Top electric steam sterilizers in 2019


Taking care of a child’s feeding instruments is very important. Due to the baby’s vulnerable immune system during the first 12 months, parents need to maintain bottles, nipples, cups breast pumps and many other accessories clean and without germs. This is where professional steam sterilizers come in handy, keeping all baby related products clean and optimal for use. Since the market on sterilizers is so generous, we tested with attention over 30 products already used by thousands of American parents. After one week and countless test results, we drafted the best electric steam sterilizer reviews which any mom or dad can use to find the right product.


Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer


Best electric steam sterilizer reviewsResponsible parents should invest a bit more of their time in learning about Philips Avent Electric steam sterilizer. This powerful 3-in-1 classic sterilizer uses steam in order safely eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs from baby products. The device has enough space to hold 6 classic bottles. Furthermore the steam sterilizer has a fast 6-minute cycle which sterilizes breast pumps, cups, nipples and bottles. This particular sterilizer is used in hospitals and private nurseries. The device will eliminate most of the common household germs. Made of BPA-free materials this powerful steam sterilizer is backed by an exclusive 2-year warranty!

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TommeeTippee Electric Steam Sterilizer


The current best electric steam sterilizer reviews underline the high efficiency of TommeeTipee Electric device. This powerful sterilizer works fast and without causing too much noise. It can effortlessly clean different types of feeding accessories and make them safe. This electric sterilizer uses a unique sterilizing system which precisely kills 99.9% of household germs. It doesn’t use chemicals! Parents love this powerful sterilizer for its cleaning efficiency. Furthermore the product has a unique space saving design which makes it fairly easy for parents to store and clean baby feeding accessories. In only 5 minutes this steam sterilizer will be able to sterilize up to 6 bottles.

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The First Years Babypro Sterilizer


A top rated electric steam sterilizer in 2019 was released by The First Years, the Babypro sterilizer. Designed to offer parents a safe way to keep baby products sterile and free of germs, this sterilizer is a great addition to any home. It can be used to kill bacteria small toys, pacifiers and classic style bottles. The sterilizer has a unique design which safely directs stem into bottles or baby feeding products for a precise sterilization process. With this device any parent can safely keep bottles safe to use. The sterilizer uses a safe drying rack, which ensures fast cleaning once the process is over.

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Munchkin Steam Guard Electric sterilizer


For responsible parents finding the best electric steam sterilizer in 2019 ensure that the little one won’t have to deal with germs or household bacteria. We recommend Munchkin Steam Guard Electric sterilizer because of its smooth functionality and quality results. The device can be used to safely sterilize up to 9 bottles and other accessories. It has a user friendly interface which means fast results with no fuss whatsoever. In addition, the device will shut off when the sterilization process is complete. It takes 6 minutes for the advanced sterilizer to clean different bottles and baby products without any problems.

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Dr. Brown’s Electric Steam Sterilizer


When it comes to efficient steam sterilizers, Dr. Brown’s products always managed to impress. One of the best electric steam sterilizer in 2019 from the brand is the Deluxe steam sterilizer. This powerful device has an efficient steam sterilization system which cleans up to 6 bottles in only 12 minutes. It has a user-friendly interface which allows parents to quickly sterilize bottles and baby products. The steam sterilizer includes a removable basket which holds the bottles in check. Furthermore it features a reliable accessory tray that can hold breast pump parts, pacifiers and also nipples. The steam sterilizer is a great addition to any young American family!

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