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One of the most important and stylish thing in any men’s life is shaving. Now, men prefer electric shavers more than ever since they provide more durability, cutting-edge technology and stylish shaving in the shortest amount of time. Now, we will present our review on best electric shavers under $75. If you want something else, you can also read our best Philips electric shavers reviews.


Panasonic ES8103S Electric Shaver


Best electric shaver under $75This electric shaver has sharp nanotech blades which make it different from other shavers and you can get more stunning trimming experience from using this shaver. The blades have an arced foil which will give you a close and touchable shave. You can also adjust the pivoting head with constant shaving using 13,000 RPM motor. There are also two modes for clearer shaving. One is wet for inside the shower and the other one is dry shaving outside the shower. You can also turbo charge it up to 17,000 RPM.

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“My skin can’t bear the razor blade so I had to settle for an electric shaver. I read some reviews and because they were so positive towards the Panasonic ES8103S, I decided I had to get it. It shaves my beard perfecty so I’m very happy with its performances.” Sam Gooding


Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Shaver


All your shaving needs can be fitted in this small package shaver. This is a travel shaver from Panasonic which gives you all the functionalities you need to get the best shaving experience when you’re out of town. It has the motor speed of 8,500 RPM. You can get a smooth shaving as well as brushing. This shaver can be of your help when it comes to shaving dry or wet as it supports both of them and you can shave quite comfortably.

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“Whenever I have to travel because of my work I always take the Panasonic ES3831K with me. Even when I’m in a hurry I manage to shave with it quickly and effectively so I am never late because of it to any meeting. I recommend it as the perfect travel companion.” Richard Armstrong


Panasonic ESRT51S Electric Shaver


This is another nanotech enabled 3-blade product from Panasonic which offers the most comprehensive shaving experience with 30 degree inner blades for the sharpest shaving possible. It has a flexible pivoting head which prevents cuts. The liquid crystal display will show its RPM and charge. This shaver also has the functionality to shave in both wet and dry conditions. The motors of this shaver will be running at 10,000 RPM and cutting the long thick beard will become none of your problems.

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“I don’t think there is a better shaver in this price range than the Panasonic ESRT51S. For me it works perfectly, making my beard disapear in mere minutes. I like also its design and the fact that its display shows everything I need to know about it, like for example if it is charged or not.” Matthew Robbins


Braun 340S4 Electric Shaver


It offers you 30% less skin irritation than rotary systems and it has built-in skin conditioners. It provides 2 years warranty with 100% precision rate of cutting long hair and designing your moustache or beard. This shaver is 100% waterproof, fully washable and recharge too. It can be used for both wet/dry conditions. It has senso-foil technology for close shave and the triple action cutting system cuts the long hair quite comfortably. It costs around $70-75 and this is the best product from Braun.

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“I find this shaver to be precise and simple to use, for me being nothing short than perfect. I must add also that it is so so cheap, so I couldn’t think of any reason why I shoudn’t buy it. I can even use it if my beard is wet or dry. Overall it is a great shaver!” Bryan Collins


Braun Mobile M90 Electric Shaver


This is another portable electric shaver which fits our list. It has a wide floating foil for more comfortable and close shaving. The precision-trimmer of this shaver helps to cut the side burns carefully. It has a twist Cap which protects the foil when it’s closed. It has rechargeable batteries but they are AA size. It’s easily washable. For closer, comfortable shaving experience on the go, or on a travel, consider buying this small shaver. We hope that you’ve liked our review on best electric shavers under $75. Don’t forget to tell us which once fits you best.

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“This shaver has a very compact size, making it very easy for me to take with me wherever I go. I have no complains to make about it functionality, my beard looking great after I shave it with this small machine. An on top of all that I didn’t spend to much in order to buy it.” Bill Wilson