If you have decided to purchase a baby walker you should know that these toys are generally considered unsafe by most child experts. The added mobility and height can give your baby access to many dangerous household items, and increase the risk of injuries from falls. If you are still determined to purchase one of these mobility toys for your child, there are a few aspects you need to consider to make sure you purchase the best baby walker. In this review we have included helpful buying tips so you can make an informed decision and purchase a model that is safe for your baby.


What to look for when buying an Einstein baby walker?



Anytime you buy a toy for your baby you want to consider safety, and this is especially true with walkers. Since these mobility toys are notoriously unstable and prone to tipping, you want to make sure that it is designed to roll over carpet. This will give your child a softer surface to land on in case of falls. Other safety features to consider include wider wheel bases for better balance, and friction strips that help prevent the walker from tipping on slick floors. You will also want to make sure that there are no loose pieces or sharp edges on the walker.


Bouncing Features

Even though it is recommended that you do not purchase a model that bounces, most new baby walkers do include this fun feature. If you do choose a mobility toy that bounces, you also want to ensure that the walker includes a locking feature. For safety the seat should be able to be locked when you baby is exploring. This can prevent injuries from accidentally tipping.


Ease of Use

You also want to choose a model that is convenient and easy for you to use. Along with the seat being comfortable, and including a locking mechanism you also want it to be removable for easy washing. Some models can also be adjusted to fit growing babies, and you also want to ensure that it can be easily folded up for convenient storage.


Top Einstein Baby Walkers in 2022



Baby Neptune Walker


One of the first things you’ll notice is the wide wheel base that provides plenty of stability for active babies. The elliptical frame prevents the walker from tipping, which is ideal for when you child is moving over hard tiled floors. The walker also features a higher back seat to provide the additional neck support your curious baby needs.

There is also plenty of engaging toys and activities to keep babies occupied when they are not moving, which includes different lights and sounds. The steering wheel lets your child feel like he’s in charge, and the horn plays fun ocean sounds. Babies are also thrilled to discover that the steering wheel lights up when they press it.

You will appreciate the fact that the seat is easy to wipe clean, and the included toy station can be removed so your baby can use the attached tray. There are loops so you can safety attached different entertaining toys, and the snack tray can also be easily wiped down. This walker is priced to fit almost any budget, and the height can be adjusted to fit your growing baby. With its wider wheel base and variety of engaging activities this is one of the safest walkers to help keep your baby entertained.

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Musical Motion Activity Jumper


There are several reasons why this model is considered the best Einstein walker that includes its safe and sturdy design. This brightly colored mobility toy is constructed from durable materials, and features a wide and sturdy wheel base. This helps to prevent the walking from tipping, even when your baby is excitedly jumping. The comfortable seat can also be adjusted to keep up with your rapidly growing baby, and your child will love that it can be rotated 360 degrees.

When your baby isn’t safely bouncing, there are plenty of activities to keep him engaged. The light up keyboard lets your baby play different melodies, and you will particularly enjoy the fact that this model includes volume control. This lets your baby bang away on the keys without driving you or your neighbors crazy.

With a wider base and feet that are designed not to skid, this is one of the safer mobility jumpers. It is easy for parents to use, and can keep babies entertained for long periods of time. You will also appreciate the learning function that will introduce your baby to three different languages. This can help develop your baby’s language skills, while keeping him entertained.

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Baby Neptune Activity Center


This is the most popular baby walker for carpet and other types of flooring. It features a wide, stable platform base that helps to prevent accidental tipping, and the adjustable seat harness prevents active babies from falling out. Along with a safe and stable design, this mobility toy has plenty of activities to keep curious children occupied.

The adjustable seat lets the walker growing with your baby, and it can spin 360 degrees. This is not only fun for babies, it also gives them immediate access to all of their toys. While this walker does not include a bouncing seat, there are a variety of activities to keep babies happily occupied. There are rotating and spinning adorable sea creatures to play with, along with a piano.

The keyboard has three different modes of play, which even includes one that will start developing your baby’s language skills. The shiny mirror can keep little ones engaged, and you will appreciate its lightweight design. This activity walker is fun and safe for your baby to play in, and you will appreciate its durable and sturdy design.

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If you are going to purchase a mobility toy for your baby, the most important aspect to look for is safety. It should also be noted that you should never learn your baby unattended in a walker for long periods of time. With this in mind, two safe walkers for you to consider are the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker and the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.