Electric Shavers – What to Look For:


Throughout history, men have practiced the art of shaving the hair from their faces. While many men prefer using a tradition razor, the electric razor is considered to be one of the most popular ways men like to rid their faces (and heads) of unwanted hair. These electric razors are convenient and don’t even require the use of shave cream or gel.

With so many different electric shavers available on the market, it may be a little confusing trying to decide who makes the best electric shaver. While we cannot tell you what is the best option, we can offer you some useful information that may help you make that decision for yourself.


Type of Razor

There are two different styles of electric razors available on the market—foil and rotary.

Foil razors are made of a thin curved metal foil that covers the blade. The blade moves back and forth under the metal foil, cutting the stubble that pokes through the numerous holes in the foil. The shaver may have up to three rows of foils, thus providing you with a closer shave.

Rotary razors have three or four circular heads cover the blades. As the circular head spins, the blades cut the hair as you move the shaver along the contours of your face.

Keep in mind that these shavers provide similar results while shaving, although many say that foil razors provide a closer shave.

Skin Type

When you are choosing what is the best electric shaver for you, you will want to think about your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to find a shaver that is specially constructed for this particular skin type. We recommend that you give your skin a few weeks to adjust to the electric shaver because the change could irritate your skin.

How is it powered

If you travel a lot, you may want to look at a shaver that uses batteries instead of a power cord. By choosing a cordless shaver, you have the ability to shave anywhere, even at the office if need be! Some cordless shavers use rechargeable batteries, which is a nice feature as it will save you money in the long run.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Head Type Price Trimmer Both wet/dry shaving Customer Rating Where to buy

Braun Series 7 790cc

Adaptive Shaving Head $$$$ Precision Long Hair Trimmer No A+ AMAZON

Panasonic ES8243A

Flexible Pivoting Head $$$ Pop-up Trimmer Wet/Dry A AMAZON

Panasonic ES8103S

Flexible Pivoting Head $$ Pop-up Trimmer Wet/Dry B+ AMAZON

Philips Norelco AT810

Flexing Head $$ Pop-up Trimmer Wet/Dry B AMAZON

Panasonic ES3831K

Floating Head $ No Wet/Dry B+ AMAZON


By choosing the highest rated electric shaver, you can be assured that you will be getting a close shave without nicks and cuts. If you choose a cordless shaver, you can even shave away the 5 o’clock stubble while sitting in morning traffic!


How to choose a good electric shaver


electricshaveFor work, a man must always look sharp and this means to be freshly shaved every morning. Some men can’t stand shaving with a classic razor because it irritates their facial skin.  Many of them opt for an electric shaver which has a lot of advantages over the traditional razor. To know which models are the best, some features need to be taken into account. This way you won’t have any trouble picking out the best electric shaver in 2022. The multitude of models, can make reaching a decision a bit harder. Our buying guide will show you exactly what to look for.

From the start, you will be faced with 2 choices: get yourself a foil shaver or a rotary one. They have pretty similar performance ratings, only with slight differences. We will shortly present them, so the pros and cons of each one are clearly understood. The rotary model has multiple heads that will smoothly run across your face and cut down any excess facial hair. Their main advantage is that they are very quiet and easy to maintain or clean. Moving over to the foil shavers, they have cutters on their floating heads, which will glide over your face and cut facial hair down to size. These models perform slightly better in this area than a rotary shaver.

Reputable websites reviews were read by our team, to identify key features which make an electric shaver reliable. Take into consideration the conclusions of this buying guide for that perfect shave every morning.


Best Electric Shaver for Head


Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver Wet/Dry


If you are looking for one of the best electric shavers for your head, the Panasonic Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver may exceed your expectations. The 14,000 CPM fast linear motor drive system with a multi-flex pivoting head features a 4-blade cutting system with nano blades that can pivot to 30 degrees. The sharp blades of this electric razor can be used either wet or dry—both options giving you an exceptionally close shave. When you are finished shaving, the sonic vibration cleaning mode allows for quick and easy clean up. When the shaver is not in use, the lock button will prevent the device from turning on while it is stored in the travel pouch.

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Here are some features which can be applied for both types of shavers. Firstly, the battery and its charger. A reliable battery should in average manage to last you between 6 to 8 shaves. Of course, there are models fitted with batteries that will last for more than 10 shaves, but they do cost a bit more than a standard model, which should be between $60 and $80. The battery charger on the other hand should charge the battery in to 6-7 hours. Also look for a shaver with a LED light, which will be switched on when the battery is low on power. This way your shaver won’t run out of battery, while you are in the middle of shaving.


Best Electric Shaver for Black Men


Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper


This electric shaver is designed especially for black men as it provides comfort for sensitive skin and reduces irritation or nicks. This product is considered to be one of the best electric shavers for black men because it uses the patented Dynaflex technology which makes it easy to glide the shaver along the contours of the face and head. The sharp shaver provides you with a clean and close shave without leaving any bumps or cuts. The shaver features hypoallergenic foils that offer antimicrobial protection against bacteria, making this an ideal option for those with skin that is susceptible to breakouts.

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A charger which shuts off automatically is another great advantage as well. A shaver with an optional  power cord is a great backup option for when the battery runs out. Also don’t forget to clean the shaver’s head after each shave with its cleaning brush and to sanitize it every once in a while.

Before we end this buying guide, we would also like to recommend a shaver that has the ability to trim your sideburns. For guidance look through the best electric shavers reviews and to customer reports as well. With their help you will learn about different performance rating levels of almost any model. By knowing all these different features you won’t have any problems in deciding which model is your best electric shaver in 2022.


Best Electric Shaver for Men with Sensitive Skin


Phillips 1050X/40HP Norelco Sensotouch 2D Electric Razor


The Phillips Norelco Sensotouch Electric Razor has been called one of the best electric shavers for men with sensitive skin as it  features a soft touch while giving you a smooth shave. The Gyroflex 2D contour-following system seamlessly adjusts to the unique contours of your face. The razor can tackle even the shortest stubble due to its dual precision heads. The SkinGlide shaving surface glides over your skin, leaving nothing but smooth skin and a close shave. The Aquatec Technology allows you to choose between a wet shave with foam or gel for that extra protection and a dry shave for those morning where you are pressed for time.

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Things to consider:

–          Choose between a rotary shaver and a foil one;

–          Long battery life (6-8 shaves at a time);

–          The charger should charge the battery in 6-7 hours (average);

–          Low battery alert;

–          A power cord is definitely helpful;

–          Clean the shaver with its cleaning brush and sanitize it.


Top rated electric shavers in 2022


When referring to social status and appearance, both men and women take care of everything to look good and groomed and in that attempt they want to have a hair-free body and face. So, they address the best electric shaver reviews to get the right product, according to their needs.




Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic shaver


Best electric shaver reviewsThe 790CC Pulsonic model is one of the best electric shavers among Braun series and people all over the world have given wonderful feedback over it, as it gives you the best shaving experience ever. It comes embedded with the pioneering Pulsonic technology, while users experience the micro vibrations the shaver sends that reach the profound number of 10.000, so as to detain the hair wherever they desire, completely worry-free. Moreover, there are 3 modes which help you customize your shaving preferences while the problem of dealing with flat hair that won’t get shaved is simply history, due to its Activelift feature.



Equipped with the exclusive Pulsonic technology which renders around 10.000 micro vibrations this electric shaver safely captures more hair follicles on a single glide than other models

It offers 3 personalization modes which men can access in order to benefit from a closer to reality shave, from sensitive to intensive levels

Due to its fully flexible system this electric shaver matches the face’s characteristics and ensures proper glide (gentle and pain-free)

On a single 5 minute charge the Pulsonic electric shaver runs for 50 minutes straight, which is quite convenient in busy mornings



The included travel case can be used to store the shaver but not also the charging cord

Due to the wide and bulky base this shaver takes quite a bit of space on the countertop


I use this Braun shaver every day and I am very satisfied with the way it works. I never had any trouble in the months that I have been using it. My good experience with it, makes me recommend it.”  Todd Moore


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Panasonic ES8243A electric shaver


You will surely see that all the best electric shaver reviews underline the professional and solid designs of their products. Panasonic ES8243A is model among electric shavers which stands out for its reasonable price as well as its effectiveness. It comes embedded with innovative nano-tech features, approximately 10.000rpm and 30Ο blades which enhance the shaving experience, thus allowing users to get perfect shaving results. What s more, it works perfectly on your skin, protecting its tonality and avoiding irritating sensations, leaving you perfectly groomed and hair-free without any problems or complications in between.



The best Panasonic electric shaver reviews underline the remarkable shaving experience offered by the ES8243A model, which is very popular among American men

Features 4 cutting Nanotech blades powered by a linear motor that can accelerate up to 17.000 RPM for fast shaving results in record time

Designed for wet and dry shaving this model offers men the chance to personalize the experience, taking it closer to their comfort zone

It includes a pop-up trimmer and easy to read 10-Stage LCD for proper control over the shaving results, even in hard to reach areas



Does not offer a travel lock switch but comes with a specialized travel pouch


The battery life for this Panasonic shaver is impressive in my opinion. Also, I shave my beard properly every morning before I go to work. For me this is a very reliable electric shaver.”  Henry Moody


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Panasonic ES8103S electric shaver


You can hardly find any best electric shavers deals products with the supreme features as the Panasonic ES8103S model, since it has been designed with the latest technological advancements, such as nano-technology. It comes with 30Ο Nanotech Stainless Blades, which perform excellently in both wet and dry mode and cut the hair closer to the skin than ever, without causing any sign of irritation what so ever. Never again has high tech collaborated more perfectly with efficiency than with the ES8103S model by Panasonic, leaving only completely satisfied users and a brand like Panasonic so proud of its achievements.



Regarded as the best Panasonic electric shaver 2022 the ES8103S model features 30 degree angle blades which cut hair follicles with accuracy

Offering wet and dry shaving possibilities this 3-blade shaving system includes a flexible pivoting head which gently glides over the face’s contour for smooth and gentle action

Weighing only 7.1 ounces this high quality electric shaver significantly improves shaving results

The hypoallergenic cutting blades are powered by fast linear motor drive which delivers 13.000 cycles per minute which ensure a close and smooth shave



Does not come with an automatic cleaning system but users can opt for specialized brushes which get the job done fast

It can be pretty noisy at times but no more than other models


The Panasonic ES8103S with  its nanotech blades really make a difference. The results don’t even compare with those of my last shaver. In conlusion, I am very pleased with my new and affordable Panasonic shaver. Now I know which electric shaver is the best, the ES8103S.”  Norman Boggs


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Panasonic Single Blade Travel Shaver


People who have experienced using the Pro-curve travel shaver machines by Panasonic have always appreciated the performance and excellent results they had after its use. These machines have all those necessary particularities that you will need for a perfect shave, leaving all worries about irritating skin texture behind. In particular, the Panasonic Pro-Curve machine is capable of using a 78Ο, nickel-free, sanitary blade set that is enhanced by an 8.500 revolutions/minute motor speed. Moreover, the features that come embedded in the Pro Curve allow you to experience a perfect shave in wet or dry modes.



This elegant wet and dry electric shaver is the ultimate travel companion, offering users the chance to shave comfortably whenever they need with no hassle whatsoever

With a hypoallergenic single-blade design this electric shaver features a flexible floating head which matches the face’s contours and ensures proper shaving

The shaver’s blade doesn’t contain nickel while the foil is stainless steel, traits which limit the appearance of skin irritation

Weighing only 0.34 pounds and with an ergonomic design this electric shaver is fairly easy to manoeuvre in order to remove facial hair



The “AA” batteries are not included (sold separately)

It does not come with a specialized travel pouch (this accessory can be purchased separately)


The perfect shave is given to me by Panasonic Single Blade Travel Shaver. The battery life is to my satisfaction, my skin doesn’t get irritated. Frankly there is nothing I could want more from it, making me consider it as one of the best rated models on the market. My wife made a great Xmas gift which really impressed me.”  Stanley Pincus


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Panasonic WESO35P Vortex HydraClean


Being listed among the finest and most professional electric system cartridges models this year, the WESO35P by Panasonic is a perfect provider of an exceptional shaving experience and great results. It comes as fully protective over your skin, thus creating no problems of any kind, such as irritation, due to its advanced design that includes scented, hygienically processed and lubricated blades. Moreover, it is equipped with cleaning cartridges that are perfectly capable of holding up to 2 months, which makes them being considered as quite long lasting. The best thing about it, is that they never seem to lose their optimal power, regardless of the condition of the cleaning cartridge.

I got this cartridge system last month for my shaver on Black Friday and it works very well. I feel very comfortable while shaving with it and honestly I can formulate one complain. This was the best deal I could get for the money I paid for it.”  Diana Chi