How to Buy a Realiable Electric Wheelchair


Choosing the perfect electric wheelchair can easily transform into a nightmare. With so many models, options and extras available, it can be quite easy to get lost in details and completely forget about what is most important. Getting the proper information before making any decision is essential. Each new relevant piece of info you can get will make you more knowledgeable. Keep reading this article and you will save time and money on your next electric wheelchair purchase.

A. Electric Wheelchair

Maximum supported weight

The most important aspect to look for when shopping for a new electric wheelchair is the maximum supported weight. This value represents the maximum weight capacity that it can carry around safely. Some people tend to ignore this value only to find out later that the wheelchair will not support their weight. The best electric wheelchair reviews give better ratings depending on the wheelchair carry weight capacity. Keep in mind to choose an electric wheelchair that has a good weight capacity and is able to carry the person who needs it.


Driving range

The driving range is extremely important as well. This is the maximum range that you can count on the electric wheelchair to work with its full load. Depending on the battery life, the engine power and the total weight this range can be more or less than desired. As with the weight capacity, the driving range is also rated first by all the best electric wheelchair reviews. Look for an electric wheelchair with a good driving range and a powerful battery pack, and remember to always charge your battery before leaving your home.


Size and portability

In order to get around tight corners and corridors, to cross small doorframes and to keep moving all the time, the electric wheelchair must be small and nimble. Search for a wheelchair large enough to be comfortable, yet compact enough to go around without getting stuck. When it comes to portability, you must remember that you will have to store it and carry it around in your car trunk, so it must occupy a small storage space. Most best electric wheelchair reviews give extra high marks to any wheelchair that folds easily and it fits inside a regular car trunk.


Top Rated Electric Wheelchairs in 2018


While keeping in mind all these important traits, we got ourselves busy and looked for the best electric wheelchairs money can buy today. We found three models that rank best on their class. Each of them makes a perfect pick for anyone who wants to get a new modern electric wheelchair.


Smart Chair – Electric Wheelchair


1. Smart Chair - Electric WheelchairStop looking for the most versatile, compact and lightweight electric wheelchair. You just found it right now! The Smart Chair electric wheelchair is the perfect choice for anyone who values their mobility above all. With its light and durable frame, simple to fold and store, easy to fit inside a car trunk and extremely simple to use, this electric wheelchair is rightfully called the best electric wheelchair 2018.

Weighing only 50 pounds (battery included), this electric wheelchair is designed for comfort and mobility. Without the need of any additional accessory, the Smart Chair electric wheelchair can fold perfectly with ease. Its small folded frame can be stored inside any kind of transportation system, from your common car to an airplane, with extra room to spare.

When it comes to mobility on the move, this electric wheelchair earns top ratings with its extremely small turn radius of less than 32”. Capable of climbing 12 degree upward ramps and driving for nine miles without a recharge, this wheelchair is both nimble and fast.

With its eco-friendly battery pack will be fully charged in only 5 hours from zero to max, you will always have it ready to go at first hour of the morning. Simple to operate, compact, and extremely versatile, this electric wheelchair is a consumer favorite and our top pick.

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Original Foldawheel PW-999UL


2. Original Foldawheel PW-999ULFeaturing one of the most innovative and modern designs, this electric wheelchair is praised by all of the best electric wheelchair reviews and users alike. Sturdy, smart and compact, the Original Foldawheel PW-999UL is a dream come true for anyone looking for the best mobility device on the market.

Created to perform, this electric wheelchair goes with you everywhere you need it to. With only 45lbs total weight, including its battery pack, and an extremely compact folding design, the Foldawheel PW-999U is a perfect choice for people that want to go places whether by car, train or plane. With its included Easy-to-Detach Push Handle and Travel Bag, carrying it around is as simple as it can be.

With a wide base and large rubber coated wheels, this electric wheelchair is extremely stable, offering a smooth and comfortable ride. Using its own high power Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion Cells, the Foldawheel PW-999U is capable of a 8 mile straight run on a single battery. Using its patented modular battery pack design it can work with two batteries effectively doubling its range to 16 miles.

Sturdy, compact, and sporting perfect riding characteristics, the Original Foldawheel PW-999UL is a perfect choice. Praised by all its owners and even called the best electric wheelchair 2018, this electric wheelchair is a great purchase.

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IMC Heartway Rumba HP4


3. IMC Heartway Rumba HP4Known for its extreme comfort, this electric wheelchair is a great choice for anyone who desires the best and the most comfortable ride possible. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, versatile and safe, the Heartway Rumba HP4 is one of the top rated electric wheelchairs 2018, earning top rates for comfort, mobility and safety.

With its impressive 4600rpm engine and its twin 12v power pack this electric wheelchair is unstoppable. This electric wheelchair is an all-around helper, keeping you on the move and active wherever you need it. Extremely strong and durable, this electric wheelchair is not afraid to go where other wheelchairs can only dream. You can use it with confidence in your home, your backyard or on the sidewalk.

Renowned for its comfort and ride quality, the Heartway Rumba HP4 features one of the most ergonomically designed rotating seat you will ever sit on. Created to deliver the maximum amount of comfort during travel, the seat can rotate and fold with ease. Added comfort is delivered by its extra headrest support.

If you are thinking of getting the most comfortable electric wheelchair possible, you may want to take a closer look at the Heartway Rumba HP4. Designed with comfort in mind, created from the most durable materials possible and using a powerful electric engine and durable batteries, this electric wheelchair is a must have.

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