In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best dual screen portable DVD players? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best dual screen portable DVD players on the market by reading expert reviews, feedback from owners and by examining the sales figures for the most popular models. From all the products we read about, we discovered that the Proscan PDVD1037 is the absolute best dual screen portable DVD player money can buy. Its gorgeous 10 inch dual screens allow two people watch the same content on different screens. Any kind of card you want to use with your DVD player is allowed, as this model works with USB sticks, SD and MMC cards, in order to stream the digital content stored on them with great ease. The model is also compatible with DVD, VCD and CD formats, so you will be able to play anything you like on it. The built in rechargeable battery prolongs the usability of this device. If you cannot find the Proscan PDVD1037 because it is no longer available, you can go for the Philips PD9012/37, which is a second best choice.



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A buying guide


If you’ve ever been on a car trip with children, you probably have thought to yourself how you can keep them entertained the entire trip without any fighting erupting between them. By using one of the most popular dual screen portable DVD players, you have the ability to do just that.

With a pair of these screens, you have the ability to throw on a movie and let the kids’ zone out during the long drive. The problem lies in trying to decide which DVD player set is the right one for you and your needs. We have created this guide to help you make that decision.

1.Proscan PDVD1037


Battery Life

Depending on how long of a trip you are going on, you will want to check to make sure your DVD player has enough battery life. Cheap dual screen portable DVD players will not have a long battery life and you may have to charge the devices frequently. Look for a device whose battery life is longer than three and a half hours. This will ensure that an entire movie or two can be watched before needing to be recharged.


Audio Jacks

There are only so many times you can listen Disney cartoons before you start to recite the lines word for word. You will want to choose one of the top ten DVD players that feature an audio jack for headphones. Ideally, the players should feature two audio jacks—one for each screen. Of course, if the model you choose only has one jack, you can purchase splitters that will let you turn a single audio jack into a connection for two headsets.


Screen Size

This is can be an important aspect because it plays a big role in how enjoyable the viewing experience can be. The larger the screen with high definition capabilities will engross the viewer and make them feel like they are watching a television. Just keep in mind that the larger the screen, the pricier your new dual screen portable DVD player will be.

Children aren’t the only people who can find enjoyment with one of the most popular models of portable DVD players. People of all ages can sit back, watch their favorite movie from any place, whether it is a plane, the backyard by the pool, or while lying in bed.



Models for specific needs:


Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player with Remote


Sylvania SDVD9805


For optimal portability, the Sylvania line of DVD players has released a twin/dual screen DVD player. These 9-inch wide screen devices have their own DVD player so that you can watch any movie at home and on the go. To watch the same movie on both screens, simply connect the two players together with the USB cord. You can control one or both screens with a remote control from anywhere in the vehicle. This feature makes the Sylvania dual screen DVD player one of the best dual screen portable DVD players with a remote available on the market today.


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Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player with Battery


Audiovox D7121ESK


The Audiovox dual screen DVD player has an extra screen that can be attacked to the primary screen that houses the DVD player. The devices can read CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW playback as well was JPEG movies. The devices use a rechargeable battery that can last for two hours on a single charge. Because of the single lithium-ion battery is able to be recharged using a 12-volt power adaptor, it is considered to be one of the best dual screen portable DVD players with a battery. While you are enjoying your favorite media files, you have the ability to use the quick connect bracket that fits on the headrest to securely lock the screens in place.


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Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player with USB


Sylvania SDVD8732


With this dual screen portable DVD player offered by Sylvania, you have the ability to enjoy your favorite movies wherever you go. The progressive scan DVD player can read several disc formats and the 7-inch widescreen display boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio—giving you crisp images while watching the movie. You can connect the two screens together with a USB cord so that you can enjoy various forms of media on both screens. This feature makes the Sylvania devices one of the best dual screen portable DVD player with USB capabilities. The screens feature a stereo audio output that you can plug in earphones (which are included), but the port also can work with any standard 3.5mm headphone.


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Top rated dual screen portable DVD players in 2019


While you have multiple choices when looking for the best portable DVD players under $75, it will be better if you will spend a little more for such product. By doing so, even if it will take more money on your part, you will be given the guarantee of enjoying a product with high quality and superior functionality.



Proscan PDVD1037


1.Proscan PDVD1037

One of the best dual screen portable DVD players for cars, the Proscan PDVD1037 is a great choice for anyone looking for a well rounded product. Featuring great performance and connectivity, this model is a consumers’ favorite.





The 10 inch dual screens are its most commendable feature, as it allows users to watch the same movie or video content on both screens, without having to huddle next to one another, which would be terribly inconvenient.

The model comes with a card reader for MMC and SD cards, and with USB connectivity so you can take any kind of storage with you on trips. Your preferred content will be displayed with high fidelity on the screens.

Great connectivity makes this DVD player a must have for many. The AV out, the headphone jack and the ability to play any kind of format contribute to the high popularity of this specific model.

The built in rechargeable battery makes it very convenient for prolonged usage.



One of the complaints related to the Proscan PDVD1037, mentioned by some buyers, is that the straps that should keep the screens attached to the headrest are a bit too flimsy.

A second drawback is that the earbuds provided are not the best quality.


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Philips PD9012/37


2.Philips PD9012-37

This 9-inch dual-screen portable DVD player offers great resolution, superior image quality and the ability to use it during car rides so that the passengers do not get bored until reaching the destination.





You can use the 9 inch screens for watching movies, listening to music and browsing through your photos while you are on the road.

The Philips PD9012/37 is very easy to install, and it comes with its own car adapter and mounting straps that truly make installation a breeze. With the help of a single cable, you will be able to install the DVD player in your vehicle, for your entire family’s enjoyment.

The model is compatible with different formats, such as DVDs, DVDRs, DVDRWs, VCDs and CDs. No matter what kind of storage is used for your content, you will be able to access it and enjoy it.

You will be able to watch the same movie on two different screens, so that everyone traveling in the same vehicle enjoys the same experience.



One of the issues mentioned by buyers is that the model does not come with a remote control, a feature skipped by the manufacturer in order to keep the costs low.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the straps must be pulled pretty hard in order to keep the screens in place.


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RCA DRC69705


A dual screen portable DVD player is a great idea whenever you feel like watching a movie with your friends or a loved one. You can use the RCA DRC69705 7-inch in the park, in the car or while you’re camping.

It has a smaller display than other similar products, but that makes it even easier to carry and more attractive for short trips that require little preparation. It has built-in speakers and headphone jacks, so you can either share or listen without disturbing anyone. Besides the DVD player and the additional screen, you’ll also receive a headrest mounting kit and AV power cable as well as a remote control and a car power adapter.



Most buyers were pleased that it has easy operation and a remote control.

It is a very compact DVD player, easy to carry or keep in the car and really nice to play with.

It’s great for keeping the little ones busy when they’re on long, dull trips. Impatient children, as well as tired parents, feel much better when watching cartoons or listening to music.



The cord for the charger is short. That can often be frustrating on mobile devices.

Most of the disappointment is related to the fact that the product has a short life compared to the expectations.


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Philips PD7012G/37


Are you looking for ways to improve the entertainment level in your car? A great suggestion would be this dual screen DVD player from Philips. The two 7” LCD TFT screens are easy to install and provide a good picture quality, so you don’t miss out on any details when watching DVD movies. Any passenger in your car can connect a pair of headphones to the DVD player thanks to its stereo jack. You will get a free CD with over 30 games, so no one gets bored through a long car drive. The price for this model is affordable, making this a popular choice in North America.



All the necessary parts come in its package, so installing the screens on the back of your headrests is done without hassle

The games offer a welcomed alternative, when listening tomusic doesn’t cut it anymore

Few buttons mean the units are very easy to control

Each unit has its own headphone jack, perfect for creating your own moving experience

A good picture quality, letting you enjoy your movies



If the second unit does become unplugged, you have to reconnect it, switch everything off and then back on again (all this will take you around 1 minute, so it’s not a big issue)

The second unit can cause problems occasionally as some customer reports suggest (we advise getting in touch with the Philips customer service if this problem persists)


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Philips PD9016/37


Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Player Reviews This 9-inch portable DVD player promises to be excellent both in terms of video and audio quality. It is equipped with two widescreens that can play different contents at the same time. The crisp and vibrant colors of its screen, made possible by its excellent resolution, will make the images as natural as possible. More so, in terms of sound quality, it has built-in stereo speakers that can promise an immersive entertainment experience, regardless of your location.



This portable dual DVD player comes with 2 9-inch widescreen LCD displays and special headphone jacks which ensure intimate listening

Designed as a thrilling portable entertainment system the PD9016/37 dual DVD player once installed in a car becomes the central spot for fun

It incorporates built-in stereo speakers and high resolution displays that raise the quality of each movie, TV show or music video played

Compatible with most of the current CD and DVD formats this dual DVD player is also backed by an exclusive 1 year warranty against malfunction



The AV cables lengths match small and medium sized cars front seats back whereas in the case of SUVs they might be too short

Does not come with a remote control


“Philips PD9016/37 dual screen DVD player is all that I could want from such a device. It offers a top picture quality, the battery life is great and I can easily take it with me in my messenger bag. I don’t think I exaggerate if I state that this is the best dual screen portable DVD player 2019.”  Theresa Hartzell


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RCA DRC79982 Mobile


Get yourself this dual DVD player from RCA for a very advantageous price, install it in your car and be entertained by it on those long car rides. The two 9 inch screen can be mounted easily wherever you please and the whole device can play DVDs, CDs and can show JPG picures. You can control it even by remote control, making it one of the best dual screen portable DVD players in 2019.



Regarded by satisfied customers as the best dual screen portable dvd player with wireless headphones the DRC79982 features two high quality 9 inch screens which can display movies, TV shows and music videos

The model comes with headrest mounting straps which permits users to easily install each of the two screens with minimal effort

Incorporating an easy to use remote control and special DC power adapters this mobile DVD player transforms road trips into fun experiences

Comes with built-in speakers which ensure a complete audio experience while playing music videos



The remote control does not include a volume button

Cables length shorter than in the case of other models


“My car’s entertainment has definitely become much more interesting once I installed RCA DRC79982. One screen is on my dashboard and the other one on the back of the driver seat. Movies look great and my car’s audio system makes the atmosphere better. My experience with it has made me believe it’s one of the most reliable dual screen portable DVD players in 2019. I was thrilled to see it was discounted on Black Friday and the only possible outcome was me buying it.” – Donald M. Willis


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Sylvania SDVD8737


The convenient mounting system of this model is one of the reasons on why it is given positive feedback in many best dual screen portable DVD player reviews. There is no need to exert too much effort in having it mounted, as you only need to have it inserted on the mounting strap that is included in the package. It is also worth noting that this DVD player has 16:9 aspect ratio, which provides excellent on-screen resolution.



Seen by thousands of users as the best dual screen portable dvd player with wireless headphones the SDV8738 makes it extremely easy for people to enjoy movies and TV shows whenever they are on the road

The portable dvd player comes with 2 widescreen 7-Inch LCDs which render bright and clear images during various videos played

It can be used to play PAL, NTSC discs, DVD+/-R, CDs and DVD+/-RW with no problems whatsoever thus expanding the entertainment sources

Including a special AC/Car adapter and also mounting straps the DVD player easily finds its way in the car



Does not include SD or USB card


“I saw that this portable DVD player had a cheap price, its customer reviews were positive as well and after seeing movies on it for about 2 months I believe I’ve made an excellent acquisition. I sometimes use it in the car or when I’m taking long trips and in both cases, it takes the boredom away. Plus, it only costs under $75. ” – Pauline A. Turner  


Buy from for ($74.99)




RCA DRC6272 – Not available


Aside from being able to play multiple file types, this model is also good because it can be connected to multiple devices, such as game consoles and TV, among others. When asked for the things that they like about this product, it is common for users to mention the remote control that is included, which is seldom offered in other competing models. With such, it is easier for people to control its functions and configure its settings, even from a distance.

“I use this dual portable DVD player in my car’s interior and it provides entertainment for my passengers, most often my two kids. They are easy to install, I am very happy with the picture quality and the price I’ve paid for them was affordable. I agree with the best dual screen portable DVD player reviews and consider this one of the best models for the money I paid for it.” – M.G. Bolz


Axion LMD-7970 – Not Available


From the way it looks, it is easy to tell that this DVD player is sturdy. It is made from high quality materials and is embedded with exceptional design, which makes it possible for such to have an extended functional life. It is also common for the best dual screen portable DVD player reviews to note that this is excellent because of the crystal-clear video quality. Complemented by superior audio experience, this can provide mobile entertainment experience that is unsurpassed by others.

“My son likes watching cartoons when we take him for a ride and sometimes it’s hard to convince him to get out of the car if the cartoon is not over. I am pleased by the picture quality of Axion LMD-7970 and believe it’s one of the highest rated dual portable DVD players for any car interior.” – Lorene Cardella


Audiovox D7121ESK – Not Available


One of the best things about this model is the headrest quick-release mountings system, making it easier to be snapped. More so, this is also a good choice basically because the tilt angles are fully-adjustable, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed view from different positions. It is powered by Li-Polymer battery that will allow its longer functionality compared to the models that are powered by batteries of lower quality.

“All the features of Audiovox D7121ESK are to my liking and I can enjoy watching my favorite series or a movie when I have time and I’m on the road. The battery life lasts for 2 full movies and I also recommend it for its low price. I really got a great Xmas present this year.” – Daniel Scott




How to choose a new dual screen portable DVD player in 2019 – What to look for


portdualWhen you are undertaking a long car ride, you need devices to entertain you and your passengers. One such device is the portable DVD player. You can take it with you wherever you go and watch movies whenever you want. Having a dual screen portable DVD player i s even better. With one such model you can share the movie experience you are having with someone else, without having to watch the same display. A high number of models can be bought, but not all of them are of high quality. No source of info will be more reliable than the best dual screen portable DVD player reviews.

To be sure that what you are buying is of good quality, we are going to present some essential features. Once you have read them, you will decide which is best dual screen portable DVD player in 2019 for your needs. We will start with the screen size, which normally should be around 7 to 9 inches in diagonal. Anything smaller than this standard size, we believe can only be useful if you have a small car. The best place for a display is to strap it to the back of the car’s front seats.

In the making of this buying guide, we have used the info presented in professional potable DVD player reviews. These pieces of information they offer have been filtered by us, focusing only on the most important features which need to be found in a reliable model.

Next you have to see how much its battery life will hold out and for this we recommend consulting customer reports. Such reports are very accurate in their description. Manufacturers often exaggerate the possibilities of the batteries fitted to their DVD players. But if you plan to use both displays in your vehicle, then this wouldn’t be a big issue. In this scenario they will consume energy from the car’s battery.

While the video quality is high for every DVD player, the audio quality can sometimes be a bit of a problem. A DVD player must have a headphone jack, with a second one being optional. Normally such a device comes with an integrated speaker or maybe even two. The sound produced by the speakers is not of good quality in most cases.We recommend you to have additional speakers, if you aren’t using your headphones. Moving on to the connectivity options, most portable DVD players are able to connect easily to a plasma TV for example. And, of course, an HDMI port is the best thing you can get from such a device. Other secondary features can a be present, granting you more possibilities:

– a micro SD slot;

– Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for more connectivity options;

– the ability to read CDs;

– being able to be controlled by a universal remote.


Read our reviews, besides this buying guide, for even more information about different models. The obvious conclusion will be that you are going to get a top notch model, which might even be the best dual screen portable DVD player in 2019. If used in the car, it can provide top entertainment for all your passengers.


Things to consider:

–  a large display;

–   long battery life;

–  Top video and audio quality;

–   Easy connectivity options.