If you have limited time and you can’t afford to read all the information you need about the best dual LiPo charger, you can be sure to find what you need right here. With just a paragraph, we can tell you everything you wanted to know. We’ve gathered the details about the best dual LiPo charger by exploring expert review sites and reading customer feedback. The product that brings more advantages than the others on our list is the Tenergy TB6AC. It is a versatile product that can accept three different types of lithium based batteries. You can make full use of it thanks to the high-power 50 W output. With an integrated voltage balancer, you can spare time and effort. Even better, you can decide to maximize speed by using Fast mode or favor long-time storage with the corresponding mode. If you’ve searched for the Tenergy TB6AC and haven’t found it, then you should consider the HiTec RCD 44164 Ultima as a reliable alternative.



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Purchasing a single or dual battery LiPo charger nowadays is quite a daunting task, and that’s mostly because the market is overflowing with good-quality products. So, which one should you pick? If you’ve decided to investigate the topic and do some research on your own, you’re on the right track. If, on the other hand, you’d like to simplify your buying process by consulting all the vital information using a single source, we suggest having a look at the following guide. It’s packed with crucial details you might need to take into account if you want to get the best product with the right value and the most appropriate price.1.Duratrax Onyx 245

Power supplies and input voltage requirements

These kinds of chargers can be split up into two main categories. Some of them use an external power source and others come with built-in power supplies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? While going for the self-contained alternative is highly convenient and may prove to be less of a headache in the long run, what you need to consider is that this kind of enclosure has a high chance of delivering a lower power output than its counterpart. For instance, even if you were to get the best dual output LiPo charger, if it comes with a built-in power supply, it might be less impressive in regards to the power output.

The power supply can significantly increase the cost of a unit, so be sure to correlate the base price of the model you want to purchase with your own budget.


Maximum and minimum charge rate

Not all battery packs are created the same, just as not all chargers are built following the same principles and concepts. That is why it is often times important to think of the types of battery packs you’re most likely to use with your charger. The fact of the matter is that no charger works with one type of battery, mainly because there are so many kinds out there. The minimum and the maximum charge rate has to be in compliance with the battery model you own. Some units require a very low charge rate, which is why it’s sometimes a good idea to go for a charger that comes with the lowest minimum charge rate possible. This detail will make sure that your battery doesn’t get damaged while being charged.

How about if you plan to charge your battery pack as quickly as possible? In that event, you need to choose a charger that comes with a fast charging feature, which means that you won’t be forced to wait for several hours before your battery pack can finally be used again.


Number of ports

Most of the models we’ve come across are dual chargers, which means that they allow the user to charge two LiPo batteries at the same time. However, single-port models still exist, even though they’re slowly but surely becoming obsolete. Typically, choosing a charger that comes with as many ports as possible is a serious investment, as some of the units we’ve stumbled upon can be utilized to charge up to four battery packs at a time. Of course, this depends on whether or not you have single-cell or multiple-cell batteries. Just how many batteries do you plan on using and charging and which type do you use most frequently?


Brand and warranty

While these two factors might look like they’re less important compared to the ones we’ve already showcased, they still matter a great deal. For one, try to stick to manufacturers that have some sort of representative in your state. Second, be sure to choose a brand of which the customer service is somewhat well-known for treating buyers with respect. Finally, since such a charger isn’t the least expensive thing in the world, it sure would come in handy if it were protected by a warranty of at least a year. This detail is rather reassuring, as you’ll know you can return the product and then get a replacement or a refund if, for some reason, you find that it does not fit your expectations.2.Duratrax Onyx 240


If you have the time, perhaps it’s a good idea to check out some LiPo charger reviews. One of the most commonly used marketplaces for this kind of purchase is Amazon, where people can express their opinions in regards to the performance of the products they’ve bought. Go through both negative and positive ratings to find out just what you can expect from a model.



Top rated Dual Lipo Chargers in 2021




Tenergy TB6AC


If you cannot still get settled with a specific choice in this product category, there is no more need for you to look any further as this model can already prove to be best. One thing that you will enjoy about this product is its longevity, which allows such to withstand an extended period of use.

This charger has the ability to deliver high power and high performance, which are very important in ensuring the reliability of what you will choose. It also comes with an LCD display that will provide you with immediate notifications pertaining to charging status.



As one of the most reliable dual Li-Po charger models from Tenergy, the TB6AC AC/DC dual power can easily accommodate 3 major types of Lithium batteries (LiFe, LiPo and Lilo)

Due to its solid construction and fluid charging power the dual power unit can be used in order to simultaneously charge two batteries thus saving time

The unit comes with a built-in smart charging system which balances the power process and also limits the appearance of problems to the battery

Due to its flexible power output the charger can support Tamiya, JST, Mini Tamiya, Deans, EC3 and Hitec connectors, common in households



Does not come with a sensor cable (sold separately)


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HiTec 441665 Ultima X2


Your search for the top rated dual LiPo charger in 2021 should end by the time that you learn about this model. It is being considered by many as a promising option, basically because of its set of features that can rival those that claim to be the best within the product category. Based on the opinions of those who have used such in the past, many have enjoyed the fact that it charges quickly.

However, as it charges quickly, keep in mind that the cells are not balanced. It has the ability to monitor individual voltage and can be store the battery for a long period without affecting its functionality.



A new product from HiTec, called the 441665 UltimaX2, managed to impress with its capacity to fully charge Lithium, NiMH, NiCd and Lead Acid battery packs in record time

This unit is fitted with 2 200 watt power ports which means it can deliver 10 Amps of current fast and without damaging in any way the battery

Fully compatible with Li-Ion, 1-6 cell LiPo, NiCd, 1-18 cell NiMH and 1-12 cells Pb batteries this dual charger can be used to charge two batteries simultaneously

This powerful dual charger features a mini USB port that can be used to connect to a PC in order to view charging graphs and discharge curves for proper power management



The charging interface requires a bit of accommodation time

Contains small parts which makes them inappropriate for children use


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Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus


3.Traxxas EZ-Peak

The Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus might be worth taking into account if you are still prospecting the market for a new dual LiPo charger and haven’t found one that best suits your needs and preferences. The neat thing about this option is that it can be used both with LiPo and NiMH batteries both safely and efficiently, thus protecting your investments. What’s more, this is a relatively easy to use model that poses no technical difficulties to users, regardless of their technical knowledge.



It’s among the most affordable products in the line.

It can charge both NiMH and LiPo batteries at the same time.

The interface of the product is easy to use and allows buyers to perform modifications so that they integrate their batteries as best as possible.

It’s the perfect alternative for people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy, as the Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus is more than capable of recognizing the type of battery that is being charged so that it updates its settings automatically.



It might not work just as well when other brands of batteries are being used.

The plastic cover looks a tad cheap and somewhat fragile, which is why some buyers have reported this inconvenience, even though it’s not a deal-breaker.


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Duratrax Onyx 240


Being made by the same manufacturer as the product that has been mentioned above, this is another option that will surely not lead into frustration when it comes to the best dual LiPo charger in 2021. The backlit LCD of the unit will easily let you know the status of charging. This has been considered by many as an exceptional replacement from the old ones that they have, which mostly can handle only one battery per charging. Since this model is a dual charger, you can save some time since two batteries will be charged simultaneously.



Finding the best dual Li-Po charger can be a challenge to even individuals that know exactly what to look for in a product. For smooth charging performance we recommend the Onyx 240 Dual Charger from DuraTrax, a model which won’t disappoint

This powerful AC/DC dual charger comes equipped with a visible backlit LCD which helps users to view better the charging stats

Designed for electric devices that work on NiCd and NiMH batteries this unit can easily charge two batteries at the same time

With an AC input voltage of 110 V this dual charger can be connected to standard power outlets



Can’t turn off the sound alarm but on the long run it is important to be noticed when the battery is fully charged


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Duratrax Onyx 245 – Not Available


Best Dual Lipo Charger ReviewsUpon reading the best dual LiPo charger reviews, you will see that this is one model that never fails to gather positive feedback from its users. Among others, one thing that is frequently highlighted about this product is that it is compatible not only with LiPo batteries, but in other kinds of batteries as well. With its versatility, it can provide the best value for your money since you do not need to buy multiple chargers for different types of batteries. To make sure that there will be no problem as it is used, the charger comes with a current overload protection.



More and more people are now trying to find a clear answer to the question which product is the best from the dual chargers available on the market. According to the reviews that we consulted it seems that the Onyx 245 AC/DC charger from DuraTrax is a reliable unit to own

Features the exclusive Lipo balancing system which ensures that the right voltage input is set and directed in the batteries

It can be used to safely charge 4 to 8 cell NiCd, 1 to 3 cell Lipo or NiMH batteries, thus covering the most used types of batteries on the market

Fully compatible with LiFe, LiPo, NiCd and NiMH batteries this dual charger can be used to simultaneously charge two batteries, helping users save important time



The blue backlight can be hard to read at night

Doesn’t offer the possibility of disabling the audio beeps when the battery is fully charged




Thunder AC680 Professional – Not Available


If you are still trying to evaluate the different choices that are available when it comes to the best dual LiPo charger in 2021, there is no need for you to look any further as this is one option that can prove to be best. This is also a good option when it comes to flexibility as it can be functional in charging a variety of lithium batteries. It has fast charge technology that will make it possible for the batteries to be charged in the absence of waiting for a long time. It also has various smart functionalities that make it a cut above the other choices that you might stumble upon.