Key Features for Elongated Toilet Seats


Buying a toilet seat seems like a very simple thing to do. The first feature that makes the difference between one toilet and the other is the shape. In case you did not know, toilet bowls are either round or elongated. A wrongly chosen model will not fit the bowl perfectly. So why not pay attention to some details, before making your purchase? Try consulting the length of the toilet seat before making up your mind.

Some other things that you need to consider are the following: the material, the mount type and finally, the style.


What to look for when buying the best elongated toilet seat



Choosing a toilet seat depends on every customer’s personal taste. People can pick from plastic, wooden or cushioned models, but each of these comes with advantages and disadvantages. For instance, plastic seats are usually cheaper than their counterparts. Unfortunately, they can get damaged because of cleaning agents and their surface can get very cold during winter.

Likewise, wooden seats are perhaps a convenient option for people wanting to enhance the looks of their bathrooms. Their surface does not get as cold as the one of plastic products, but they need additional care. People can accidentally stain or scratch them.

Cushioned models are the most comfortable alternative, but they’re unfortunately also the frailest toilet seats.


Mount type

This criterion also depends on the personal taste of the toilet seat user. For instance, if you are looking for a model that you can just take home and mount by yourself, you will probably be no fan of the integral bolt-and-nut system. Traditional toilet seats come with a simple standard mount and can thus be put together by anyone.

There’s another disadvantage to choosing the integral mount – toilet seats featuring this system need to be drilled out. If you like simplicity and want to make sure you can change your toilet seat by yourself at the time of your convenience, it might be a good idea to choose the traditional mount type.


The best toilet seat style

In style, there is no right or wrong. Something that looks good to the eyes of an individual might completely put off another one.  The same goes for toilet seat models. If you are no fan of interior design and could not care less for the color of your seat, just pick a simple white one.

If, on the other hand, you take pleasure in decorating the inside of your home, there is a wide variety of toilet seat styles you can choose from. Modern, traditional, you name it.


Top Rated Elongated Toilet Seats in 2022



Bio Bidet BB-600


This model is one of the best toilets in 2022. Although it is a little pricier than others, it comes with a set of features that will knock you off your feet. Ever cringe because of a cold toilet seat? This one is the answer to your problem: it is heated and it even features a warm air dry functionality.

Moreover, it even acts as a bidet toilet seat, on account of the fact that it helps men and women take care of their intimate wash thanks to its shape and usability. In fact, when used as a bidet, this toilet seat will release two streams, one from the front and one from the rear, therefore making sure that everything has been cleaned properly. It’s the perfect choice for a toilet for low water pressure.

The item is among the most complex products on the current market, considering it comes with multiple settings, and even a Kids mode. As for design, the color of the product is a sheer white. When cleaning the toilet seat, it’s important to not immerse it in water but rather wipe it, because it contains electronic components.

In case of any issues, the seat can be returned in virtue of a 3-year limited warranty.

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Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm


There’s nothing like sitting down on a warm toilet seat in the middle of a freezing winter night. If you’re tired of that chilling feeling, try sitting on this one for a change. It’s been praised by multiple customers for its heating settings and the temperature can be adjusted to 3 levels. Older users and caregivers are impressed by this exact feature.

Additionally, the model offers its buyers a blue nightlight system that improves nocturnal excursions. The type of bulb is LED. LEDs are among the most long-lasting bulbs in the world.

The item comes with a 1-year limited warranty. It is made of plastic and has a white color, which is why buyers are recommended to use a delicate cleaner in order to avoid scratching the surface.

Yet another benefit of choosing this product is the fact that it has a weight limit of 320 pounds. This makes it possible for full-figured people to use it as well.

As for reviews, more than 120 customers gave this item a 5-star rating. Some individuals claim it is the first step towards real home luxury. Others speak highly of its ease of installation. Whichever the case, it’s safe to say that its heating feature appeals to many people.

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Mayfair 148E2 000


This Mayfair toilet seat model is among the cheapest one on the market, but don’t get fooled by its low price. It also comes with a set of amazing characteristics. It is easy to clean and it prevents fingers from getting caught while closing the lid. Its Whisper-Close system makes it possible for users to close it quietly and harm free.

As for the material, this item is made of molded wood but unlike other models from the same line, it has a high-gloss finish. This last addition suggests that the surface of the seat can’t get easily damaged because of rough cleaning or because of various detergents. It comes in a white color.

One more benefit of choosing this product is the fact that its mount type makes it possible for users to put it together by themselves. As stated by customers, it’s easy to install. Moreover, it can be detached so that it can be cleaned thoroughly.

The product fits all types of elongated bowls. Otherwise said, if you’ve been having trouble discovering the exact model that fits your exact toilet, this might be the one. This wood seat is made in the United States using materials that have no negative impact on the environment. Manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty.

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