Top rated Engagement Rings in 2019


In the rest of this article, I will mention five of the best products that have been commonly mentioned in the best engagement ring reviews that have been published in the past. This will prove to be useful especially for men who are planning to pop the big question soon but still undecided with the specific ring that should be given to the love of his life.


Solid 14k Cubic Zirconia Ring


Best Engagement Ring ReviewsThe dazzling appearance of this ring is one of its best assets. Imagine, asking the girl you love to marry you and seeing her face light up as she sees this beautiful ring. That would be priceless. Do not choose a ring that is dull. Make sure to pick one that can show how bright your love for her is, and that would be perfect with this polished engagement ring. For sure, she will find it hard to say no just imagining how beautiful the ring would look in her hand.

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My husband bought me the Solid 14k Cubic Zirconia Ring for our wedding. We already celebrated our diamond anniversary and until now it is very nice and fashionable to use. The product is comfortable to use and really matched my taste and preference. I can say that this is the best wedding ring.” Dale Baker


Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Ring


Make her feel like a princess by giving her this silver cubic zirconia ring from Sterling. It has the shine that is fitted only for the most special girl of your life. In many best engagement ring reviews, it has been noted that one of the reasons on why this is a common choice for many people is because it exudes timeless elegance. This ring is embellished with a gem that is 4 carats and has a length of 7 millimeters.

The elegance the Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Ring is one thing I admire best with this ring. The product is too much for me and I am very happy when my husband bought me this before. This is his gift to me in our second anniversary. The engagement ring is very nice and engaging.”  Richard Bailey


14k Gold Princess-cut Solitaire Ring


Whether it is white gold or yellow gold, this Solitaire engagement ring is another good choice. One thing that I personally liked about this ring is that it has a very feminine look. It is sleek and simple, with the highlight being the glittering diamond stone that sits atop the ring. The diamond has a width and length of 3.45 millimeters, which is just the right size for her hand. If you are worried about getting the wrong size, it can be adjusted to be assured that it will be fitted in her finger.

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The 14k Gold Princess-cut Solitaire Ring is a very nice engagement ring I have. This one is the best which makes me feel better by the time he gave it to me. The ring is too adorable yet simple. It is very classy to look at even it is sold in a very nice price compared to other rings in the market.”  Jessica Stott


1 CTW Round Diamond Solitaire Ring


If budget is not an issue, this ring is perhaps one of the best that I can recommend. Even if she does not know how much this ring is, she will be amazed by the sight of it. It is a glittering ring that will make it really hard for your girl to say no. It has 9 stones in total, and all of them are authentic diamonds. The metal stamp of the ring is made from 14k white gold. Without a doubt, this will make her scream with a YES when you ask her to marry you.

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This 1 CTW Round Diamond Solitaire Ring is a very nice engagement ring. It has a very sleek design which attracts me the most by the time I saw it in the website. When I saw this ring, I immediately come to think about her. I know that she will like this engagement ring and she really did. ”  Jackie Christ


14k Gold Princess-cut Solitaire Size 13 Ring


This is another engagement ring that has captured the attention of many jewelers, citing that it is an option that a man will not truly regret giving the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with. It has a shine that never fades and never goes out of style. This is also the ideal choice if you can see that your girlfriend is the simple type of woman who does not like elaborate details.

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I love the 14k Gold Princess-cut Solitaire Size 13 Ring which was given to me by my husband by the time he proposed to me. This is very nice and very compatible to my fingers. This is the one makes everything perfect and classy as a sign of marriage and love for us. ”  Richard Hayes