Top rated Electronic computer chess boards in 2020


There are thousands of Americans that love to play chess and expand their skill set, during every moment of the game. As you probably already observed, the market is more than generous when it comes to chess boards. Recent statistics pointed out that electronic computer chess boards are in high demand today. Men love this type of game environment, adding a bit of technology in their hands. Consult with attention the best electronic computer chess board reviews, written down by pro users in order to find the most efficient model. Once properly informed, you will surely invest in the right product!


Excalibur Electronic 911E-2 Kingmaster II Chess computer


Best Electronic computer chess board reviewsFun, excitement will be present whenever you start playing chess on Excalibur Electronic 911E-2 Kingmaster II chess computer. This superb computer can help you enjoy two games: chess and checkers. As one of the best electronic computer chess board in 2020, this advanced magnetic sensory board is very easy to use. You have the possibility to save different games in the built-in memory. Furthermore it includes LCD window where you can see gaming data and use it to your advantage. It includes 72 levels chess and 16 levels checkers in order to challenge different players and give them the chance to win games.



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Mad Catz Saitek Mephisto Master Chess computer


According to the present best electronic computer chess board reviews it seems that you can opt for Mad Catz, Saitek Mephisto Master chess computer. This high quality chess computer is very easy to use and pretty challenging. It offers 64 playing levels that include the following: tournament, normal, fun, speed chess, training and also problem solving. As one of the top rated table top computer available on the market, it incorporates 256 adjustable level settings. This powerful chess set is perfect for players with different skills, helping them learn the game. It combines a wide range of features, setup options and playing modes.



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Novag Citrine Chess computer


One of the top rated electronic computer chess board in 2020 comes from Novag, Citrine Chess computer. This beautiful chess computer includes advanced auto-sensory functions, which helps you play the game better. It includes handcrafted golden rosewood and boxwood chessmen which add style to every moment of your game. It has 64 different playing strengths and large library of openings which can improve your skill set. One thing is more than obvious: your game will significantly improve! The board comes with four lights present on each square, letting you play better and with more delight. As some players put it, Citrine adds a touch of elegance to every chess session.



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Excalibur Electronic 740D Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set


Are you looking for the best electronic computer chess board in 2020? If you are then choose Excalibur Electronic 740D Phantom Force. This beautiful chess set is the ultimate opponent. It can play the role of teacher and challenging opponent that simply drives you mad. You should also know that the chess set has special pieces, which can be moved with ease anywhere around the board. It talks to you and in Spanish, French and English! This chess set offers 2 play modes from which you can choose: play against the computer or simply watch it play all alone.



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Einstein Electronic Chess Wizard


If you love chess, then you understand the importance of a great board by your side. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use with confidence Einstein Electronic Chess Wizard. Why? Well, this superb chess set is a great addition to players, irrespective of their skill level. You can use it to play against a friend or the computer. It uses an advanced teaching model which is great for beginners. You should also know that chess Wizard comes with 120 power levels that resemble competitive players. The chess is perfect for players of all ages. Love for the game is embedded in every inch of the chess board.



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