Top rated electric pressure washers in 2018


When you are looking for the best pressure washers under $150, some of the best choices will be identified below. However, most of the models may prove to be more expensive. You should not regret spending more in these products as you can be assured that it will be equated with high quality.


AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer


Best Electric Pressure Washers Reviews   In many of the best electric pressure washers reviews published in the past, one thing that has been highlighted about this product is that it is very easy to use, as it lacks complicated buttons and controls. It is also worth noting that it has 11-amp motor, which is the primary reason on why it is able to deliver superior performance and functionality. To top it all, even in spite of its power, it does not make an annoying noise when it is being used.

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“For home use, I believe AR Blue Clean AR383 is the best electric pressure washer 2018. Nothing is complicated about its functioning and with the extra long hose I can get to any hard to reach place, even underneath my car. It does a thorough job always, removing even the most persistent pieces of dirt.” – Luke A. Reed


Karcher X-Series K 5.540 Electric Pressure Washer


The motor of this unit has a patented design that makes it able to perform in a manner that is better than others within the competition. This technology also makes it possible for the product to last for an extended period, without negatively affecting its quality. If you think that the job is tough, this product will still be able to deliver the expected performance. It comes with DirtBlaster Spray, which allows the pressure to be higher to handle tougher and more demanding jobs.

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“I have used this pressure washer from Karcher for all sorts of cleaning jobs and it has always done a great job. The design is compact and lightweight, allowing me to move it easily around from one place to the other. I can only give it a five star rating.” – Earl Botsford


Powerworks 51102 Electric Pressure Washer


With a 25-foot hose, this pressure washer will be able to clean a wide area, even if it is far from the source of power. One of the features of this product that has been liked by many people is its two soap tanks. This provides a convenient container for the soap that makes cleaning more thorough to any surface. It is also common for its users to express their satisfaction over the fact that it is very easy to maneuver, making it excellent even for big areas.

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“The best electric pressure washer reviews recommended Powerworks 51102 as a top notch model which had a very advantageous price range. I followed their advice and after using it for various cleaning tasks, I must admit, I’m quite impressed by how well it performs.” – Matt H. Baker


Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 Electric Pressure Washer


This model is equipped with 1,800 pounds per square inch, which is above the normal within the product category. This provides the machine with more than enough power to remove dirt on the surface that is being cleaned. Another thing that makes it powerful, as noted in the best electric pressure washer reviews is the turbo wand that makes it able to handle a wide array of tasks. It also has a twist nozzle that allows the unit to spray in different angles.

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“Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 pressure washer has great value for the money I’ve paid for it. The twisted nozzle is great for getting into those hard to reach places and the whole length is more than satisfactory. There is no doubt in my mind – this is a top notch pressure washer.” – Ricky Matos


AR Blue Clean AR118 Electric Pressure Washer


The extensive experience of the manufacturer in this product category can be considered as one of the reasons on why you should trust this product. A number of technologies have been developed by the manufacturer for the purpose of making it better compared to other products within the competition. It has an automatic safety valve that helps prolong the functional life of the product. It also has a detergent injector to hold soap for better cleaning performance.

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“The amount of pressure this washer is able to create is perfect for cleaning all sorts of debris. I have used it for cleaning my wheels or under my car and it has done an excellent job always. The compact design allows me to carry without any discomfort.” – Chris D. Budde