Top rated electric knife sharpeners in 2018


Knives need regular maintenance because they start to get blunt over time. No one wants a blunt knife which won’t be able to cut through anything. For this reason you need to have a knife sharpener, which will make sure you will never have to deal with a blunt knife again. To be sure which models will best suit you, sharpening your knives perfectly, you should read the best electric knife sharpeners reviews.


Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener


Best Electric knife sharpeners reviewsWith this electric knife sharpener you be able to take care of all your knives, no matter their shape and size. To sharpen a knife properly you will have to put its blade in contact with three surfaces: the diamond abrasive one, the flexible one and the abrasive stropping disk. All of them will adjust automatically to the correct angle when they are in sharpening mode. With it you will get other advantages as well, for instance the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone Professional Knife Sharpener


The top electric sharpeners reviews have pointed out the Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond is very reliable, helping you keep you knives extra sharp. It doesn’t matter which type of knife you want to sharpen because it can take care of all of them thanks to its great set of features. The diamond abrasive surface is perfect for making sure blunt knives will never be a problem for you. Precise angle control is another feature of this sharpener which you should look forward too.

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Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Station


When it comes to popularity very few knife sharpeners come close to this model. Customers buy it for good reason because it has 100% diamond abrasive surfaces. Also, it has super-hardened miniature steel, so your knives become sharper than when you first bought them. It is equipped with 4 feet, which won’t allow it to slip, providing the best stability level possible on any surface. Angle-guides make sure every type of blade can be sharpened. Many consider it to be one of the best electric sharpeners in 2018, based on how well it performs.

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Chef’s Choice 110 Professional Diamond Home Sharpener


Whether you want to sharpen a hunting or a kitchen knife, it doesn’t matter, because this sharpener has the right features for any of these jobs. The price-quality ratio for this model is superior to most of its rivals and its 3 stage sharpening process is very effective, guaranteeing that superior level of sharpness. One of its most impressive features is its Trizor-Plus edge, keeping the knife sharp for an extended period of time. The compact size makes sure you will easily find a place for storing it, until you need it again.

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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


The best electric sharpeners reviews recommend getting Presto 08810 because it comes with some excellent features, which in the end will make your knives extra sharp. This will be ensured by its 3 stage sharpening process which is professional and has excellent results. You can sharpen your hunting, sports or ordinary kitchen knives with it, getting the same sharp result. The blade guides will hold your knife’s edge in place, so the angle blade sharpening process can commence without the risk of injuries. An affordable price makes it even more attractive.

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