How to Purchase a Top Electric Dryer:


New electric dryers offer more options that can be programmed and customized to fit your laundry needs. Instead of just drying your clothes, the most popular models can also sanitize and be programmed to handle especially delicate items. Buying an electric dryer is a large investment, which is why it is important for you to determine what is the best electric dryer for your household.


Size and Design

According to the best electric dryer reviews you want to make sure that the model you choose will fit in your laundry room. Electric dryers are available in few different sizes so it is important to check the measurements. The best electric dryer for the money will not only fit in your laundry room, it will also plug into a 120volt outlet. The dryer’s design is also important, though mainly for convenience.

Dryers designed with a side opening door will give you easy access to the back of the unit, while models that are top loading make it easier to sort your clothes with one hand. In most cases the dryer’s design will depend on which one is the most convenient for you.



Deciding which model is the best can also depend on the type of controls that it has. You want an electric dryer that is easy to operate, and you want to make sure that the control screen is easy to read. Some models include a brightly lit LCD screen that is ideal if your laundry room is located in a dark basement, and will make it easier for you to check the status of your load from a distance.



Some of the best rated models include a variety of different features that will let you dry everything from jeans to toys. Along with being able to customize the drying cycles, some models also feature a steam option. This lets you freshen up clothes without having to go through a longer cycle. Other electric dryers have a convenient setting that will reverse the direction of the tumbling to help prevent clothes from becoming tangled. The one feature that you will want to make sure that you dryer includes is a lint trap. This helps to prolong the life of your dryer, and your clothes looking great.


Electric dryers are available with a variety of different options that will let you customize each cycle according to the load. While size is the most important consideration, everything else is up to you to decide. You can find the right electric dryer will all of your necessary features to turn laundry into an easy household chore.


Things to consider:

  • The best electric dryer reviews recommend making sure that the unit will fit in your laundry room before purchasing it.
  • The design of the dryer will vary, but you want to find one that is easy and comfortable to use.
  • Electric dyers are available with different features, and can even be customized for a particular load of laundry. Choosing an electric dryer will depend on the type of laundry you plan on frequently drying.


Top Rated Electric Dryers in 2022


An electric dryer can turn laundry from a dreaded job to a quick and easy chore. There are several models available with a variety of different features and options, and each one is designed to make your household chore a little easier.


Smart+ SPP98D Products Compact Electric Dryer


The front opening door makes it easy to reach the back drum, and it also includes a convenient viewing window. Catch the tangles as it happens to make folding your laundry easier. There are 5 options to choose from so you can safely dry all of your clothing, and you can also customize the time and heat settings for each individual load. For added convenience this electric dryer includes its own wall mounting kit.

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Avanti D110-1IS Automatic Dryer


Versatile and affordable, this compact electric dryer can be mounted on the wall or set on the floor. The front opening door is convenient, and features a viewing windows that lets you monitor your clothes during the drying cycle. It is ideal for smaller sized laundry rooms, and will also plug into your home’s 110v outlet. To maximum efficiency and prolong the life of the dryer, it is also vented to avoid overheating. The electric dryer also lets you set the cycle’s time, and features an easy to use knob control panel.

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Frigidaire FARE1011MW Affinity Electric Dryer


This is the best electric dryer in 2022 if you are frequently dealing with large loads of laundry. This front loading dryer is easy to use, and includes innovative technology to make sure it and your washing are running in sync. This eliminates waiting time between machines, and helps you finish your laundry chores quickly and efficiently. The simple control knob makes it easy to set the controls so every load turns out dry and wrinkle free. Since it is manufactured by Frigidaire, you also know that you are spending your money on a high quality and dependable household appliance.

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Electrolux EIMED55I Electric Front Load Dryer


This large capacity, front loading dryer includes all of the features you need for almost any type of laundry you can think of. Along with including 11 separate drying cycles, you get the added benefit of its touch controls. The dryer is easy to operate, and all of the settings are clearly displayed so you know exactly which cycle you are choosing. There is also a steam function for removing wrinkles, and the gentle drying system is safe for all of your delicates.

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Pandora Portable Compact Clothes Dryer


This is one of the best electric dryers for 2022, and it features a compact size that is perfect for apartments. Unlike larger models this mini dryer can plug into any two prong 120v electric outlet, though it should also be noted that it might take longer to dry heavier pieces of laundry. The lightweight dryer is only 44 pounds so you can easily take it with you when you move, it also includes a one year warranty for additional value for your money.