Top rated electric guitars in 2019


Playing electric guitar can prove to be a good hobby, especially if you are inclined into music. However, this does not mean that any electric guitar will just do. You need to choose those that are made with the highest quality, including the brands and models that have been recommended in the best electric guitars reviews.


Squier by Fender Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Guitar Set


Best Electric Guitars ReviewsAs noted in the top rated electric guitars reviews, this can prove to be a good choice basically because it already comes in one complete set with all of the things that will be needed when playing. Aside from the guitar, it also comes with different accessories such as tuner, picks, strap, and even a bag to make it easy to carry wherever you plan to play. For beginners, this will also prove to be good choice because of the instructional DVD that is included. Lastly, it is integrated with Fender Frontman 10G amp that contributes to the quality of sound output that is produced when the guitar is played.

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Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar


This is another option that can be taken into account as you evaluate the choices with the best electric guitars in 2019. One thing that makes this a great choice is that it is made with the use of high quality materials, which can be attributed as the main reason on why it plays great. It has an all-mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard. This does not only lead into having a stylish guitar, but also the opportunity to make great sound. The famous Les Paul tone can be found in this guitar, which is an added reason on why it is a better option than many other choices that are available.

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ABKCO Music & Records and Fender Beggar’s Banquet


As you read the best electric guitars reviews, you will notice that this is another model that has been given words of praises by many people in the past. It is popular because of the included items in the package, which you will surely find to be equally useful. When it comes to the way it looks, this will surely prove to be excellent as it features an album cover art that used to be prohibited for release. It also has a laser etching on the neck plate, which shows the limited edition number of the model. For sure, this is a good choice for musicians with discerning preferences.

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Silvertone SS10 Citation Guitar and Amp Package


Like the model that has been previously discussed, it also comes with the accessories that you will need. It has amplifier, tuner, picks, and gig bag, among others. More so, based on the reviews that have been shared by other people, this is also a good choice basically because of the sculpted body design that makes it convenient to play. It has a lifetime warranty, which is a demonstration of the commitment of the manufacturer towards being able to provide the highest quality and level of satisfaction to its users. Lastly, it has 20-watt power that provides reliable output as you are playing.

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Epiphone Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar


The classic Les Paul style and tone that is found in this product is perhaps one of the many reasons on why it is a popular choice amongst many people. It is designed with a humbucking pickup that will allow you to play different genres of music. This makes it an excellent choice with regards to versatility, as it is perfect for different kinds of musicians. It has a mahogany neck that makes it stylish and elegant. More so, many of the people who have used such in the past were also highly satisfied with its tough design that makes it excellent with regards to durability.

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