If you’re here just to find the best emergency radios and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information about the best products on the market in this category by compiling reviews and ratings in numerous emergency equipment expert review sites and then comparing what we read with actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the Kaito KA500YL is the best because it offers multiple means of charging the internal battery pack. This model has a dynamo cranking feature that enables you to turn the handle to juice up the built-in battery pack, which also charges via the convenient solar panel so you won’t have to do anything but leave it in the sun to collect energy. You can also put in three double-A batteries if you prefer. It also charges via USB port to a computer, and also via a standard electric socket. This radio pulls in AM, FM and NOAA channels so you are well informed during emergencies. The LED reading lamp and flashlight provide illumination. If the Kaito KA500YL is unavailable, you could consider the Epica 0874 as it is the second best option.



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If you foresee an instance where you will need an emergency radio or not, it would be wise to always have one available to you. By having one of the top ten radio models in your emergency kit, you will be able to be well informed during any emergency situation.

Keep in mind that not all emergency radios are created equal. In fact, because there are several different options available, it can be confusing when you are trying figure out which emergency radio is the best to suit your needs.

Emergency radio

The Basics

As a general rule, you will want a new radio that will bring you up to the minute NOAA alerts and other important news broadcasts. Before you go out for any old two-way or shortwave radio, you should take into consideration if you need those functions. If you want to be able to connect to someone, then of course you will want one. But if you intend to only listen in to the world around you in case of an emergency, then you will be fine with a regular AM/FM radio receiver. Just keep in mind that NOAA alerts are broadcasted on AM radio.


“Public Alert” and NOAA Logos

The two standards compete with one another to release the breaking news, however, they were both created to the help of the NOAA and National Weather Service. The Public Alert sticker that you should look for on your radio shows that the radio meets specific technical stands. This means the radio is able to receive specific alerts to any given area and you will hear a tone before the alert comes through. Also, these radios will allow you to plug in external devices that are beneficial for the audio and visually impaired. You want to make sure your radio features one or both of these stickers/logos—either on the packaging, in the user manual, or on the device itself.


Multiple Power Sources

While it is common knowledge that battery operated radios are a must (and you should always have plenty of extra batteries on hand), you should look for a radio that can be charged in other ways. The other options include AC adapters for when you do have power, hand cranking or another manual charger, solar energy, and some radios can even be charged via your laptop’s battery. Make sure your radio has one of these other power sources, although some of the highest rated emergency radios has all of these options.

Heaven forbid you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an emergency radio. Although no one wants to plan for disasters, you can never be too prepared. By having an emergency radio in your emergency kit, you will be able to keep up to date with any weather or news alerts in your area.



Products for specific needs


Best Emergency Radio for Boat


Uniden MHS75


Because this marine radio by Uniden is waterproof, it is considered to be one of the best emergency radios for boat use. The hand-held radio is programmed to support all US, Canadian, and international channels, NOAA weather channels and it can even alert you to emergency and weather alerts. This device simultaneously monitors up to two distress/hailing signals that may be issued by the Coast Guard. It can even pick up on one weather channel and one regular marine channel. The LCD display is backlit, as well as they keypad. This feature makes the device easy to read during the night or in the early mornings when the sun isn’t completely up.



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Best Emergency Radio for Backpacking


Kaito Voyager Pro KA600


This 4 way powered solar/hand crank digital emergency radio is one of the best emergency radios for backpacking because it can pick up AM and FM shortwave stations and longwave NOAA weather radio that feature real-time weather alerts and the Radio Data System. There is an auxiliary input jack on this radio, which can be used for external audio devices. The 180 degree adjustable solar panel features 5-LED reading lamps, which help you to see in the middle of the night. The radio has four tuning methods so you can find the right frequency. You can either manually change the stations, use direct digit entry, ATS and memory tuning that has up to 335 memory slots that gives you easy access to your favorite stations.



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Best Emergency Radio for Hiking


Ivation Rainproof Digital


The high quality and clear digital display AM/FM/NOAA Weather Band Radio is considered to be one of the best emergency radios for hiking because the radio has several recharging options. It can be recharged via solar energy, hand cranking the Dynamo generator, or use a USB cable to connect to a computer. This device features an LED flashlight that helps to illuminate your way while hiking through the woods. The scratch resistant rubberized finish and compact design makes it ideal for outdoor excursions, as it is lightweight and portable.



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Top rated emergency radios in 2022


If you enjoy adventuring in the great outdoors often then you still need to have some things with you that will ensure you will be informed when it comes to weather fronts coming your way. The emergency radio is the best thing you can have with you being sturdy, resistant and very helpful. The best emergency radios reviews will show you which models are the most resourceful and which have the most impressive features. Don’t worry about the price because such a radio can be afforded easily by anyone.



Kaito KA500YL


1-kaito-ka500Never be left out in the dark thanks to the Kaito KA500YL. This model remains powered even when the lights are out. It has awesome features that ensure preparedness for any critical situation.



Equipped with dynamo cranking power, this model only needs 120 turns per minute to crank the handle so the internal nickel metal halide battery pack is able to store voltage and current generated through this action. The solar panel harnesses the sustainable power of the sun. If power is available, you can plug this unit into an AC socket or the USB port of a computer or simply put in three double A batteries for convenience.

Keeping you connected through your cell phone, this device provides mobile phone charging thanks to its revolutionary power dumping technology. The high quality AC-type brushless generator dumps power to your mobile device to enable you to make one quick phone call or send a brief text message.

The unit also features a flashlight and a reading lamp so you can have illumination to do things even during critical situations. You won’t need to grope in the dark when the power is out. The red LED blinker can be used as an emergency flashing signal.

You can also use the USB device charging jack to power your MP3 player or iPod. This triband radio enables you to get vital information through the FM, AM and NOAA channels.



Users should not expect this model to outperform a standard audio listening device in terms of sound performance. This emergency radio is primarily designed for use in emergency situations and not for full-scale entertainment. The sound quality is adequate for emergency purposes.


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Epica 0874



Extremely lightweight at just 0.85 pound, the Epica Emergency should be part of any complete emergency preparedness kit. This revolutionary device makes you ready for any emergency situation, whether natural or manmade. It’s the perfect camping radio designed to last for years.




An emergency radio and flashlight in one, this device offers preparedness for the unthinkable. The flashlight and emergency radio functionalities are designed to withstand the most punishing day-to-day conditions during unexpected situations. The solar panels complement the rugged body in ensuring water resistance and having the necessary strength between uses, so you and your family are kept safe for years.

Boasting best-in-class charging capabilities, this emergency radio only needs two minutes of cranking to deliver half an hour of radio listening. Two minutes of cranking also gives you at least 20 minutes of illumination. Never be left in the dark with the 3-LED flashlight, 5-way charging by hand crank, USB, solar, DC or AC, and the retractable antenna to pull in those vital radio frequencies.

The brilliant backlit digital display provides some form of lighting too. The premium quality tuner lets you listen to all the news, whether on the 7 weather band channels, FM or AM. You can even charge your cell phone with the power dumping capability of the emergency radio. The carabiner clip enables belt attachment.


One user says the sound quality is much like what you expect to get from a transistor radio, which isn’t too bad considering that the device won’t even need batteries to do its job unlike its larger counterpart.


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Esky ES-CR01



Equipped with an internal nickel metal hydride battery, the Esky ES-CR01 enables you to stay updated with the latest information on hazards and weather while letting you get entertainment on both AM and FM. This handy emergency preparedness device has undergone serious upgrading with a 3 times larger battery capacity and 8 times brighter light than standard.



This emergency radio pulls in the essential NOAA weather stations you will be thankful to get in big emergencies. In addition to the NOAA weather radio frequencies, you also get AM and FM to keep you in touch at all times.

Equipped with a super bright LED flashlight as well as a USB charger, the radio ensures illumination when everything else is dark around. The device also charges other USB-enabled devices to keep your cell phone and other portable device juiced up in case you need to communicate with friends and family.

The device charges three ways: solar panel; hand cranking; DC. You won’t run out of means to juice up the radio so you’re always in touch with the outside world. The charging capacity has been increased to 1000mAh to power your cell phone and provide illumination. At just 0.49 pound, this handy device should be part of any emergency preparedness kit.



The radio tuner is not digital. You need to use a small knob and the small frequency slide-rule type gauge that can be tricky for fat fingers to maneuver. These do not detract from the overall functionality of the emergency radio.


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Ambient Weather WR-111B Solar


Best Emergency radios reviewsThe most popular emergencyradio you can get your hands on is the Ambient Weather Solar digital radio. The compact design and the light weight means you can take with you anywhere you go whether it is just to the beach or in the wilderness. Through its USB port you can even charge your smart phone or any other devices that can be charged in this mode. The Li-Ion battery that powers this radio is the key behind its long operation and make is one of the best emergency radios in 2022.



Considered by survival experts as one of the most reliable emergency radio available on the market, the WE-111B Emergency from Ambient Weather features 3 LED flashlight, smartphone charger and digital AM/FM NOAA alert

Features multifunctional power charging possibilities from USB ports, wall power, solar panel, hand crank, AC and DC

Incorporates a high quality digital tuner which permits users to safely access news stations, weather information and also illumination sources for dim light situations

Designed as an emergency radio, MP3/MP4 USB dock and special rubberized finish which comes in handy during more extreme weather conditions



Does not come with an emergency siren

The emergency radio does not offer flashing beacon


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Midland XT511 GMRS Two-Way


Many adventurers consider the Midland XT511 to be one of the top rated emergency radios in 2022 because it comes with a complete set of features. With it you will be able to listen to GMRS/FRS emergency channels and the 10 NOAA weather channels which prove very helpful. Normal FM/AM radio stations can also be listened to and this model also comes with a functioning LED flashlight for when the times get dark. It runs on power from its AC or DC power adapter or you can get it 4 AA batteries.



One of the best rated emergency radio from Midland is the XT51 GMRS, a model designed with 22 GMRS/FRS channels and 10 NOAA weather channels for proper coverage in the event of a weather emergency

Features AM/FM radio reception that offers users access to radio shows and a 3-LED flashlight for optimal lighting in dark environments

Designed with water and dust resistant housing the crank radio is ready to use in various conditions

Due to the built-in USB port users will be able to safely charge smartphones, tablets, radios and other mobile devices



Does not come with a protective carrying case (this is an optional  accessory sold separately)


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American Red Cross FRX3 Weather Alert


Another emergency radio which is considered one of the best emergency radios in 2022 is this model from the America Red Cross. All important weather radios can be played by it so you are always up to date with how the weather will be in the next few hours or days. There is also an USB port which can be used for you to charge various devices which are running low on battery. It can be solar powered as well so at the end of the day this weather alert radio proves extremely useful.



Placed among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products, the American Red Cross FRX3 Hand turbine from Eton comes equipped with AM/FM, 7 NOAA weather band stations and Alert option for proper response in the event of extreme conditions

Features an automatic broadcast emergency weather alerts which goes off in the event of dangerous storms, tornadoes and hurricanes

Comes equipped with LED flashlight and also a professional red flashing beacon for real emergencies where regular S.O.S simply won’t do

It incorporates an USB Smart phone charger, headphone output, solar panel for fast recharging functions which permit users to be ready for anything



Does not come with a gauge to indicate remaining power levels

Does not have a waterproof design


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Safe-T-Proof Solar Hand-Crank


Another solid option for an emergency radio you can go for is this one from Safe-T-Proof which has a very advantageous price. With it you will be able to charge your cell phone, use all the emergency frequencies and at the same time listen to your favorite radio stations. It doesn’t require any batteries it just needs the power of the sun and it will be operational. A flashlight at its front will guide you through the darkness when you are out camping.



For those that are wondering what are the best products to consider in the event of an emergency, Safe-T-Proof solar hand-crank emergency radio doesn’t require batteries in order to run

Comes equipped with AM/FM radio for permanent contact with important news and weather programs

Includes flashlight, emergency blinker, siren and smartphone charge which permits people to have access to important survival accessories in the event of a serious danger

It measures 3.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches and weighs 10.9 ounces, making the radio ideal to store in cars and RVs



Not recommended for children under 3 years because it contains small parts

Does not come with a carrying case (this is an optional accessory sold separately)


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Kaito Voyager Pro KA600


The best emergency radios reviews single out the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 as a very reliable choice which will definitely prove very helpful in the great outdoors. All the NOAA weather frequencies are found by this radio, plus the normal AM/FM frequencies as well. It will memorize up to 335 radio stations so you can quickly connect to the one that you are looking for. The solar panel which gets it the juice it needs to run can be swiveled to 180 degrees.



Present among the products under $500 from Kaito, the Voyager Pro KA600 digital emergency radio incorporates AM/FM/LW shortwave and also NOAA weather ratio for proper access to information

Currently connected to the Emergency Alert System and National Weather Ratio network which automatically activates the radio in case of imminent weather conditions

Designed with multiple power-up possibilities like AC/DC adapter, built-in rechargeable Ni MH battery or regular batteries

As the best emergency radio for Christmas this model comes equipped with a 180 degree adjustable solar panel which powers up the 5-LED reading lamp



Does not include batteries (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Emergency Radios – What to Look For:


3There are many situations in which people have to act fast and without delay in order to survive. In the U.S. such events are related to extreme weather conditions like tornadoes and hurricanes. This is why so many Americans are searching for efficient emergency radios, designed to offer appropriate warnings in the event of potential dangerous storms. The market on emergency radios evolved quite a lot, given the Katrina hurricane aftermath and people’s need for security. Everyone needs to be fully prepared and keep better track of the weather development. Picking out electronic equipment for different types of events is an important task. There are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a brand new emergency radio, worth using without reservations.

We went with attention through the best emergency radio reviews in order to offer people a professional aid in the maze of products. With a better understanding on what makes each radio great you will be able to invest in a reliable radio. There are many radio listeners that keep track of the world’s affairs by accessing different programs. Furthermore, AM radios represent the primary source of weather conditions, local news and survival instructions in the event of tornadoes or hurricanes. An emergency radio will help listeners know exactly how to act during snow storms, civil unrest, fires, floods, earthquakes and many other disasters. AM radio transmissions use long low frequency wavelengths which are reflected from the ionosphere in order to offer people access to information. This particularity ensures that AM radio waves will travel in people’s homes without problems.

With the best emergency radio in 2022 access to live feedback on weather conditions is more than important. This is why there are also specific FM programs that offer 24/7 information, local and national, on key safety issues. Manufacturers take into account people’s need to stable connections to different FM/AM band lengths whenever they develop radios. As a result, everyone has the chance to opt for professional radio, set within different price ranges. Today’s market offers two major types, with a few subcategories, of emergency radios: power-plug and portable. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people invest in portable emergency radios, which are not vulnerable to power shortages. Furthermore such radios can be taken on the patio or deck in order to listen to favorite radio shows.

Investing in the best emergency radio in 2022 becomes an easy task once you know exactly what the respective product will do. In the event of emergency situations, you have to have to be connected to local broadcasts and daily weather reports. As so many people pointed out emergency instructions come in handy during emergency situations. Furthermore given that high quality AM radios can operate long hours, helping people to keep track of the weather development. Some persons invest in small radios with powerful speakers, which offer clean access to important programs.


Things to consider:

–         Battery type, portable radios need to be powered by “AAA”, “AA” or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

–         AM/FM band length, radios should transmit different all the major weather, local/national news programs

–         Radio size, there are big and small emergency radio which accommodate people’s space characteristics

–         Frequency reception, you will be able to access all the major programs