Top rated Electronic computer chess boards in 2022


If you are in the market for the best electronic computer chess board, you’ve probably noticed that choosing the right product can be a very time-consuming activity. However, you don’t need to worry, given that this guide is here to bring you directly the answer you need, without any extra hassle. After carefully reviewing all the benefits that each top-rated product offers, our conclusion is that the electronic chess board you want to consider as the main option is the Excalibur Electronic 911E-2 Kingmaster II Chess computer. This model comes with the possibility to use the built-in memory if you want to save different games. Moreover, the LCD window allows you to see any necessary gaming data, and the unit includes as many as 72 chess levels and 16 checkers levels. If you cannot find this electronic chess board in your area, the alternative to be kept in mind is iCore’s Electronic Talking Chess Computer Set.



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There are thousands of Americans that love to play chess and expand their skill set, during every moment of the game. As you probably already observed, the market is more than generous when it comes to chess boards. Recent statistics pointed out that electronic computer chess boards are in high demand today. Men love this type of game environment, adding a bit of technology in their hands.  Once properly informed, you will surely invest in the right product!



Excalibur Electronic 911E-2 Kingmaster II Chess computer


Best Electronic computer chess board reviewsFun, excitement will be present whenever you start playing chess on Excalibur Electronic 911E-2 Kingmaster II chess computer. This superb computer can help you enjoy two games: chess and checkers. As one of the best electronic computer chess board in 2022, this advanced magnetic sensory board is very easy to use. You have the possibility to save different games in the built-in memory. Furthermore it includes LCD window where you can see gaming data and use it to your advantage. It includes 72 levels chess and 16 levels checkers in order to challenge different players and give them the chance to win games.

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iCore Electronic Talking Chess Computer Set 


With 12 chess modes that you can choose from, as well as 30 different chess levels, this computer set is everything you need to bring your skills to the next level. If you’ve always wanted to master the game, then you can certainly learn how to do so if you give this product a try. 

You will also get 8 challenging brain games in the same unit, including Checkers, 4 In-A-Row, and Reversi. Moreover, the computer chess set includes a tutoring system as well, which teaches the player through a voice sound that gives you all the details. 

You can also play with someone else if you want to, as the game can accommodate 2 players, and using the LCD screen that comes with adjustable contrast is definitely going to be very enjoyable since it’s pretty intuitive and you won’t have to make unnecessary efforts as you are trying to develop new skills. 

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Novag Citrine Chess computer


One of the top rated electronic computer chess board in 2022 comes from Novag, Citrine Chess computer. This beautiful chess computer includes advanced auto-sensory functions, which helps you play the game better. It includes handcrafted golden rosewood and boxwood chessmen which add style to every moment of your game. It has 64 different playing strengths and large library of openings which can improve your skill set. One thing is more than obvious: your game will significantly improve! The board comes with four lights present on each square, letting you play better and with more delight. As some players put it, Citrine adds a touch of elegance to every chess session.

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Top 1 Chess Set Board Game 


This electronic chess set is just what you need if you want to improve your skills and your logic capabilities, as well as prepare for any upcoming competition. Both adults and kids can enjoy playing this game, which makes it a suitable and entertaining option for the entire family. 

For those of you who are always after new ways of spending quality time with your loved ones, this chess set might provide the perfect opportunity. For children, it ensures hours of educational entertainment as well, and the unit can be used in single or multiple-player mode.

In case you are not aware, chess is a great way to develop a lot of practical skills, such as logical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making, so you are not only spending a nice time, you are actually acquiring added value for other areas in your life as well. With the help of this set board, you can also develop spatial perception.

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Einstein Electronic Chess Wizard


If you love chess, then you understand the importance of a great board by your side. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use with confidence Einstein Electronic Chess Wizard. Why? Well, this superb chess set is a great addition to players, irrespective of their skill level. You can use it to play against a friend or the computer. It uses an advanced teaching model which is great for beginners. You should also know that chess Wizard comes with 120 power levels that resemble competitive players. The chess is perfect for players of all ages. Love for the game is embedded in every inch of the chess board.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When it comes to electronic chess boards, these might not be the first option that comes to mind when thinking about learning how to play the game or simply getting a set to enjoy with the whole family. If you are wondering what makes these devices such a good idea, you should know that they do offer plenty of benefits. 

Compared to online versions of the game, the players are able to actually touch and hold the pieces, as well as to see the board laid out, which gives them a better understanding and feel about everything that is going on. We know that online alternatives are very handy, but if you want to learn how to properly play chess, there’s nothing that compares to having a physical game. 

With this being said, an electronic version combines a bit of the two alternatives, the online and offline ones, given that these units can track the player’s progress in real-time. This means that you will be able to improve your skills in a much faster way, especially since the device might include a tutoring system as well. 

Plus, you can play against the program, yourself, or an opponent, so you are definitely in for a treat if you’ve never tried these devices before. With vast features and abilities, they open up a whole new world, when it comes to chess. 

Plus, they might include other brain games as well, so if you want to take a short break from chess, you can still have a good time with your family solving new challenges. However, before making your choice, there are some characteristics you should keep in mind so that you know what it is exactly that you are looking for. 

A bit about functionalities 

Any electronic chess board should have certain functionalities, so that you may take your skills to the next level in the fastest way. One of these is, of course, the option of having multiple difficulty levels. This way, you can work through them and learn new things every time. 

Next, you also want to look for a unit that is able to analyze the games and store the ones you’ve played in its memory. You also want to be able to play against other opponents, against the device, or against yourself. The latter might prove to be quite interesting, so you should give it a try. 


Analysis & feedback 

When it comes to analysis, what you are looking for is real-time data on the game and insights into how you are making your moves and what can be improved. This is where a tutoring functionality might come in handy, especially if you are still a beginner. With such an option, you can drastically improve your skills in a very short amount of time. 

There are some players who prefer to do their own analysis, and this can be easily achieved if the chess set you choose comes with a memory that can store each move. With such a feature, you can go over the game on your own and see how you can improve the next one. 

Plus, you will also be able to see how opponents are planning their own moves when you review the game. All of this information is very useful in learning what you can do differently and, more importantly, how to think about each move in future games. 



Unavailable products


Mad Catz Saitek Mephisto Master Chess computer


According to the present best electronic computer chess board reviews it seems that you can opt for Mad Catz, Saitek Mephisto Master chess computer. This high quality chess computer is very easy to use and pretty challenging. It offers 64 playing levels that include the following: tournament, normal, fun, speed chess, training and also problem solving. As one of the top rated table top computer available on the market, it incorporates 256 adjustable level settings. This powerful chess set is perfect for players with different skills, helping them learn the game. It combines a wide range of features, setup options and playing modes.



Excalibur Electronic 740D Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set


Are you looking for the best electronic computer chess board in 2022? If you are then choose Excalibur Electronic 740D Phantom Force. This beautiful chess set is the ultimate opponent. It can play the role of teacher and challenging opponent that simply drives you mad. You should also know that the chess set has special pieces, which can be moved with ease anywhere around the board. It talks to you and in Spanish, French and English! This chess set offers 2 play modes from which you can choose: play against the computer or simply watch it play all alone.