Top rated Ear Thermometers in 2018


We hear of a variety of communicable diseases nowadays that can compel us to check out the to ensure that we have some sort of first line defense. A relative could easily fly in from a country that has had numerous deaths due to SARS, Meningococcemia or Ebola, and we’d have no inkling whatsoever that they carry a deadly virus.

A fever could be low grade and not so easy to detect with just the use of a hand on the forehead. That’s why we need to get the best rated ear thermometer. Fever is not the disease itself, but it shows the body’s defense mechanism at work to fight the disease. It is a manifestation, a sign that germs are present in the body system and that the body is doing its best to fight sickness. With fever present, the body’s metabolic rate increases best ear thermometer reviews to help fight infection. In response to the increase in metabolic rate and elevated temperature, the skin feels warm and appears flushed. These are the body’s responses to heat dissipation from the inside.

Allowing parents and caregivers to monitor a child’s fever, the best ear thermometer for the money should be able to give accurate readings. This enables parents to check if the treatment is effective or if there is a need to go for other forms of treatment. With babies and children getting afflicted with up to twelve infections throughout the year, it is always good advice to get a temperature-measuring device that can be safely utilized for young users.

Science and medicine have come up with temperature-measuring devices that are more reliable and safer to use than conventional mercury glass thermometers. Obtaining temperatures faster and showing readings on an easy-to-read digital display, electronic digital thermometers pose no risk of injury either from toxic mercury or broken glass.

There have been a lot of searches done on the top ten ear thermometer that applies infrared technology to measure heat generated through the body’s cavities and surfaces. Taking just seconds to obtain a temperature reading, an infrared thermometer can be an ear or a skin thermometer.

Infrared skin thermometers measure heat dissipated through the skin at body sites including the temple, forehead and under the arm. They are unable to show core body temperature as their sensors do not go beyond the skin surface. Infrared ear thermometers measure heat generated by the eardrum and its surrounding tissue, giving accurate readings through an easy-to-read digital display in mere seconds. With the ear being easily accessible and measurement being done rapidly, an ear thermometer is ideal to employ for children.

With the abundance of thermometers in the market, it is good advice to ascertain who makes the best temperature-measuring device that checks temperature through the ears before going out and buying one. As temperature readings can exhibit slight differences depending on the method, it is upon the parent or caregiver to ensure that the same method is employed for consistency. A most reliable temperature-taking tool with a small, pre-warmed tip and positioning aid helps ensure a quick and accurate reading each time. This makes temperature monitoring convenient and effortless.

So what’s the best temperature-measurement device? It may not even be the best ear thermometer 2018but it should have the features mentioned above.


Things to consider:

–          An easy-to-read digital display that poses no risk or broken glass or erroneous readings at any time

–          Accurate readings delivered to make temperature monitoring consistent

–          Ease of use through a positioning aid  and a small tip to help with effortless temperature measurement


Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer W/ExacTemp Technology


Best Ear Thermometer ReviewsLong considered the best ear thermometer 2018, the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer delivers professional-level infrared readings each time. It has an exclusive pre-warmed tip that protects against inaccurate results arising from the use of room-temperature tips that are affected by the cooling effect on the ear canal. This eliminates the need to do repeated readings at a time. The Thermoscan employs revolutionary ExacTemp technology in the special Guidance System, which uses a light and a beep to signify when proper measurement has been done. The light does not go off when temperature has been correctly taken, and this is supplemented by the audible beep that lets one know that the reading is accurate. Moreover, the device has a special memory function that enables convenient tracking of temperature during the day, storing up to eight different results for easy recording and monitoring of the efficacy of the treatment being used.

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Clever Choice 4-in-1 Ear-&-Forehead Portable Thermometer


Designed for use with adults and children, the Clever Choice 4-in-1 Ear-&-Forehead Portable Thermometer deserves mention in the best ear thermometer reviews everywhere. It has multiple functions. It can serve as an ear thermometer, a forehead thermometer, an ambient temperature measuring device and a clock. The multiple functions alone make this a highly versatile tool for the home. The screen is easy to read, with an LCD digital display that enables easy recording every time a reading is taken. It is very simple to use, operating with just one button. One can opt to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius scale with professional accuracy. The probe head can be used limitless times, thanks to durable infrared technology.

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TempIR Dual Mode Infrared Digital Thermometer


Ideal for taking basal temperature readings as well as in-ear infrared digital temperature measurements, the TempIR Dual Mode Infrared Digital Thermometer provides a reliable method to instantly take temperature levels on children and adults. Usable both by professionals and for home settings, the device has aBacklit Digital Display Screen that makes it easy to take note of readings made even in poor lighting. It has auto power off after 10 seconds, ensuring efficient use of power. The TempIR Dual Mode Infrared Digital Thermometer provides dependably stable temperature measurement either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It memorizes the last 20 temperatures taken to enable easy monitoring and emits an audible alarm if reading is above normal.

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Braun IRT3020US Thermoscan 1-Second-Readout Ear Thermometer


The German-made Braun IRT3020US Thermoscan 1-Second-Readout Ear Thermometer has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the ear of a young child with its soft and flexible tip. It delivers one-second temperature readings to enable quick and easy recording every time. An audible beep is emitted when reading is ended. Cross-contamination is eliminated with the unit’s disposable lens filters. Powered by a 3-volt lithium battery, the Braun IRT3020US delivers up to 10,000 temperature readings with a single fuel cell. The compact design ensures convenient portability. The unit comes with a protective cap to protect the tip from dirt. It recalls the last temperature taken to ensure accurate monitoring and recording.

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Gogogu Large-LCD Non-contact Infrared Ear Thermometer


Providing a resolution of 0.1 degree Celsius, the Gogogu Large-LCD Non-contact Infrared Ear Thermometer provides a risk- and error-free method of temperature reading for every purpose and need. It has a temperature range of 89 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 to 42 degrees Centigrade to help accurately monitor a sick child’s changing temperature from the onset of a disease to its successful treatment. It is powered by two AA batteries, which enables it to take over 100,000 readings on a single set of fuel cells. It has an On-Off button for easy control, which helps preserve battery life and enables one-handed operation. The Gogogu infrared ear thermometer takes just one second to produce a reading. It does so with professional accuracy, employing a flashing light and a beep to confirm proper positioning.

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