Professional Buying Guide for Electric Sweepers


An electric sweeper, also known as an electric broom, provides an effective alternative to vacuum cleaners by allowing you to perform routine cleaning jobs with less effort. You can also use them for quick cleaning jobs in between your regular vacuuming. Since they are cordless devices that run on rechargeable batteries, you can easily use them to clean areas that you otherwise might not be able to reach if you were hampered by an electric cord. In addition, they are versatile enough to clean virtually all types of floors, although some models may not be appropriate for hardwood floors.

However, before you buy an electric sweeper, it is important that you do your homework to ensure that the one you buy really meets your requirements. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and effort since you will have to return the cleaner and start your search again. Here are some of the features to consider:

Best Electric Sweeper

Battery capacity

Since the electric sweeper runs on a rechargeable battery, it is important that you find one that can not only run a long time when fully charged, but also does not take a long time to recharge. If you can find a model that has an external battery, so much the better since it lets you swap batteries when one is depowered; that way, you get to use it for cleaning longer.


Suction power

Electric brooms only clean using suction power since they don’t have brushrolls; thus, it is important that the cleaner you buy have an engine that generates enough power to sweep dirt from hardwood floors. The electric sweeper that you use should have a minimum wattage of 1,000 watts.


Collection canister

Although electric sweepers don’t have bags like vacuum cleaners, they still use collection containers to collect dirt. In order to ensure that you can clean for a longer time before you have to empty the container, look for one that has a capacity of at least one liter.



Although electric brooms are designed to be lightweight, there are still weight differences between models. if you have mobility restrictions, you should look for the lightest model.


Top Rated Electric Sweepers in 2022


Now that you know what features to look for when you are buying an electric sweeper, you can start to shop for the particular model that best meets your needs. However, if you still can’t find one that you like, take a look at our recommendations for the best electric sweeper.


Bissell 28806


1.Bissell 28806The Bissell 28806 has earned some of the best electric sweeper reviews from users since it effectively cleans all sorts of floor surfaces, including carpets and area rugs where vacuum cleaners may not be appropriate to use. Users have said that it substantially cuts down on their cleaning time, compared with vacuums. The slim profile and light weight of the Bissell 28806 makes it easier to store or to keep in a corner where it will be accessible without getting in the way of the people in the household.

It features a slim rotating brush head that sweeps up dirt from floors and carpets with minimum effort. The square design of the brush head features edge brushes that easily clean corners and baseboards and is slim enough to vacuum underneath carpets to reach the floor. It weighs just four pounds and is slim and maneuverable enough to fit into tight spaces. The dirt is suctioned up into a removable top-loading dirt container above the brush head for later disposal. When fully charged, the Bissell 28806 gives you up to an hour of cleaning time, more than enough to take care of most routine cleaning jobs, and has an engine with some 7 watts of power.

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OnTel Swivel Sweeper Max


2.OnTel Swivel Sweeper MaxThe Swivel Sweeper Max is one of the best electric sweeper 2022 models, according to user reviews which highlighted the electric sweeper’s simplicity. It is a basic electric broom which emphasizes the ability to perform basic cleaning tasks well over any fancy features. It is effective in picking up virtually any type of dirt or debris from floors and carpets. It is also the ideal choice for older users who suffer from arthritis or other medical conditions that hamper their mobility since it is very light (weighs just 2 pounds) and is easy to maneuver.

The sweeper has a rectangular head that features Four Quad-Brush technology that swivels 360-degrees and revolves at 4000 rpm, allowing it to clean up dirt on all four sides. The 7.2 volt battery is removable, allowing you to extend cleaning time by swapping a depleted battery with a fresh one, and the motor is 33% more powerful than previous models. The low profile of the head allows the sweeper to easily reach under furniture and other tight spaces and the brush bristles can be removed for easy cleaning. Its combination of affordability and cleaning power has earned it some of the best electric sweeper reviews from satisfied users.

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Shark V2930


3.Shark V2930The Shark V2930 is one of the top rated electric sweepers 2022 since it combines affordability with superior cleaning functionality. Although it is a ‘no-frills’ electric broom without any bells and whistles, user reviews have ranked it very highly for its ability to handle most daily light cleaning jobs. They said it was more convenient than always having to use the vacuum, which they brought out only for heavy cleaning jobs. It cleans most types of floor surfaces, including carpets and hard floors.

The V2930 features the exclusive Backsaver handle which folds in the middle to allow you to reach underneath furniture and other tight spaces so you won’t strain your back. The electric broom weighs just 4 pounds which, combined with the Backsaver handle, makes it a good choice for older users as well as people with back problems since it requires less effort to maneuver and perform cleaning jobs. The 10-inch motorized brush head sweeps most debris into a dust cup for later disposal. It also operates relatively quietly compared with vacuums, which allows you to use it without bothering others in the vicinity. It runs off a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery which has a voltage of 4.8V.

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