Best electric razors for the money


With the ever growing technology, every field is getting affected. Shaving is no different. With the introduction of new products in shaving fields, electrical razors are dominating. These razors are easy to use and their features give comfortable shaving experience. If you need best electrical razors under $50 then here we have some products that fill all the shaving needs and have very decent prices. If you want something else, you can always check out our best Panasonic electric razors reviews.


Professional tips of inexpensive electric razors


10Every respectable man understands the importance of clean and smooth shaving. There are many shaving instruments which can offer a comfortable shaving experience. Picking the right product represents a possibility of experiencing clean shaves without the presence of pain or skin irritation. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more men use electric razors in order to get rid of facial hair follicles without having to worry about pain. These devices don’t pull hair follicles from their roots by using force. Shavers deliver precise cuts in a logicak sequence which diminish the appearance of pain. Fortunately the market on electric shavers is growing since more and more men and women want quality products, capable of delivering accurate cuts.

Taking into account that electric shavers come with different designs, cutting technologies and ergonomic formats, narrowing things down to one single product can take some time. This is why we analysed some of the best electric shavers available on the market. For each test we took into account: price, cutting precision, shaving smoothness and comfort, utility and design. Finding the best electric razors under 50 requires patience and access to trustworthy information. The current price range on electric razors goes from $50 to even $200. You need to take into account the maintenance cost, since every 4 months or so the head needs to be replaced. Each cutting head costs around $25 to $45. This is a tiny detail that you should not overlook.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Head Type Price Cordless/Corded Run Time Customer Rating Where to buy

Philips PT730

Flexing $$$ Cordless 40 min A+ AMAZON

Philips 6940LC

Floating $$ Corded No limit B+ AMAZON

Philips PT720

Flexing $$$ Corded and Cordless 40 min B+ AMAZON

Philips 6945

Flexing $$ Corded and Cordless 30 min B+ AMAZON

Remington R-4150

Flexing $$ Cordless 30 min B AMAZON


Some of the best electric razors under 50 in 2018 are already present in the hands of thousands of Americans. In order to invest in a high quality product, you need to know more about razors. Now, the market offers electric shavers with foil or rotary cutting blades. Each type of shavers comes with their positive traits. There are differences that you have to take into consideration, in order to determine which model better suits your shaving needs. Electric shavers that use foils include floating heads which safely glide over the facial contours. Foil shavers are known for their capacity to deliver close smooth shaves. Rotary electric shavers incorporate 4 or four floating heads to smoothly glide over the face contour, with special cutters that spin to cut hair follicles. According to recent statistics it appears that rotary electric shavers are very popular among men. They tend to deliver clean cuts without making too much noise.

Most of the current best electric razors under 50 in 2018 come with different power sources. There are electric razors with power cords and others without. People tend to opt for wireless electric razor because they are convenient and easy to manoeuvre. Charging a battery can take by up to 1 to 12 hours depending on its model. You should also opt for an electric razor that comes with electronic low battery warnings. There are electric razors that include power cord which keeps the device always running. In addition, you have to use a model that is easy to clean. Usually such devices include a small but efficient cleaning brush.


Philips PT730 electric razor


Best electric razors under $50

Easy to hold and use, this product is one of the best electrical razors under $50 that you must have. It is made to give you a refreshing shave, either if you use it on short or long hair. It gives you a comfortable and flexible shave while adjusting to different parts of your face. Use it with cord or not, full charge it for 8 hours and you can use it for 140 min. Also, if you need fast shave, by charging it for only 3 short minutes is enough for single shave.



Offers close and comfortable shaving as attested by countless best affordable electric razor reviews, thanks to patented DualPrecision shaving system that handles both short stubble and longer hairs with ease

Flexing heads adhere to every curve of the face and neck with amazing precision so skin iriitation and pressure are significantly minimized

Exclusive Super Lift and Cut dual-blade action on the electric razor lifts hair for accurate cutting to comfortable levels below the outer surface

Pop-up trimmer enables detailed trimming to complete facial grooming regimen, perfect for handling sideburns, mustaches, goatees and lots more



Not a wet/dry electric razor model but does its shaving job outside the shower most efficiently

If blades are not cleaned thoroughly after each use, they may need more frequent replacing


“I have been using the Philips PT730 for almost a year now and I am so pleased with the way it just makes my beard disapear. If I think that I didn’t even spend that much on it I think I have made a pretty good investment for myself.” Vince Richardson


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Philips 6940LC electric razor


Shaving with electrical razors is both easy and comfortable. This product has a reflex system that adjusts on various parts of your skin, like on your neck and curves to give a flexible and smooth shave. Its dual blades are made in a way that the first blade removes the hairs and then the second one shaves the area off. It has three heads to slide better on you face and an enhanced grip to give you more control while shaving in the hard parts of the face.



Carries exclusive Reflex Action System from Philips, which adjusts automatically to the contours of the face and neck for a close shaving experience that no disposable razor can give

Engineered with Super Lift and Cut technology that pulls hairs out for comfortable below-the-skin shaving

Easy handling provided by ergonomically- designed grip so user does not lose hold on the electric razor

Floating heads are individually aligned so the entire razor closely follows facial and neck contours for impressively smooth results



No storage case for shaver and cord, but compact design makes the unit easy to stow away

Cord ensures constant power despite being inconvenient


“This razor is solid and delivers exactly what a razor should, while having a very respectable price range. It doesn’t irritate my skin one bit and it manages to do clean cut shaves. Its shape allows me to have a very strong grip on it so that it doesn’t slip out of my hand.Frank Loyds


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Philips PT720 electric razor


This electrical razor comes with all the functions you need to have a sensitive and complete shave. Its modern 3 heads design and ergonomic shape give you a flexible shaving experience.Furthermore, it has a very easy to clean method. It is fully washable for better use each time. Carrying it with you is easy because it can be used corded or cordless. Fully charge it for longer use or charge it for 3 minutes for urgent use.



Geared with patented ComfortCut shaving system that enables the razor to glide gently across the skin for matchless precision shaving

Built with flexing heads that automatically follow the contours of the face and neck for amazingly close and comfortable shaving without skin irritation and nicks and cuts

Fully washable shaver comes with a usable cleaning brush that works really well with running water to efficiently take out collected hairs on the razor heads

Convenient dual operation, either corded or cordless, for easy portability, while three-minute quick-charge option collects adequate power in the unit for one smooth shave



Razor can get loud but this just requires the unit to be treated with some shaver spray lubricant

Comes with no trimmer for sideburns, but that attachment could push up the price of this best affordable electric razor 2018


“The Philips PT720 had managed to aid me in keeping my beard just the way I like it. I have had no problems with it at all and I have to recommend it because it does such a fine job for me, plus it was affordable too. I don’t care which electric razor is the best because I find this model to be most reliable.” Paul McAdam


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Philips 6945 electric razor


While searching for best electrical razors under $50, keep in mind that products need to come with all the features that can fit the shaving needs. This product is designed to provide a better model that firmly fits in your hand. It adjusts to all parts of your face accordingly. It has close system for a close shave with tri heads to slide easily on skin. It has Li-Ion battery which can be fully charged. It also indicates remaining battery for you to know when to charge next.



Unit offers close-cut shaving system through the revolutionary flexing heads that follow the contours of the face and neck with superior precision to give the closest, most comfortable shave ever

Has battery indicator for low or full life so user will always be able to tell when it’s time to recharge the unit

A single charge allows the unit to retain battery life longer for cordless shaving for ten days

Comes with a protective cap so the electric razor can be brought on travels safely, with worldwide voltage adjusting function from 100 to 240 volts



Comes with no trimmer attachment to give complete facial grooming, but unit can just as easily serve to trim facial hairs

Seems to run slower but flexing heads are just doing their job


“This small razor is a very reliable one which cut my beard properly. Beacause of its compact size I take it everywhere with me so I look always freshly shaved when I have an important meeting. The battery is very reliable as well and I strongly recommend getting it. I bought it around Black Friday and the discount it had on Amazon made its price under $35 ” Henry Philippe


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Remington R-4150 electric razor


Flexible shaving requires a razor that can slide through the different angles of the face. This product has long lasting and triple headed durable titanium coated blades to give you a perfect close shave. It is designed to provide an easy, fast and sensitive shaving experience. Its shape is made in a way so it can be easily held in hand and shave can be done securely. Its head can be opened by flipping to clean it with no trouble. This product is cordless; you can fully charge it in about 16 hours.



Built with state-of-the-art Pivot and Flex technology that ensures a really close and complete shave every time

Three individual-flexing heads plus the 360-degree free-pivot neck all work together to cover difficult and curved surfaces completely, including the jaw line, neck and chin

Blades are titanium-coated to ensure long-term durability and longevity

Only the unit’s screens come in contact with the face so friction and irritation are relatively lessened on the neck and face



Being a rechargeable unit, razor won’t operate off the AC outlet as it needs to be fully charged, which can be an extra safety feature.

Full beards and thick moustaches may need more attention and longer shaving


“I am very pleased with the Remington R-4150 electric razor and I have to acknowledge the fact that it is a high quality machine. I hold it securely in my hand when I shave, it cuts my beard to the last hair, so I can’t find one downside to having it. My wife got me the best Xmas present she could. I’m positive it’s one of the top 10 electric razors under 50.” Rick Andrews


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