A Professional Buying Guide on Ear Protection:


For gun enthusiasts, it is important that they have some of highest rated ear protection products they can find. Did you know that the sound a gun causes is one of the most harmful non-occupational noises that people can expose themselves to? If you are near a gun, it goes off, and your ears are not protected, you run the risk of permanent, and sometimes immediate, hearing loss. Before your next trip to the gun range, we hope you will look this guide over and think about purchasing some new ear protection.


Noise Reduction


The NRR (noise reduction rating) is a protection method measures the hearing protection of some of the best rated ear protection products on the market. This rating is important when choosing your ear protection because it tells you how effective it will be. As a rule, the higher the noise reduction rating, the better the product is at blocking out the harmful sound.


Electronic Headsets or Passive Earmuffs

Passive earmuffs provide you comfort without direct pressure inside the ear canal. There are three designs of earmuffs, which are the typical over-the-head style, cap-mounted, and earmuffs that wrap behind the neck. The cap-mounted earmuffs clip on to most hard hats and have slots on the side for accessories. You can wear headgear while wearing the behind-the-neck model.

Electronic Headsets give you the same protection as standard earmuffs, except they also give you other features. These headsets protect you from harmful noises but still giving you the ability to listen to low-level sounds like conversations. They also give you the ability to listen to music and control the volume. New electronic headsets tend to be more expensive than the passive earmuffs, but it is possible to find cheaper models that work just as efficiently.


Other Forms of Ear Protection

If you are exposed to irritating sounds but you find the larger ear protection products you may find on the top ten list are more than you need, you may be interested in items like expandable foam plugs. These are ideal for instances of blocking out noise like your partner snoring at night, watching a firework display, or if you just have sensitive ears. The expandable foam plugs are usually only good for a few uses before you should throw them away. You may also find pre-molded, reusable plugs useful if you require the use of ear protection on a continual basis.

The sense of hearing is something we tend to take for granted and we do not realize how easily it can be taken away, especially when we subject ourselves to noisy situations. We recommend that you protect your hearing and consider looking into the best ear protection products of 2016.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a product that offers the right amount of noise reduction for the intended use. You do not want a product that offers very little protection if you are working on a firing range.
  • Which will be more beneficial for you: electronic headsets or passive earmuffs
  • If you only experience mild noise irritation, you may find it more beneficial to use foam or pre-molded earplugs, as they can block out general noises like snoring, loud music, and other irritants.



Top rated Ear Protections in 2018


Our hearing is one of the most precious senses that we often take for granted. Because of this, many people look to the best ear protection reviews to help them choose the right set of ear protection for their needs. When you take the time to research the various products available, not only will you be well informed, but also you will be confident that you chose the best product that has all the features you are looking for.


Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff


Whether you are an advanced shooter or a beginner, it is important to block out the sound of gunfire without sacrificing the ability to hear background sounds. These earmuffs by Howard Leight feature a low profile and a sleek cutout that allows for extra clearance for firearm stock. Shooters can appreciate the auxiliary jack to plug in their MP3 devices so they can listen to their music while not on the shooting range. A four-hour shut-off timer will help extend the life of the two AAA batteries. These headphones fold up neatly for easy storage when they are not in use.

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3M Peltor H10a OPtime 105 Earmuff


2When you go out on the shooting range, be sure to bring your Peltor earmuffs. These muffs provide you with ear protection of noise levels up to 105 decibels. The over the head design features double shell technology in order to provide you with comfort and safety. The proprietary Twin-Cup design gives you a soft and comfortable feel while the stainless steel headband evenly distributes the weight for a low-pressure fit.

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Smith & Wesson Suppressor Ear Muff


For a quality earmuff, you will be pleased with the Smith & Wesson Suppressor Ear Muff. These earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 25 decibels. The rugged, non-conductive plastic construction features a contoured headband, which is padded for optimal comfort while giving you a secure fit. The pivoting cup attachment is designed for equal pressure distribution, thus adding to the overall comfort of the earmuffs. To get an optimized fit, you can use the easy slide cup adjustment to alter the position of the cups.

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3M TekkWorkTunes Hearing Protector


With the WorkTunes hearing protectors, you are getting the best of both worlds. You have the ability to protect your hearing while listening to your favorite music or radio program. 3M has combined innovation and function with these headphones because it features voice assist for easier use and bass boosting technology that enhances the sound quality and performance. The strong construction and durable materials used to create these headphones make them perfect to use in any workshop, job site, or yard work. They offer a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels.

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Surefire EP4 Sonic Defender Ear Protection


In noisy situations, you can protect your hearing without blocking out background noises and conversations. The triple flanged stem design of the Surefire EP4 Sonic Defender allows the product to fit into larger ear canals while providing you with a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels. Sounds that register at safe levels can pass through the ear canal where harmful sounds that register above 85 decibels are reduced, thanks to a proprietary design that features a special noise reducing filter. These features and more have convinced our experts to recommend this ear protection.

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