Top rated DVD Duplicator in 2019


If you are someone who has to prepare DVD copies of reports for a particularly large business corporation, chances are your boss has already assigned you to read the best DVD duplicator reviews so he can get you a good product to suit your office’s needs. Aside from allowing you to mount a number of CDs and DVDs at a time, such machines can easily be interfaced with your organization’s existing LAN. This machine should also help you make different kinds of disks such as video, data and music disks. It can work alone or within a network, simplifying things around the office. These five are what I personally consider the best in the industry.


SATA 1-to-1 Copystars CD DVD Duplicator


Best DVD Duplicator ReviewsThis product is a fully standalone CD copier and DVD duplicator that does its job efficiently even without a PC. It has been voted into the best DVD duplicator reviews several times.  Instead of having a pretty sluggish 8-megabyte SD-RAM buffer, this machine has a really fast D-Ram of 64 megabytes. It has a liquid crystal display menu that can be read easily. It can support a variety of formats including: dual layer, DVD and CD. It does not require separate purchase of DVD duplicator software. You can also upscale the system using maintenance-purpose firmware.

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BD-SMG-5T 5-Target Bestduplicator SATA DVD Duplicator


This is a superb quality SATA duplicator for CD and DVD. Riding on optical disc burning technology, this best DVD duplicator in 2019 lets you duplicate non-copy-protected discs quite readily. It comes with a user-friendly interface for easy one-step copying to burn DVD blank discs with required content. It can produce up to 115 discs every burn cycle. You can adjust the machine’s burning speed and even upgrade standard menu features to more advanced ones. You do not need connection to a PC or other external device to get this working. It detects DVD and CD formats automatically and gives you secure and stable buffer speeds.

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DVD Duplicator Built-In Burner from Sony


What makes this completely standalone machine outstanding as a top rated DVD duplicator in 2019 is how it supports a variety of disc formats. The choices are numerous: DVD-R Dual Layer; DVD-R; DVD+R Double Layer; DVD-RW; Mini DVD-R; DVD+RW; Photo CD (Mono- and Multi-session); Video CD; CD-DA; CD-Extra; CD-TEXT; CD-R and CD-RW; 3” Mini CD-R; Business Card CD-R; and mixed compilation of audio CDs. The onboard auto-counter technology lets you know how many discs have already been successfully copied as compared to the number of copies that are to be completed for the given project. Only specified users can have access to the duplicator as it has password protection or account management function, so no unauthorized burning of copies is allowed. Multiple users can each have their personalized passwords.

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CD121 Load-&-Go ZipSpin CD DVD Duplicator


With a 52X write speed, this product is a good buy. It can burn DVDs and CDs quite easily.The load-and-go operation lets you successfully copy discs that get ejected automatically without you having to press buttons repeatedly. When discs are inserted, the machine automatically starts its duplicating process with the load-and-go function. Then after successful completion of the copying process, the completed and original CDs/DVDs are ejected.The rugged, compact size makes the product fit onto your workspace easily. You can make back-up discs of major CD formats in four minutes for an80-minute CD. It supports a variety of blank media. The optical drives get longer life with the built-in high-quality industrial fan.

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Produplicator with LG Burners DVD Duplicator


With a burning speed of 2 to 4 minutes for CDs and five to eight minutes for DVDs, this machine has easily qualified as the best DVD duplicator in 2019. Its buffer speed is a high 128 megabytes. It has the most advanced 24X burners. It instantly recognizes the disc format and has system firmware that is simple to upgrade. It supports the following formats: 8.5GB DL Dual Layer DVD; 4.7GB DVD-R/RW; 80min/700MB CD-R;4.7GB DVD+R/RW; 74min/650MB CD-RW. It comes with free Nero software for dual layer copy writer copier tower.

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