In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best electric blanket? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information about the best electric blanket by looking at expert review sites and studying numerous owner feedback to facilitate easy product comparison. The research and product evaluation have led us to the best product for sale on the market, the Sunbeam BSM9BQS-R470-16A00. Ensuring that cold sheets are warm before bedtime, this electric blanket comes with a revolutionary pre-heat feature so you can just lie down in utter warmth and comfort when the season is all cold and chilly, helping you ease into a restful sleep every time. This model offers effortless control, eliminating the need for guesswork thanks to its Comfort Tec Controller that comes with easy push-button controls and a digital display. Find the level of comfort you want with the electric blanket’s ten heat settings, along with the ten-hour auto off function that lets you enjoy warmth and comfort for as long as you want so the bed won’t suddenly turn cold while you’re still in it. If the Sunbeam BSM9BQS-R470-16A00 is unavailable we highly recommend the second best option, the Soft Heat Ultra Micro-Plush.



Comparison Table

Product Color Price Size Material Customer Rating Where to buy

Sunbeam Channeled

Cocoa Brown $$$$ Queen 100% polyester A+ AMAZON

SoftHeat Triple Rib

Natural $$$ Queen 100% polyester A AMAZON

SoftHeat LVBK-H2-025

Chocolate $$$ King 100% polyester B+ AMAZON

Sunbeam Royal Dreams

Dusty Blue $$ Queen 100% polyester B+ AMAZON

Biddeford Blankets LLC

Natural $$ Queen 100% polyester B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Some people perceive temperature changes different than others. They begin to shiver, shake and search for a reliable heat source. This is why today more and more men and women with body temperature fluctuations are searching for high quality electric blankets, which can offer a comfortable access to heat. During long winter nights people an electric blanket can make all the difference in the world, providing a reliable heat source. Due to the wide range of blankets available on the market, finding the ideal one may prove to be quite challenging. So, how can you find the most efficient electric blanket? The quickest way to accomplish this objective, is by reading with precision some of the best electric blankets reviews, drafted in high details by professionals.


How can you find the best electric blankets in 2018? Well, you need to be well informed about the top products available on the market, designed to keep you warm during low temperature conditions. With the right blanket your bed will be comfortable and far from chilly nights. You should know that electric blankets are carefully fitted with a series of very thin electrical wires which heat up any bed. All you need to do is place them into a power source and turn them on.

You will be able to sleep well in a warm environment! Now, you should know that there are 2 types of blankets: over-blankets and also under-blankets. Over-blankets sits on top of your duvet or bedding in order to sustain a constant temperature from the first moment you turn it on. Under-blankets should fit with ease over the mattress. From this location, it manages to warm from the inside the bed, with no problems.

Once you go through the best electric blankets reviews, you will be able to find a product which won’t let you down. Mostly the type of blankets you choose is a personal choice, in direct link with your personality. Another important thing relates on electrical blanket sizing, like sheets and bedding.

You need to take into account the bed size, big and small when you’re picking out an electric blanket. As so many specialists pointed out, such blankets are not suitable as baby bedding because children have different temperature awareness. While browsing through some of the best electric blankets in 2018 you will be able to pick out on some efficient features.

There are a couple of features which need to present in your future electric blanket. Try to identify a product with timer programs, multiple heat settings, temperature sensors, machine washable, size, heated mattress cover and user friendly interface. These are some of the most important functions that a high quality blanket should include. With this in mind you will be able to sleep with ease and in warm environment, night after night. It is important to have in your possession an electric blanket designed to keep you warm with no problems whatsoever.


Things to consider:

–          There two types of electric blankets: over and under blankets

–          The size is important

–          Timer programs with multiple heat settings, for better comfort and warmth

–          User-friendly interface with precise controls

–          Advanced temperature sensors which maintain the bed cosy and in the right temperature



Top rated electric blankets in 2018


There are many people, of all ages, that cope pretty hard with cold environments, requiring additional sources of warmth to get by. To this extent, we are not surprised to see so many people search for electric blankets, a constant source of warmth. Fortunately the market is filled with thousands of models, all designed with attention in order to provide constant warmth ideal during cold nights. Furthermore such products are known as ideal companions for senior citizens. How can you find the most efficient model? Well, consult with attention the best electric blankets reviews and understand more about top rated products.





Sunbeam BSM9BQS-R470-16A00


When it comes to high quality electric blankets designed to help people keep warm every time they want, one brand releases top products year after year: Sunbeam. To this end, you can use one of the best electric blankets in 2018: Channeled microplush.

Coming from America’s number 1 electric heated blanket brand, this model is very easy to use, due to the thermostat. You can use the blanket in order to enjoy warmth and comfort every time you desire, with no strings attached. Furthermore the blanket comes with an easy to use controller that makes everything appear very friendly.



Even with the thermostat turned down, this electric blanket is able to offer users adequate warmth and comfort especially in extremely chilly weather, making it the best Sunbeam electric blanket 2018

Multi-setting controller is easy to use, with the Queen Size unit offering dual controls,  and ability to monitor and adjust temperature in cold and hot spots

Able to maintain constant temperature, with plush microfiber fabric and 100% polyester construction that undergoes no changes or shrinkage even after washing

Provided with ten heat settings and is machine washable, while using energy on the low end



User can feel the wires through the fabric

Instructions laid out in the manual can be confusing, with several Sunbeam products being described in one manual so finding the correct information can be difficult


Buy from for: See The Price!




SoftHeat Ultra Micro-Plush


Best electric blankets reviewsAccording to the present top rated electric blankets reviews it seems that you will do right to choose SoftHeat Plush Triple warming blanket, a model very popular in the US and Canada alike. Made out of 100% polyester and with brilliantly soft micro-plush fabric, which feels natural at touch, this blanket comes with a superb decorative Triple-Rib design. You need to know that the model can be washed at machine and easy to dry in your dryer.

Furthermore the blanket features a patented Safe & Warm low voltage technology that is very easy to manage, while also saving energy every time you use it.



Made to perform as well as –or even better than- electric blankets featured in many best Sunbeam electric blanket reviews, thanks to its luxurious and incredibly plush micro-fiber fabric and decorative triple-rib design

Made to be machine washable and can be dried using a standard clothes dryer, without undergoing stretching, shrinkage or piling

Constructed of 100% polyester, making this electric blanket hypoallergenic and safe for use for extremely sensitive users

 Carries exclusive non-hazardous low voltage technology so the blanket is always safe and warm, allowing users to sleep soundly through the night in a cooler room



The blanket must be used with one side up and one side down only

May not be wide enough to cover big users or two people at the same time


Buy from for ($140.61)




SoftHeat LVBK-H2-025


Searching for a brand new warming blanket can be pretty difficult, given the wide selection of products. Today, you have the possibility to choose SoftHeat warming blanket, a product that delights and warms your heart up. Made out of 100% polyester and with a patented non-hazardous low voltage, this blanket allows you to sleep easier even in cool environments.

Are you ready to learn more? This great warming blanket has the wires located inside, which you won’t feel. Furthermore the blanket has an automatic pre-heat and temperature hold feature that permits you to enjoy the warmth every time you desire with no problems whatsoever.



Safely designed with an ultra-soft and extra luxurious micro-fleece fabric also made to be both machine washable and dryable

Special fabric won’t be subject to piling, shrinking and other changes, as the blanket is made to retain its shape even after washing and drying

Triple-ribbed design looks lovely on any bed, with warm low voltage technology that is guaranteed to be safe and won’t cause fire

Small and thin, nearly undetectable wires won’t be felt through the blanket, while warmth is provided evenly and distributed nicely from the head to the toes



High setting may be too much for some users, so blanket needs to be set to the most appropriate setting before user settles for one

Unit can take time to determine warmth settings, so must be given time to do adjustments


“This electric blanket was one of the Xmas presents I received and I must say I’m quite impressed with the warmth it provides. I adjust it’s temperature settings easily and have no problems cleaning it or drying it, making me believe it’s for sure one of the top 10 models money can buy. I don’t know who makes the best electric blankets, but I do know this product is top class.”  – Suzanne C. Grantham


Buy from for ($131.48)




Sunbeam Royal Dreams


Another electric blanket which deserves a place in our top list is the Sunbeam Royal Dreams. If you decide to invest in such a blanket you can save up to 10% on your yearly heating bill. There are multiple heat settings, guaranteeing that you’ll find the right temperature at which you feel most comfortable.

The quilted fleece fabric makes the blanket extra soft, not causing any discomfort when you sleep. Furthermore, this model is machine washable, so you don’t have any problems when trying to clean it. Lastly we recommend it for its 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.



Multiple heat levels, so you always find a temperature which makes you feel comfortable

Soft and cozy, to ensure a better sleep

Energy efficient, helping you cut down on your yearly heating costs

A 5 year manufacturer’s warranty



The temperature knob sometimes can prove difficult to turn (this may cause a slight degree of discomfort when trying to change the temperature late at night)

Its price tag may not prove to be easy affordable


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Biddeford Blankets LLC


Are you shopping for a high quality heated blanket, capable of keeping you warm? If you are then you should consider using Biddeford Blankets LLC comfort electric blanket, a model that will keep you warm, no matter the situation. It is made out of 100% polyester and delivers precise and therapeutic warmth that will make you feel good.

You need to know that the blanket comes with 10 personal heat settings, ideal to accommodate your corporeal characteristics. Furthermore the blanket comes with 5 year warranty and you can wash it at the machine. This is certainly a great addition to your home!



Made of 100% polyester to ensure safe hypoallergenic use even for asthma and allergy sufferers who have to sleep in a colder room

Provides therapeutic warmth, which can be great for the elderly and the sick who can’t sleep through particularly cold nights and during cool weather, so it is never too cold or freezing even in frigid seasons

Has 10 customizable heat settings so users can always go for optimum warmth and extreme comfort while enjoying sustained warming from a versatile electric blanket

Made to be machine washable and comes packaged in a reusable zipper bag with handle to enable convenient transportability



Care must be taken not to get the cords tangled up

Numbers on the control box are not displayed when backlit, making changes during the night difficult to do


“I never felt warmer when sleeping than covered by the Biddeford Blankets LLC comfort, which was highly recommended by the best rated electric blanket reviews. I was even fortunate enough to buy it for a discounted Black Friday deal.” –  Kim Adkins


Buy from for ($71.49)




Biddeford Diamond Weave – Not Available


It is very important to have in your home a reliable electric blanket capable of keeping you warm even during cold periods of the night or day. According to the present best electric blankets reviews you have the possibility to use Biddeford Diamond Weave electric blanket, a model very popular among American senior citizens. It comes with 10 hour auto shut off digital controller and also 10 personalized heat settings that make the whole experience quite special. The blanket is made out 92% soft acrylic, 8% polyester, Jacquard diamond weave and also 2” binding, for a good and relaxed therapeutic warmth.


“I didn’t pay much for my new Biddeford Diamond Weave Electic Blanket which has made me feel much more comfortable when I sleep. It’s considered one of the highest rated electric blankets in 2018 by many professional reviews and I can definitely see why.” – Bernice Jones