Top rated Electric deep fryers in 2019


A good electric deep fryer can help a skilled cook prepare delicious dishes with minimal effort. This kitchen appliance is great with cooking potatoes, meat, vegetables and fish. Now, the growing interest for high quality fryers is understandable. We tried to help people identify easier which product to take home by attentively studying each of the top rated electric fryers available on the market. As a result, after 75 long hours of tests and many tasty dishes we noticed that five products responded very well. In the following rows we proudly present the best Electric deep fryer reviews, drafted on the selected models.


Waring Pro DF280 Professional deep fryer


Best Electric deep fryer reviewsAccording to the latest customer reports it seems that the best Electric deep fryer in 2019 was released by Waring: The Pro DF280. This professional fryer uses a powerful 1800-watt immersion heat element in order to cook different dishes. It has a spacious one-gallon enamel-coated oil container which people can use to prepare French fries, chicken wings or legs. The model has a brushed stainless steel construction with an impressive 2.3 lb food capacity, more than enough to suit the needs of a normal family. It includes a 60 minute timer and advanced temperature control which comes in handy while preparing more complex dishes.

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Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry


Most of the current top Electric deep fryer reviews emphasize on the smooth functionality of the 05466 Pro Fry from Presto. This high quality fryer has oblong shaped baskets which are perfect for frying large chunks of meat like chicken, beef or fish. It includes a customizable thermostat with special signal light which displays when the oil is optimal for frying. The 05466 fryer from Presto respects the current North American Electrical Standards. Furthermore it incorporates a special heating element which evenly distributes heat within the container. The fryer’s temperature can reach an impressive 375 degree, ideal for more demanding cooking tasks!

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Aroma ADF-232 Smart Fry XL 4-Quart Digital


Finding a high quality and professional deep fryer requires patience. The present best Electric deep fryer reviews underline the cooking efficiency of the ADF-232 Smart Fry from Aroma. This powerful deep fry is perfect for cooks that love to prepare chicken wings and legs, fish or vegetables. It is the perfect kitchen companion! This electric fryer has 3 baskets which can be used separately or simultaneously. The fryer offers an impressive 4-quart capacity and user-friendly interface. Furthermore it incorporates a powerful 1800-watt immersed heating element which delivers even heating to meat and vegetables. The fryer also includes 10 preprogrammed functions which take better care of different foods.

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Cuisinart CDF-100 compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer


There are more and more Americans that want in their kitchens a reliable deep fryer. Since the multitude of choices prevents them from making a quick decision we recommend the best Electric deep fryer in 2019 from Cuisinart: The CDF-100. This powerful fryer has a relatively small design, taking less counter space than other kitchen appliances. It was designed to fry up to 3/4 pound of meat or vegetables in just 1.1 litter of oil. This product is a great fryer that gets the job done. Due to its compact design, cooks with more personality can prepare fried calamari, French fries with dip and many more.

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National Presto Ind 05442 CoolDaddy Deep Fryer


With the right kitchen equipment anyone can prepare tasty deep fried food. Out of the many deep fryers available on the market one impresses with its sturdy design and powerful heating force: National Presto Ind 05442. This deep fryer comes with advanced frying functions that can help people prepare shrimp, fish, chicken and French fries for a whole family of six. It includes an adjustable thermostat which ranges from 250 to 375 degrees F. The fryer has a special viewing window which cooks can use to track progress and make temperature adjustments if needed. It also uses a unique anti-odor charcoal filter which keeps the whole process running smoothly.

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