If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best dsl modems money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best dsl modems on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even followed social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Zoom Telephonics 5792 is the best model for sale because of its versatility and ability to support faster download speeds. This modem and router combo can provide a fast, stable and secure internet connection for all of your wireless devices, including gaming consoles and smartphones. It is designed to be incredibly easy to set up, and you can even access this dsl modem from remote locations. If the Zoom Telephonics 5792 isn’t available in your area and you don’t want to wait for this modem with wireless router to be restocked, you could consider the Netgear D6200 as a second best option.



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The internet is more than a guiding force in today’s society. People with computers need to connect them to the internet and safely access various websites. Setting up a home or office network needs to be done with high quality devices. Given that networking technology is changing with each passing year, it stands to reason to keep track of the newest modems and routers out there. Today there is a growing interest for professional DSL modems, designed to set a proper connection to the internet. Fortunately the market offers different types DSL modems, designed to meet the standards of home and office use. Who makes the best product? Well, at the end of this buying guide you will be able to identify the right product, capable of maintaining a solid connection to the internet.

2.Zoom Telephonics DSL WiFi Modem

In our research on the top ten DSL modem models, we learned more about their basic structure and features. It is important to know them if you want to narrow the selection process down to one or two products faster. Investing in a high quality DSL modem becomes way easier once you understand how the DSL broadband technology works. A DSL (digital subscriber line) modem can be used in order to connect a computer or router to an existing DSL configured telephone line. This particular connection ensures access to broadband internet networks. From a technical perspective, the device offers users the chance to enjoy high internet speeds. Choosing the best rated DSL modem becomes easier once you understand the interaction between computer and your home DSL connection. Most of the current DSL modems use frequencies from 20 KHz to 2.2 MHz, ideal to help people place video/audio calls without problems. Even though people normally buy DSL modems as a way to replace old units, you can buy new ones to enhance the network’s internet stability.


How to spot the best product for the money? Well, this question needs to be handled with attention and patience since there are a lot of things to take into account. A good modem will ensure heightened and stable connection to the internet. You should know that a wireless router can’t work without a modem. Modems are the ideal option for creating home networks, accessible when needed. If you are worried about price you can wait for the Black Friday deals on top products. In this particular day you will be able to invest in a high quality product without spending too much money.



It is important for the DSL modem to be fully compatible with the DSL service provided by internet provider. The modem needs to match the signal protocol with the following types of connections like ADSL, SDSL, HDSL and VDSL. A professional DSL modem for Christmas is a great gift for persons that love to access the internet on a daily basis.


Things to consider:

–         A RJ-11 DSL port, reset button and Fast Ethernet port which improves your control over the connectivity sources

–         ADSL, SDSL and VDSL signal protocols for a smooth connection to the internet

–         A safe data transmission which permits you to access different websites without worrying about lag or frames

–         A user-friendly setup CD which ensures you easily install the modem



Top rated DSL modems in 2022


In drafting the best DSL modem reviews we analysed the structure and functions of over 45 models. After expanding the research to 2 full weeks, we reduced the initial list down to five efficient products. A good DSL modem needs to offer swift connection to the internet, enough bandwidth to stream online movies or play different games. In addition such modems need to incorporate ports for fast connections to other devices. With a better understanding on what makes each modem great, you will be able to invest in a professional product. This is why we drafted brief presentations on some of the best DSL modems you can buy today.





Zoom Telephonics 5792


1.Zoom Telephonics DSL WiFi ModemFeaturing 4 Ethernet ports and the ability to support up to 253 WiFi enabled devices, this modem and wireless router might be just what you need to keep everyone connected at home or in the office. The 5792 from Zoom Telephonics is manufactured in the United States and comes with the versatility and flexibility you need for everyone to accomplish their tasks. It will assign higher bandwidths according to priority, and the modem can even be used as a bridge with an external router. Designed to be easy to set up and with all of the tools you need included, the 5792 also comes at an affordable price.



The 5792 is capable of downloading content rich sites and games at speeds up to 27 Mbps.

You will appreciate how easy the router is to set up, even from remote locations and it comes with plenty of innovative security features to keep your personal data safe.

This modem and router from Zoom Telephonics will automatically assign bandwidth based on the device’s priority.

It also comes with online support for gaming, along with several diagnostic tools so you can easily identify and resolve most problems.



Some consumers have noted that the WiFi signal can be weak in certain places and have added an antenna to resolve the problem. While this will effectively improve signal strength, it also negates the included warranty.

There have been a few mentions that some laptops occasionally drop the signal when connected via the 5792, but this is generally an issue with the computer and not the modem or router.


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Netgear D6200


According to the present best DSL modem reviews underline the efficiency of Netgear D6200 WiFi DSL modem router. This model uses the next generation WiFi technology with advanced 300+867 Mbps speeds. It comes with built-in ADSL2+ modem which will create a high speed internet network. You will enjoy high speeds due to the 802.11n technology. In addition, the router offers simultaneous dual band which helps you stream HD online videos or play different games. It is the perfect modem for large families or small offices. The modem is fully compatible with DSL providers such as Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink and others.



As one of the best DSL modem under $500 from Netgear, the D6200 WiFi unit can deliver fluid speeds that range from 300 to 867 Mbps, optimal for stable transitions from website to website

The device comes with built-in ADSL2+ technology which ensures high speed internet connections, making it ideal for home or office use

Compatible with the current top DSL internet providers that may include Verizon, AT&T or CenturyLink, this wireless router sets the basis for a solid internet connection

Features ReadySHARE Cloud which permits users to remotely access the USB hard drive, for fast web browsing



The router comes with only one Ethernet cable (spare one available for purchase)


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Actiontec GT784WN


It is very important to have in your home a reliable DSL modem router, capable of creating a solid network. Now, you can opt to invest in Actiontec Wireless-N DSL modem router, which comes equipped with 802.11n technology. This powerful modem router gives you the possibility to browse from one webpage to the next, at impressive speeds of 300 Mbps. It features MIMO smart antennas that manage to expand the wireless signal range without having to worry about “dead” spots. Install the device is more than easy given the automatic configuration settings. No more confusing installation CDs or guides!



Most of the current DSL modem ratings best to worst gave the GT784WN model from Actiontec Wireless-N high marks of efficiency, making the device ideal for homes or small offices

Equipped with 802.11n wireless technology this unit can set the basis for fluid Internet surfing at speeds up to 300 Mbps, with no lag or frames

This wireless router features durable MIMO Smart antennas, which significantly enhance the wireless signal around the house while also diminishing the appearance of “dead spots”

Comes fitted with advanced wireless security, more precisely WPA and WPA2 encryption which makes surfing on the web safer



Some installation is needed but the automatic configuration makes all the work

The DSL model comes with only one power cord (spare one sold separately)


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TP-Link TDW8980


Best DSL modem reviewsFinding the best DSL modem in 2022 can be pretty challenging given the multiple possibilities available to you. Today, you have the possibility to use TP-Link TDW8980 N600 wireless dual band. This modem router is a robust technical device with advanced clear 5GHz band. It offers a total bandwidth of 600 Mbps which transforms daily online tasks easy. You will be able to play online games without worrying about lag or watch online movies without experiencing frames. This router offers 4 gigabit LAN ports which you can use to add different devices. The time has come to create a solid network in your home!



Which product is the best from the ones available on the market? Recent online surveys demonstrated that the TD-W8980 wireless dual-band from TP-Link, a model which incorporates the features of a router, modem and switch

Offers dual band wireless technologies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) which work to offer amazing 300 Mbps internet speeds, optimal for smooth transitions from one website to another

Due to the powerful 5 GHz band, this wireless router ensures fast internet speeds and handles very well heavy bandwidth tasks such as online gaming or HD movie streaming

Features 4 ports which ensures fast data transfer with speeds up to 1000 Mbps, ideal to connect other devices such as NAS, printers, media devices and TVs



Does not offer users the possibility to create a Guest Network

It is not compatible with Comcast Internet because the router does not support DOCSIS 3 protocol


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Motorola 2247-N8


In order to create a reliable network in your home, opt with confidence for a top rated DSL modem in 2022 from Motorola, 2247-N8 Wireless DSL modem. This model combines 4-port Ethernet switch, ADSL2+ and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi radio which permits quick access to the internet with ease. With the modem, you will enjoy having access to the ideal network without having to worry about lag or frames. It features full support for Wi-Fi Multi-media which ensures Quality of service (QoS) for precise Wi-Fi delivery or streaming HD video quality. This modem is very easy to install, taking only a couple of minutes of your time.



What is the best product from the DSL modems available on the market today? Most of the reviews that we consulted underline the solid construction of the 2247-N8 wireless DSL modem from Motorola

Equipped with ADSL2+ technology and with 802.11b/g/n WiFi, the wireless DSL model allows people to easily install a good network, accessible when needed

Designed as a great addition to small business, home or home offices this DSL modem supports WiFi Multi-media and Voice-over-IP applications

Due to the 4 10/100 Ethernet ports this unit represents the right tool to set a productive home network, connectable with printers, game consoles or TVs



Some installation is needed but the user manual provides the right assistance

Setting the network password takes a while


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Motorola 2210-02


Are you searching for the best DSL modem in 2022? Well, if you are consider learning more things about Motorola 2210-02 DSL modem. This powerful modem is perfect for streaming different media or download movies at high speed. It also features Ethernet interface for precise connectivity and a state of the art built-in firewall. This sleek device can be installed with ease and delivers smooth results every time you access the internet.  It offers 2-level password protected access which prevents intruders from accessing your network. Furthermore the modem from Motorola supports TR-069, TR-104, CLI, Ethernet, and UPnP for enhanced connectivity.



One of the most reliable DSL modem models from Motorola is the 2210-02, a unit which can be used in order to create a strong network, needed to surf the internet

This wireless unit features 1 10/100 Baste-T Ethernet port which can ensure fast internet connections, optimal for HD movie viewing or playing online games

The DSL modem ensures 2 level password protected access that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing it

Even though a cheap product the unit can be installed vertically or horizontally, ideal for flexible positioning of the device in various rooms of the house



Minor installation is needed (use the user guide)


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