsowing to the included efficiency cap for Delicate Skin, which ensures gentle yet efficient epilation in the most sensitive areas

Gives visible results of  soft, smooth skin minus the usual cuts, irritation, or nicks that users of waxes, chemicals, and razors have to contend with

With fully detachable and washable head to make cleanup a breeze, plus a rounded shape that allows the unit to rest comfortably in the palm of the hand for easy removal of hair

Has simple button that allows selection  between two speeds , gentle and efficient,  to suit the user’s hair removal needs, with extra speed setting that helps handle more sensitive zones like underarms or the bikini line



Long cord can get in the way, but epilation is effective and leaves the skin smooth for longer


“This little epilator is amazing and at the same time extremely cheap so anyone can afford it. The performances that it is capable of are surprinsing for its size and after using it successfully I can recommend it 100% to others.” Jane Elliott


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Emjoi Divine AP-17B white/pink epilator


You can have a silky-smooth hairless skin with the help of this product. With the technology and functions present in it, the hair removal procedure become less painful and saves time as well. With this product facial hairs like upper lip or chin can also be done without any difficulty. The 36 tweezers discs help in removal of hairs quickly and effectively, which leave smoother skin behind for weeks. Being portable and chargeable makes it a part of the best epilators under $50, so you can have a better skin at decent price.



Geared with 36 tweezer discs that remove more hair in less time, using a  virtually painless hair removal method that is non-irritating

Engineered with patented skin-glide technology  that lifts up and removes hair by the roots using gliding motions of the tweezer discs over the skin

Has exclusive hair guide that channels flat and short hairs into the hair-removal discs, so no hair is missed and the epilation process leaves completely smooth results

Contoured design helps keep the skin stretched during epilation and minimizes pulling and discomfort while employing massaging finger function to mitigate pain during epilation



Replacing the batteries can be difficult but manageable

Epilation becomes truly painless with constant use


“I got this epilator for a very low price and after I have used it in many occasions I can declare that it is a very good machine with solid features. I remove my body hair much faster than my previos epilator and my skin remains so smooth afterwards with no irritation.” Rachel Morrison


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Panasonic ESWD51P epilator


This product has crossed the boundaries when it comes to hair removing, it can remove hairs either dry or wet. Use it while taking bath or use it on dry skin, it is up to you. Charge it and use it up to 60 minutes easily. Portable ability makes it easy to take it anywhere you want. Moveable heads make hair removing easy and painless. Three hair removal systems make it even more convenient in usage on your skin. It is waterproof and made from best quality material.

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“Using the Panasonic ESWD51P epilator has made me realize what a great little device it is. It works efficiently and quickly as well, leaving my body free of any hair. And the best thing is that it doesn’t even cost me that much.” Jessica Scott


Philips HP6512 white epilator


This product gives relieve from all the hair removing techniques as some methods of hair removal are painful and unhygienic such as wax, razor etc. But with this product you can have smooth, clear hairless skin without any difficulty. From head to feet, you can remove hairs easily and quickly. Adjustable speed system provides the best result even on hairs as short as 0.5 mm. On sensitive parts of the body it also removes hairs and declines the chance of irritation or cuts.

“Because of its compact size I take this epilator anywhere with me, even when I am going on holiday. It leaves my skin smooth as silk and without any hair, making me conclude that it is a very reliable epilator which has a very affordable price range.” Anne Cooper


Powerful Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus


Best epilators under $50Looking for a fast way to remove rigidness of the heels skin, then this product can help you in removing it faster and leave behind smooth clear skin. It removes the entire dead cell away so the lifelessness of the heels can turn into soft skin. Roller moves 30 times in a second so the rough and tough skin can become gentle without rubbing it too much. It means it save time and energy. Its professional working places it among the products this year.