How to pick the best Electric Meat Slicer:


Deli and supermarket businesses and food service establishments make a lot of investments on their equipment. One of such investments involves getting a good electric meat slicer. The best electric meat slicer reviews are a huge help, as they can help improve the business establishment’s overall efficiency with their worthy suggestions. However, deciding on which unit to get can be a daunting challenge.

The most popular electric food slicer has a lot riding on its popularity. Such a product should be able to slice either as thinly or thickly  as possible. Entry-level slicers are fine for light-duty slicing jobs. They can handle a maximum of one or two hours of slicing work per day. Like all slicers, they are designed for simple and safe operation but generally do not offer much in the way of convenience, safety and slicing capacity. They are not made for slicing cheese.

Medium range slicers are built with more horsepower and larger blades for more constant use throughout the day than their light duty counterparts. They can handle occasional cheese slicing aside from handling deli meats and vegetables with ease.

Top-level slicers are the most reliable units in this  product category. Perfect for the various types of deli meats that are heavily bought for holidays, these premium meat slicers can be depended on for constant and heavy use. A meat slicer for Christmas should be able to deftly tackle cheese slicing smoothly, as well as slicing vegetables and deli meats safely and precisely. Designed to be efficient, premium-quality slicers are the best in the lot.

Meat slicers with high horsepower are ideal. This has to be considered in accordance to the establishment’s daily output demand. Getting a product with too low power when you have a consistently thriving business is a huge folly.

It is important to know what types of food products are to be sliced in the establishment prior to getting the best product for the money. If the business owner intends to expand their product base, it should also be taken into consideration. This is to avoid getting a unit that will be retired too early when it no longer provides the full purpose needed.

A large cutting blade handles a lot of variety in slicing work. The most common size employed in the industry is 12 inches. Top-grade and mid-range slicers can have even bigger cutting blades, from 12 inches to 14 inches. Light-duty units have blades that measure 9 or 10 inches. Choose the type that suits your needs adequately.

Electric meat slicers can be operated manually, offering greater versatility than manual slicers. Knowing how much slicing will be done is an important deciding factor for selecting between a manual slicer and an automatic slicer. Electric slicers can be convenient and much easier to use.

Get a hold of great Black Friday deals on meat slicers with gear-driven blades. They are built to be more durable than belt-driven units, despite costing more  for repair if they should break down.

Consider the right product tray/carriage size for your specific needs. This is where the highest rated product with a versatile product tray stands out. It can hold products between 7.5 inches and 12 inches in diameter. These elements are what you want your best electric meat slicer 2022 to carry.


Things to consider:

  • The right horsepower in the motor to handle your most demanding meat slicing tasks
  • A versatile food carriage or tray to handle various diameters of food products to be sliced
  • A powerful cutting blade to tackle a wide array of slicing options
  • Gear-driven blades that are durable, ensuring consistently smooth operations


Top rated Electric Meat Slicers in 2022


Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food-Slicer


Best Electric Meat Slicer ReviewsThe Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food-Slicer is the widely-accepted choice for the best electric meat slicer 2016 thanks to its cast aluminum and stainless steel construction, which ensures durability and reliable use through the years. It is a rugged yet versatile slicer that boasts of a high-torque powerful and cool-running electric motor supplemented by smooth-running gears. Slice with ease and confidence while being supported by the slicer’s tilted food carriage that also enables easy cleaning. The cantilever design provides quick and efficient slicing, with the slices sliding straight onto a large platter or food tray. Retracting fully to enable slicing of hams, extra-large roasts and other food items, the Chef’s Choice 615 offers full slicing versatility from deli-thin cuts to 1-inch slices.

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EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium-Electric Food-Slicer


The construction and components of the premium electric food slicer from EdgeCraft make it a heavy favorite in many best electric meat slicer reviews. The multi-purpose stainless steel blade, measuring 7 inches, is capable of providing a range of slicing options from deli-thin slices to 0.75-inch thick slices. It has a tilted food carriage with large capacity to hold wide food diameters easily while facilitating easy cleaning after use. The cantilever design ensures efficient and fast slicing. The components that include the thickness guide, food deflector, food pusher, food carriage and blade are easily detachable to facilitate easy cleaning. The stainless steel slicer is made more reliable thanks to its cast aluminum components that make it a durable piece of kitchen equipment.

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Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer


With its smooth-running belt-drive transmission, the Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer makes the ideal meat slicer for light duty use. It has a ten-inch blade that is powered by a reliable electric motor to slice meats into various thicknesses, varying from 0 to 10 mm depending on the set level. The meat slicer is made of anodized aluminum that ensures resilience against corrosion. The slicing carriage holds meat pieces with 8” by 7.5” diameter. It can be detached for effortless cleaning. For added safety, the meat slicer has a ring guard and built-in sharpener. Quiet operation is offered by the permanently lubricated ball bearings on the carriage. The 0.25-horsepower motor ensures the right amount of slicing power for the meat slicer.

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Waring Professional Heavy Duty Food Slicer


The Waring Professional is a heavy-duty food slicer made for easy and convenient slicing at home. Homemakers can prepare neat slices of meat, cheese and more without having to bring their food products to a slicing counter at the supermarket. No need to get in line just to have your meats, delis and cheese sliced! The slice control knob lets you control the thickness of your food slices, from 1/32 inch to 0.5 inch thick. This machine has a 130-watt internal motor, which should prove sufficient for light-duty use. It has a 7.5-inch stainless steel cutting blade to provide the precise slicing you will ever need in the home. The food carriage is detachable, facilitating easy cleaning. Non-slip operation is ensured thanks to the suction cup feet.

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Kalorik Electric Meat Slicer


The 20-watt Kalorik Electric Meat Slicer is ideal for cutting meats, bread, cheese and more. It has a 7.5-inch serrated stainless steel blade that makes short work of food slicing. A blade-locking safety device ensures safe operations every time. The thickness-control dial enables you to choose the right thickness of the slices you get, from 1/32 inches thin to 0.5 inches thick. This machine is also suitable for frozen foods, making it easy to go through food preparation. It has aluminum-alloy housing for durability and long term usage. There is even a thumb guard to help with safe use and easy handling. The non-slip rubber feet keep the unit securely on the counter. The high-quality 200-watt motor offers precise slicing power when you need it.

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