Top rated smokers in 2019


Family barbecues are a wonderful time that you share with your loved ones and also a good time to have a proper meal in the best company possible. More and more around the US, except the customary grilled food, you can also find steamed meat, with its amazing taste. That is why electric smokers are becoming more popular these days. In case you want to purchase one, the next suggestions are the best money can buy.


Professional buying guide on electric smokers


When it comes to culinary treats, which one of us can pass a delicious dish of smoked goods? From smoked trout, salmon, stakes, hamburgers or vegetables, people have their fill with weekly delights. If you want to prepare delicious smoked food, you need to use a high quality electric smoker. Since there are so many available on the market finding the right one may prove to be quite a challenge if you are not properly informed. In order to ease up the selection process, our agents started to analyse each of the top rated electric smokers. After going through over 50 products in two weeks’ notice, our specialists drafted the best electric smokers reviews. Once you consult professional information, you will be able to understand better what to look for in an electric smoker.

Electric smokers are very convenient. Now, that is an understatement since people praise the utility and cooking performance of smokers. These cooking instruments don’t have lighting charcoal or need for fuel supply. Furthermore electric smokers don’t leave behind a lot of mess after each cooking project. You can use such cooking appliances in order to prepare smoky, tender and juicy meals, ideal to share with friends and family members. The smokers require only four ounces of wood to give your meals a touch of smoky flavours. Due to their well-insulated and sturdy construction, electric smokers can be used during winter time. As so many pointed out, you will be able to prepare delicious fish, sausages, bacon, cheese, nuts and even peppers. With one of the best electric smokers in 2019 your kitchen will be a source of delicious treats, worth serving on special occasions.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Material Price Power source Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Weber 721001 Smokey

Steel $$$ Charcoal 21 x 41 x 19 inches A+ AMAZON

Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain

Porcelain-Enameled Steel $$$ Charcoal 18.9 x 18.9 x 41 inches A AMAZON

Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker

Polished Stainless Steel $$$$ Electric 14 x 31 x 14 inches B+ AMAZON

Masterbuilt 20070411

Power Coated $$$ Electric 18.5 x 33 x 19.5 inches B AMAZON

Masterbuilt 20070910

Steel $$ Electric 20 x 33.5 x 17 inches C+ AMAZON


There are advantages and disadvantages of using electric smokers. It is true that such devices are convenient and can quickly prepare anything out of meat or vegetables. Still, our agents noticed that they are inferior in offering that smoked flavour than gas or charcoal grills. Smokers can accommodate the needs of families that don’t have access to outdoor room where grills reign supreme. People living in apartments are not allowed to use gas or charcoal grills because such devices are considered to be fire hazards. This is where electric smokers substitute them pretty well. Electric smokers are fairly easy to use and in the right hands can become a source of tasty dishes.

Now, while browsing through the best electric smokers in 2019 may be tiresome, you need to invest a bit of your time in finding the right product for your kitchen. You have to stay clear of inexpensive smokers which will break within a month of use. The possibilities vary in price and cooking functions, but with attention you will be able to find a professional smoker.  Be sure to choose an electric smoker with a heating element higher than 750 watts. Another positive trait of purchasing an electric smoker is low energy consumption. Most of the best smokers are Energy Star rated so you won’t have to pay a lot of money when electric bills arrive at the end of each month!


Weber 721001 Smokey Smoker


A very popular option for houses all over the US is the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker which is also considered by many to be one of the top smokers in 2019. It has enough room inside so you can smoke more than enough food for a large family cook-out. It is made only by the finest materials, the main body being built out of porcelain-enameled steel. My favorite thing about it is that it is based on charcoal and the meat has an unique taste after you smoke it inside the Smokey Mountain.



Get authentic smokehouse flavor right in the home with an exceptional charcoal smoker chosen many times as the best electric smoker under 300

Large capacity allows smoke cooking of an entire ham or a whole turkey so it’s always a holiday at home

Constructed with porcelain-enameled steel for added durability so the family can feast on lots of smoke-cooked meats regularly

Nylon handle is heat resistant so using the product at home is always a safe proposition



Grate tabs would work better if they were longer, but that is not a huge issue

Lid holders would keep the lid free from contamination so user doesn’t have to put the lid down while cooking


 I bought the Weber Smokey Smoker 3 years ago and I am proud to say that it is still functional at this moment. The product is very effective especially in smoking meats. It uses charcoals in smoking. The taste of the best is at its best and unlike no other. Tis product is very unique.” Bernice Cole


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Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain Smoker


The Weber 2820 is a truly amazing piece of engineering which lets you do the most tastiest smoked meals. Only the best materials possible go into its construction from premium grade steel to procelain enamel, traits that impressed me very much. A spacious inside lets you do a large quantity of meat in one go, to satisfy all your guests. The best smoker reviews are very satisfied with its performances.



Helps people enjoy genuine slow-cooked barbecue while packing all that smokehouse flavor in

Porcelain enamel coating on the lid and bowl ensures that the unit stays resistant to corrosion so the family will always be able to enjoy charcoal-smoked feasts whenever

Pair of 18 ½-inch wide cooking grates are nickel-plated for extra strength to accommodate a full ham or an entire turkey so it’s always Thanksgiving

Water pans are porcelain enameled for rust-free performance while keeping meats juicy and moist



Provided cover is not waterproof, which necessitates taking the smoker in after use

No second thermometer to test doneness but several users do not think that’s a big issue


I am satisfied with the efficiency of the Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain Smoker. This smoker is very easy to sue. It has controls that are easy to understand. The product is much of what I wanted. I never think of a product like this. I was really amazed that there is an electric smoker like this.” Lashaun Kilgore


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Bradley Digital Electric Smoker


A smoker that has large space inside for all the meat you need for a family sized meal is the Bradlay Digital Smoker. The controls are digital and will prove very easy to master so the meat turns out just the way you like it. I was able to cook the most delicious smoked meat based foods with it and I got a lot of thumbs up for them. You also can choose from the two known smoking methods, the cold smoke one or the hot one.



Superbly-designed outdoor barbecue smoker enables users to prepare smoke-flavored and cooked meals that the whole family can share including fish, pork, chicken and meat

Has 4 cooking racks inside so meats are separated while being deliciously smoked inside

Great option when entertaining and creating gourmet foods on an open pit are just not possible

Provides full digital control on smoke production, time and temperature so the user can devote more time socializing with and entertaining guests



Temperature can rise rapidly so user has to regularly monitor what’s cooking inside

Temperature can drop quickly when smoke tower door is opened so digital controls need to be precisely set


Everybody is impressed with my steamed meat. They don’t know I have the most reliable Bradley Digital Electric Smoker as my secret weapon. It wasn’t expensive, actually it was quite cheap for a electric smoker, under $400. What is the best model in 2019 is no longer an enigma for me, it’s surely this one from Bradley. ” Mary Mitchell


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Masterbuilt 20070411 Electric Smoker


The best electric smoker reviews have formed a very high opinion about the Masterbuilt Electric smoker and for good reasons as well, the flavor of the different kind of meats you put in it is simply brillinat. It even comes with a digital remote control so you operate it very easily and with no effort at all. The viewing window is my favorite feature because you can see at all times what is going on inside and get the best results.



Remote control functionality with belt clip allows user to turn the unit on and off or set temperature even when they are 100 feet away so socializing while cooking is not a problem

Pushbutton digital control panel comes with a convenient 24-hour timer with auto-shutoff feature so food does not dry out

Cooking results are satisfactory thanks to this best electric smoker under 300 ’s capability to give thermostatically-controlled heat ranging between 100OF and 275O F

Fully insulated smoker body and rubber-sealed door ensure that heat loss and smoke don’t get significantly reduced while cooking



Unit works more efficiently when it is not too loaded, for perfect results every time

Maximum temperature may not be enough for meats that require higher cooking heat


I like the small window of this Masterbuilt smoker which lets me have a clear view of what’s happening inside. I bought from Amazon with a Black Friday discount which made it very affordable as you can imagine. The tasty smoked meat which I can do whenever I feel like it, makes me think I’ve made a great choice.” Robert Jackson


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Masterbuilt 20070910 Smoker


Best electric smoker reviewsThe Masterbuilt 20070910 can offer you the best tasting smoked meat you can possibly have if you decide to purchase it for your home use. There is plenty of room inside, having 4 smoking racks so you can smoke meat for the whole family. It is insulated as well so while it works it is energy efficient and doesn`t make your bills unbearable. These features and more make it one of the top electric smokers in 2019.



Intuitive pushbutton digital control panel consists of temperature setting controls from 100OF to 275O F, remaining constant for reliable smoked-cooking results

No overcooking and drying out of food thanks to the 24-hour timer and thermostatically-controllable heat

Inside of unit is spacious, with four smoking racks that provide enough room for preparing smoked food items

Removable water pan allows addition of beverage, vinegar or juice to add that extra spice and kick to the smoked food



Heating elements may have to be added when unit is filled to capacity, to enable more efficient cooking

Unit has to be directly plugged into an outlet for consistent performance


If you are looking for the best electric smoker then I believe that you have to purchase the Masterbuilt 20070910 Smoker. I did, for Christmas and it made our family dinner that much pleasant. The space inside is enough for a large quantity of meat, it’s easy to use the controls, all in all a great electric smoker.” Clinton Schultheis


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