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Product review Dimensions  Price Weight Watts Our Rating Where to buy

Real Flame Slim Crawford

23.6 x 19.9 X 8.6 inches $$$$$ 32.1 lbs 1400 A+ AMAZON

Dimplex CS33116A

20 x 23.1 x 11.3 inches $$$ 32 lbs 1500 B+ AMAZON

Dimplex DFI2309

25 x 21 x 13 inches $$$ 34 lbs 1375 B+ AMAZON

Dimplex CS12056A

12 x 17.4 x 21.6 inches $$$ 28 lbs 1500 B AMAZON

Duraflame 450

16.25 x 11.61 x 19.72 inches $$ 27.8 lbs 1500 B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Many people love the look for a fireplace, but their home does not come equipped with one. By purchasing one of the most popular electric fireplaces, you have the ability to have that cozy spot by the fire without having to do the crazy home renovation that would be required to install a real fireplace.

We have created this guide to help you decide if an electric fireplace is something you may be interested in, as well as what you may want to look for when choosing which electric fireplace is the best for your home.

Cost Efficiency

Some people think that by installing an electric fireplace in their home, it will use up a lot of energy. This isn’t necessarily true. Electric fireplaces allow you to turn your heater to a lower temperature, thus saving on the fuel bill. The fireplace can typically heat the most-used rooms pretty quickly and efficiently. Some fireplaces can heat up to 1,500 cubic feet within a half hour. Also, as a rule, electric fireplaces only cost between 7 to 13 cents an hour to operate, whereas when you use a gas system, you will be spending 20 cents per hour—depending on the price of fuel in your area.



An electric fireplace does emit heat, but it does not get hot to the touch. There is no actual fire that is being produced, so you never have to worry about smoldering embers, children or pets getting to close to it and getting burned. You also do not have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning like with gas fireplaces. The heat is dispersed throughout the room by a fan and it blows the heat that is created by an electric coil that is inside the unit.


Stand-Alone versus Insert

There are two types of electric fireplaces that you can choose from. An insert is a fireplace that will go inside the wall or an existing mantel, whereas a stand-alone unit can be placed in any room that has a plug. The insert is generally a permanent addition to the room, whereas the stand-alone can be relocated to other rooms in the house if you want. Both are effective at heating your home. When you are trying to decide between the highest rated electric fireplaces, it all comes down to personal preference and if you have an existing mantel.


An electric fireplace can be used in conjunction with your central heating system as well as create a romantic or cozy atmosphere in any room. By deciding to install an electric fireplace into your home, you are adding elegance and function to your room, making the room a little more enjoyable to spend time in.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Electric Fireplace for Bedroom


SEI Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcases


Add a look of old sophistication and comfort to your bedroom with this freestanding fireplace. The Tennyson Electric Fireplace is one of the best electric fireplaces for a bedroom because it combines elegance and style with function. The fireplaces features a rich espresso finish that adds class to any room. The fireplace is controlled with a remote control, so while you are in bed for a romantic evening, you can turn the fireplace on to really set the mood. The controller also allows you to adjust the temperature of the flame, as well as the intensity of the fire, and the brightness of the LED lit embers. The fireplace can be plugged into any standard outlet and has a six foot cord. The fireplace can heat up a 14’ x 14’ x 8’ room (1,500 cubic feet) within 24 minutes.


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Top rated electric fireplaces in 2022


Fireplaces help in maintaining favorable room temperatures especially during the winter. In certain places such as England and some other parts of Europe, life can be very difficult without a fireplace in your room.  As the fireplaces have gained popularity, their demand has gone up tremendously. The following are the best electric fireplace reviews that I have used or have seen being used: the Dimplex CS33116A model, the Dimplex DFI2309 model, the Dimplex CS12056A model, the Dimplex CS 1205 model and the DimplexCFP3920BW model. These models have become invaluable assets in most homes.



Dimplex CFP3920BW


Best electric fireplace reviews

This is a classic model of a fireplace that fits perfectly with the beauty that is desired in a room. It is made of wood and some glasses. The model is beautifully designed such that the device matches the other carpentry in the room such as cupboards. The best feature that I like about this model is that it is remote controlled, eliminating the need for you to be near the device in order to initiate or alter the way it functions.  The price for this lovely model ranges from $303-$358.



20-inch LED firebox offering 4,910 British Thermal Units (BTUs)while using clean, safe and green electric power with simple plugging into standard AC outlets, minus carbon monoxide fumes and dangerous combustion

Elegant decorative molding,  classic buffed walnut finish, wide mantel, comes with easy-to-use remote control

Easy mantenance of comfort level with adjustable thermostat and fan-forced heater

Revolutionary life-like flame effect, grate and handcrafted logs, with 2-cent-per-hour operating cost on flame and 7-cent-per-hour cost on heat and flame



No setting on remote for either the thermostat or flame

Assembly and installation can be tricky and time consuming


Dimplex CFP3920BW Fireplace in firmly set in my home and it gives a nice cozy touch to my living room. A little bit if sophistication doesn’t hurt, even if it just mimics a real fireplace. I am very satisfied about how it heats up my home.” Edward Edgar


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Dimplex CS33116A


This is a high quality model that is made of steel. Since steel is a very strong material, this fireplace can last for a long period of time without malfunctioning.  I love its simple design which makes it is quite easy to assemble on your own. Most of the times, the product is fully assembled when it is delivered to the customer. Its price is also affordable by many people. The device costs about $84-$109.



Traditional aura offered by authentic matte black texture, gothic arched frets embellished on opening door, understated metallic highlights

Operates with patented Dimplex flame effect while giving options between flame with heat or flame only

Efficient and even heat circulation without creating noise disturbance thanks to premium fan configuration

Easily the best electric fireplace heater 2022 with creative, cost effectiveand  fan-forced zone heating  while distributing 5,115 BTUs without requiring venting



Customers may receive former brand name used by Dimplex (Electralog), which creates confusion

Remote only functions to switch unit on and off,  not for thermostat control


I have the Dimplex CS33116A Fireplace after It purchased it from Amazon. It was delivered quickly and all its parts were in its package. It looks stunning, while making the room I have set it in nice and warm for all the family. ” Carol Bennett


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Dimplex DFI2309


I recommend this electric fireplace because of its economy and safety. It has enough features that guarantee the safety of the users. The power consumption by the device is far less than what an ordinary electric fireplace consumes. Another outstanding feature of this fireplace is that it has an excellent ability to distribute heat evenly throughout the room. Obviously, this is what every customer would want. The price of this model is about $78-$180.



Ventless and pipe-free installation is simple, as unit goes into existing fireplace opening and plugs into standard AC outlet

Eliminates the hassles and mess of smoke or wood, featuring carefully handcrafted logs and authentic, gently glowing embers that appear like real flames

Does not use propane, wood or open flames while providing half heat, full heat or flame, with user manual included

Electric fireplace insert with 1,375-watt rating, realistic flame technology plus remote control



Priced higher than other models in this category

Doesn’t look as good without a fireplace trim and screen kit


Compared to other electric fireplace in the market, the Dimplex DFI2309 Fireplace is one of a kind. This model is safe to use, so I don’t have to worry about emergency fires that may occur. This item is an great asset for any home because it’s affordable and it has some of the best rated reviews of any electric fireplaces. Also, I like this model because it adds to the Xmas spirit.” Bernice Smith


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Dimplex CS12056A


One particular feature that I like about this model is its safety. The probability that this model will cause some accident is very low. This is due to the fact that its surface does not heat. This means that it cannot cause any harm when touched. I also admire the fire-like flames that are exuded by this electric fireplace. This model on the best electric fireplace reviews is affordable by many people because it costs about $68-$108. The price can also include the shipping of the device.



Design reminiscent of wood stoves used in the past, engineered with exclusive flame technology that provides authentic flame effect

Equipped with reliably quiet fan-forced heater with high/low settings to ensure even distribution or circulation of heat while offering no-heat option meant for visual enjoyment

Able to heat up rooms measuring approximately 400 square feet, uses more than 90% less energy than gas fired heaters to create realistic flame effect

Durable steel sides and lovely finish complement handcrafted logs, all shipped completely assembled



Only switches between high and low heat without thermostat control

Smaller than other models in this product class


I immediately purchased Dimplex CS12056A Fireplace when I saw it was for sale on Amazon for Black Friday. It gives my home a nice cozy feel to it and its heating capability is impressive for its compact design. I love using it so I end up with recommending this model, which is under $100.” Jeanne Hardin


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Dimplex CS 1205


I love this model because of the manner in which it distributes heat throughout the room. This product distributes the heat evenly up to a radius of about 11.3 feet. Another good feature about it is that it saves a lot of power, making it economical to use.  The device also exudes fire-like flames that are similar to those exuded by the CS12056A model. Despite these desirable qualities, the model prices are quite low. Usually, the price ranges from about$95-$120.



Ideal for rooms measuring up to 400 square feet as a compact electric stove heater with realistic flame effect sourced from patented flame technology

Lauded in best electric fireplace heater reviews for elegant combination of free standing stove and small sized firebox

Black powder coating complementing casting constructed from anodized steel

Offers zone heating capability with 4,910 BTUs, with fan-forced heater operating quietly with high/low settings while using up to 90% less energy than gas-fed fireboxes



Flip-switch controls temperature level only from low to high without use of thermostat

Sophisticated equipment consisting of heating element that is costly to replace


Aside from this model’s low price, the Dimplex CS 1205 Fireplace has a quality standard which other fireplace don’t have. It has the ability to distribute a lot of heat to my room and it also looks very sophisticated. This product is the one I recommend the most to people who are searching for an cheap model. I place it in the top 10 electric fireplaces of 2016.” Raymond McMullen


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Products that are no longer available


Dimplex Symphony Maestro Oxford


The Oxford corner fireplace is considered one of the best electric fireplaces for a RV because it can turn any unused corner in your RV into a lovely focal point. The transitional design features a distressed oak finish, which makes the fireplace look like it has been a part of the RV for years. The platform of this corner designed fireplace is an ideal spot to put a flat screen television. The electric firebox features a life-like flame effect that can be controlled via remote control. The remote control can be used to adjust the flame speed, the glow of the logs, and even the interior light. The on-demand heat with thermostat control can warm up a room that measures 400 square feet quickly.



Electric Fireplaces. What to Look for:


electricfireThere are many things that a home should have in order to offer heightened convenience and comfort. Today, it seems that electric stoves and fireplaces are very popular in the US, providing warmth and a special ambiance worth taking in with delight. We are not surprised to see so many people search for high quality electric fireplaces, capable of impressing with real-looking flames and additional heat. The traditional fireplaces are a bit obsolete because they cause fumes, smoke and some negative effects to the environment. How can you find the most efficient electric fireplace, since the market offers so many products available on the market? Well, you should consult with attention the best electric fireplace reviews and determine easily which product to take and then install with care wherever you desire.

Today, you will find on the market a wide range of fireplaces, with special designs and functions that can offer quality ambiances worth sharing members of the family. You should know that fireplaces are inexpensive to run and don’t cost as much as you believe at first. Once you find the best electric fireplace in 2022, you will be able to develop a special focal point everywhere you want. You will find on the market some of the following fireplace models: wall-mount, wall/corner fireplace, media consoles, fireplace inserts, electric stoves and gel fireplace which can suit a home’s personality.

Your home deserves to have a specially designed fireplace, capable of bringing a special kind of atmosphere. You will discover that there 2 types of wall-mountable electric fireplaces which can be mounted on the wall or recessed into the wall. Easy to install and maintain, built-in fireplaces can offer a superb ambiance.

Out of the many models out there you will be able to find the best electric fireplace in 2022 and cast aside the presence of regrets later on. Wall/corner fireplaces can be placed with ease against a wall. Such devices look a lot like the traditional fireplaces and can be placed anywhere near a wall in order to become the focal point of the respective location. You should know that the fireplaces come with a mantel that can accommodate home decorations, for added beauty. Media consoles can add a special ambiance, heat source and a solid place to a flat screen TV. The devices are carefully designed with long lasting components which offer ample storage spaces for various types of electronics.


Depending on your home’s appearance, traditional or modern, it comes as no surprise to see why electric fireplaces offer something special to use. There are sleek, rustic or even old-fashioned models, which can respond well to a person’s personality. You will discover that modern fireplaces come equipped with special heaters and a minimalist design. Usually some of the top modern fireplaces are made out of stainless steel in order to resist well to corrosion or rust. Still, as soon you will see the market offer a wide range of models with various designs capable of blending or standing out in the comfort of your home.


Things to consider:

–  Electric fireplaces offer a special ambiance by combining heat source with elegance, worth becoming the central point of your home.

– The market offers some of the following types of electric fireplaces: wall-mount, wall/corner fireplaces, media consoles, fireplace inserts, electric stoves and also gel fireplaces.

–  Fireplaces offer some of the following styles and finishes: stainless steel, mahogany, espresso, stone, oak, white/ivory and black.