Top rated electric food slicers in 2018


One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen. Why? Well, it is easy to answer this question: delicious and tasty food, worthy of sharing with friends and family. Still, in order to prepare great dishes, you need certain instruments such as electric food slicers. What is the best electric food slicer, out of the many products available to the general public? You need to consult with attention some of the present best electric food slicers reviews and ultimately use the information in order to purchase a great product, suited to your daily culinary projects and needs.


What is the best electric food slicer in 2018


2Every kitchen should come equipped with a professional electric food slicer, capable of cutting meat, vegetable or fruits. With this powerful tool anyone will be able to improve cutting speed and thus save important time in the kitchen. In the last couple of years electric slicers evolved a lot, matching people’s desire to prepare food faster and easier. So, if you are looking for a brand new electric food slicer, this is the time to choose a good product. Browsing through the wide range of slicers available for purchase enables you to learn more things about efficient ways to cut food. With more information on what makes an electric food slicer tick, you will know exactly how to manoeuvre it and enjoy positive results.

Well, not everyone has the spare time to go through the best electric food slicer reviews. As a result, we took the liberty of comprising this buying guide. We did an extensive research on the subject in order to provide clear information on the structure and functions of a good food slicer. You must first determine what and how much you will slice food. For instance, there are electric slicers equipped with functions for specific food like cheese, vegetables, meats or even fruits. Now, there are slicers, designed especially for different skill sets. Entry level slicers are affordable but capable of delivering precise cuts. Still, for more skilled chefs the market offers heavy duty electric slicers. Such products are designed to handle high demanding cutting tasks. Another important thing to take into account the type of food you will most likely cut.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Blade Price Dimensions Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Chef’s Choice 632

7 inch $$$ 17.1 x 12.9 x 12.2 inch Included A+ AMAZON

Chef’s Choice 615

7 inch $$ 15 x 11 x 11 inch Included A AMAZON

Chef’s Choice Premium 610

7 inch $$ 16 x 12 x 12 inch Included B+ AMAZON

Presto PS-10

10 inch $$$$ 23 x 13 x 16 inch No B AMAZON

LEM Products 1020

10 inch $$$$ 19 x 16 x 15 inch No B AMAZON


How to choose the best electric food slicer in 2018? Well, there are many answers to this question given the multitude of recommendations from satisfied users. Some people prefer heavy duty slicers for their enhanced durability and advanced safety features. Now, some models are used to perform precise cuts, ideal to use in different dishes. Furthermore some speciality slicers are efficient in cutting pieces of prosciutto, deli meats, pastrami or salami. Experienced cooks use professional food slicers in order to thin down food, for proper cooking results. There are 3 types of food slicers: entry level, mid-tier and premium. Entry level slicers are perfect for one or two hour operations. Still, such slicers are not recommended for slicing cheese. Mid-tier electric slicers come equipped with large blades and more horsepower than the standard models.

There are cooks who consider the best electric food slicer in 2018 the premium model. Well, such products are the high end models, present in thousands of American restaurants. Most of them are designed for heavy duty and constant operations. These slicers have unique designs for more precision during each task. You should also keep a look on safety features which limit the appearance of injuries. Today’s models fall into two major categories: manual and automatic. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of people use automatic electric food slicers which make slicing food easier than ever.


In order to buy the best electric food slicer in 2018, you need to look for:

–         Blade size from 12” to 14” for everyday cutting tasks or 9” to 10” for light cuts

–         High horsepower, so you can cut through a wide range of food

–         Automatic slicers which helps you cut faster than ever even meat

–         Kickstand leg, so you will be able to clean the slicer after each use



Chef’s Choice 632 International gourmet food slicer


Best electric food slicers reviewsWhat is the best electric food slicer? Today, more and more American housewives use with confidence Chef’s Choice 632 International gourmet food slicer, a product designed to help out around the kitchen. As one of the best electric food slicers in 2018, this model has designed for daily household use, letting the user manage it in many positions. You can use it upright for slicing meats and cheeses or tilt it to 30 degrees in order to suit gravity feed components such as fruits, vegetables or bread. It comes with 100 watt condenser motor that operates with ease, in a silent stance with a 7 inch surgical stainless steel blade.



Reasonably-priced food slicer gets the job done efficiently in the kitchen, to slice food, fruits and vegetables that can then be used to prepare gourmet sandwiches and dishes

Reviewed by professional chefs who want the answer to what is the best electric food slicer, with a blade that is literally flush with the unit’s thickness control plate to ensure thinner slices

Has 14 other settings that can work perfectly for slicing breads and many other food items, to give impressive and even slicing

Built light enough to enable moving the unit around in the kitchen, with a unique “VariTilt” feature that allows gravity to handle some of the slicing work by tilting the slicer to  a 30-degree angle



Getting deli-thin slices needs some muscle work and elbow grease

Tends to slide around the counter as it does not have a suction or rubber-padded base


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Chef’s Choice 615 electric food slicer


Every kitchen needs to be equipped with professional food slicer, capable of preparing food with more precision. Most of the present best electric food slicers reviews, written by chef’s and experienced home cooks, underline the efficiency of Chef’s Choice 615, a versatile slicer that is made out of cast aluminum components and stainless steel. This advanced slicer comes equipped with a reliable multi-purpose 7-inch stainless steel blade which can slice with ease a wide range of foods, starting from deli thin to more rustic 3/4 inch thick slices. Now that is the equivalent of tasty food, don’t you think?



Offers more slicing power than the 610 model, and this can be pretty helpful for slicing of different types of meat or raw vegetables thanks to the smooth-running motor

Is sturdily and solidly built and with a small profile that will not take up too much space on the kitchen counter

Also offers adequate features that ensure effortless and safe operation, including a food pusher that moves the food along while being sliced and a carriage lock that ensures the moving parts remain stationary when the unit is not in use

Sharp, serrated blade slices an array of food items that include bread, cheese, meat and vegetables, virtually anything that can be cut with a knife



Not designed for slicing bone-in meat and poultry and hard-frozen food items


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Chef’s Choice Premium 610 food slicer


In any kitchen, the presence of high quality food slicers is more than helpful during various food projects. Preparing with greater ease different ingredients will help you gain time and eat faster. This is where a pro food slicer comes to assist. Today you should consider using without reservations Chef’s Choice Premium 610 food slicer, a kitchen instrument made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel, with a gear driven and cool running powerful motor. Furthermore the slicer includes a 7 inch multi-purpose stainless steel blade slice, ideal for any culinary idea you might have. Affordable and easy to use, this food slicer is a smart investment!



Top quality gear-driven food slicer that has been featured on forums and reviews that offer the best answer to what is the best electric food slicer

Cool-running motor runs smoothly to provide great slicing power with high torque for more cutting agility and strength

Rugged and versatile with structural components all made of rust-proof stainless steel and durable cast aluminum for a clean and smooth profile

Provides  precision thickness control for making slices ranging from deli-thin to approximately 3/4-inch thick, for greater variety and more options



Larger profile at approximately 10 inches  wide, 15 inches  long and 11 inches high , with heavier weight to carry the sharp blade and solid components

Has small suction rubber feet  and operates with high-pitched noise


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Presto PS-10 Anodized aluminum meat slicer


There are home chefs trying their best to prepare food ingredients with more efficiency, for different types of dishes. This is where a professional food slicer comes into play. A growing number of the present top rated electric food slicers reviews underline the efficiency of Presto PS-10 anodized aluminum meat slicer, a product that improves the way you prepare food. The slicer comes with a 10” diameter blade which is safely powered by an electric motor, more than enough to slice different types of meats. You can adjust the cut thickness from 0 to 10 mm, thus ensuring heightened precision during various operations.



Constructed of anodized aluminum, which ensures exceptional longevity, durability, color stability, ease of maintenance, retention of glossy, metallic appearance and non-toxicity

Large 10-inch diameter blade runs efficiently thanks to a powerful electric motor so meats can be sliced as thin as possible, with adjustable thickness for cuts varying from 0 to 10 mm

Low-maintenance belt-drive system for transmission does not require lubrication, with friction-reducing capability that permits one moving part to glide past another with ease

Built-in blade sharpener ensures that the cutting disc stays consistently sharp, with a ring guard for safety and permanently lubricated ball bearings that ensure quiet  operation



Not engineered for cheese-slicing jobs

May be difficult to clean at first, but reading the instruction manual makes everything easy


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LEM Products 1020 Commercial Quality Meat Slicer


As you probably already observed, shopping for a high quality food slicer can be pretty difficult. Upon reviewing some of the current top rated food slicers we recommend you should use LEM Products 10-inch commercial model, ideal to obtain deli cuts. This powerful slicer comes equipped with finely honed blades that are always ready for use, even if you use them daily. Furthermore, alongside the food slicer, you will also receive a reliable sharpener which you can use to sharpen the blades. It comes with a precise graduated knob which you can use in order to adjust thickness level, of preparing different types of food.



With finely honed blade that rarely ever needs any sharpening, with an included sharpener that eliminates separate purchase

Knob has graduations that allow a lot of options on adjustment of thickness, for easy choice on slices to ensure optimum cooking of well-prepared food ingredients

With auto-shut off feature to ensure safety in use, and rubber feet that keep the unit safely anchored to the kitchen top without skidding

Powered by a strong and smooth-running 0.25-horsepower motor, to ensure fail-safe slicing and cutting and to produce consistent slices ranging in thickness from 1 mm to 14 mm



Perfect for slicing boneless meats

Not designed to slice non- food items or frozen food


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