If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best drywall sanders money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best drywall sanders on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we looked have looked at the Porter-Cable 7800 is the best model for sale because of its lightweight and easy to operate design. Weighing only 8.5 pounds you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue on larger jobs, and this drywall sander also comes with a convenient strap that makes handling and mounting a breeze. Variable speeds make it easy to control the amount of sanding, and the 13 foot long hose ensures a virtually dustless work area. If the Porter-Cable 7800 isn’t readily available in your area and if the job can’t wait until it is back in stock, you could consider the Festool Planex as the second best option.



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Whether you flip houses for a living or you just want to prepare for a home renovation, you will want to find the best drywall sander for the money. These devices can save you both time and energy while you are changing the look of you home.

While we cannot tell you which drywall sander is the best, we can provide you with some useful information that will help you choose what’s the best device for your needs.



We won’t lie, some of the highest rated drywall sanders can be pretty pricy. These expensive models are typically high grade machines where the speeds can reach 2000 RPM. What would you say if we told you could find cheaper models that have higher RPMs? It is possible to find affordable sanders that are within budget and boast speeds that rival (and sometimes even surpass) the expensive brands. Just remember that price doesn’t always equate to quality.


Speed and Power

As mentioned above, the speed of the sander is very important. The higher the speed that the device functions on, the quicker the job can be completed. You will want to look for a sander that allows you to control the speed of the device. You don’t want to work on a tough surface like popcorn ceilings with a machine with low speeds—you would be there for ages!

Along with the speed, the overall power the device has is important. The average sander should be around 4 amps. This is plenty of power to overcome toughest surface problems.


Dust Reduction

While you are sanding your drywall, you will experience a lot of dust. You want to find a drywall sander with a vacuum attachment which will greatly eliminate the dust factor. Not only will this be an excellent feature when it comes to clean up, but it also has a health benefit. While it is recommended that you wear a dust mask while operating a sander, by purchasing a sander with a vacuum attachment, you are greatly reducing the dust that you may inhale or that could circulate through the rest of the house.

While speaking of a vacuum hose, you will want to make sure the hose is long enough so that you can reach every inch of the room you are sanding in one shot, rather than having to use a sand block for those areas just out of your reach.


A drywall sander may not be something you think you will need in your garage, but when it comes time for a new paint job in a bedroom or removing the textured ceiling from the hallway, you will be counting your blessings that you own one. We hope the information in this guide will help you choose the best device for your needs.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Drywall Sander with Vacuum Attachment


Porter-Cable 7800


The portable cable drywall sander offered by Porter-Cable features a 13-foot vacuum hose that will dissipate static. This hose is one of the reasons why this particular sander is considered to be one of the best drywall sanders with a vacuum attachment on the market. The device weighs only eight and a half pounds, which makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to move from job to job. You can change the speed of the device from 1400 RPM to 2000 RPM which makes quick work for even the toughest jobs. The hook and loop strap design makes it easy for mounting and handling while the large sanding pad allows you to cover a wider surface area.


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Best Drywall Sander for Popcorn Ceiling


Festool 571579 Planex LHS 225


For reliability, the drywall sander from Festool features two-speed gears that can give you a quick and efficient removal of difficult materials on walls and ceilings. Because of this, the tool has been listed as one of the best drywall sanders for popcorn ceiling removal. The section power of the Planex sander greatly reduces any dust, which makes clean up a breeze, not to mention giving you the peace of mind in knowing you are not inhaling all the drywall dust. The tool can be adjusted to allow you to reach high ceilings and when the job is done, you can break it down into a convenient size suitable for easy storage, thanks to the modular design. The variable suction of the machine greatly reduces the amount of fatigue you will experience, as it virtually supports its own weight during use.


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Top rated drywall sanders in 2022


Sanding the walls of your house is inevitable. You need an efficient and effective dry wall sander machine to do this.  There are different types of sanders whose prices vary depending on the quality of the sander. These best drywall sander reviews give overviews of the best sanders in use nowadays. The most popular models of dry wall sanders are Porter cable 7800, Aleko 690E, Festool 571579 Planex. I have tried these models and the results were very impressive.




Porter Cable 7800


Best drywall sander reviews

This is a durable, light sander that is comfortable to use. The product has a long hose to facilitate the sanding activity.  Powered by an electric motor, this model is very effective for sanding. The best drywall sander reviews say that it has a fairly large surface area that is in contact with the walls when sanding. This saves the time spent in sanding. I recommend this model because it is very efficient to use. Its efficiency is due to the fact that it consumes less energy and you can sand a large area within a short duration of time.



The best Porter Cable drywall sander reviews underline the smooth efficiency of the 7800, an innovative tool which delivers 4.7 Amps of pure sanding power, needed to complete a wide range of tasks without problems

It features a variable speed trigger which offer people the chance to control 1400 to 2000 RPM speeds, more than enough to gently sand even rougher surfaces of ceilings or walls

Designed in the United Sates of America this powerful drywall sander from Porter Cable incorporates a 13-foot static resistant vacuum hose which significantly removes any harmful debris or dust during all phases of the sanding task without compromising mobility

Due to the highly resistant hook-and-loop straps contractors easily handle the drywall sander even while using it on walls, ceilings or hard to reach areas



Includes only one sanding pad (there are more pads available for purchase at affordable prices)

The instruction manual should offer more information on sanding techniques but there are some specialized sites that might help


The traditional and tiring process of sanding has been replaced for me by Porter Cable 7800 Sander. This sander is one of a kind and it helps me cut down on the effort I put into sanding, while also finishing the job in a more professional way. ” Chris Boyer


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Festool 571579 Planex


This model of a drywall sander is arguably the best model in the market.  Its features are similar to those found in the Porter Cable 7800 model although Festool model is superior to the Porter cable model.  I love the ease with which this model works when sanding. The performance of this dry wall sander is better than that of all the other models in the market that attempt to imitate it. Its large area of contact with the walls and the long hose makes it less strenuous to use the device for sanding walls. An important point to note is that this product is quite expensive. The price ranges from $1050 – $1100.



This powerful drywall sander comes with a modular design which permits people to safely sand drywall and even plaster different areas of the house with minimal physical effort

Equipped with a useful dust collection this robust drywall sander safely gathers dust and debris during each phase of the work thus keeping the whole process neat and clean

Manufactured in Germany this professional drywall sander weighs only 19.5 pounds which makes it fairly easy to manage during long and challenging hours of work

Backed by an exclusive 3 year manufacturer warranty it comes as no surprise that the 571579 Planex is placed right next to the best Porter Cable drywall sander 2022



Some assembly is needed (consult the user manual with attention and the installation process becomes easier)

The included storage case has a flimsy locking mechanism but the ingenious compartments for each of the tool’s components makes it for this tiny issue (simply re-check the case to determine whether or not it is properly closed)


Purchasing Festool 571579 Planex Sander i was not a waste of money as this product can deliver good results compared to other sanding products that imitate it. The drywall sander is undeniably a good investment.” Bart Pritchard


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Goplus 750W 


This device is likely to catch your attention because it comes fitted with a durable and easy-to-adjust telescopic handle. Besides, this alternative includes swivel heads that can reach low and high points, so that you can get the job done with little to no effort.

Besides, this choice is likely to pass the test of time as it was made using high-quality materials such as a heavy-duty aluminum frame and handle and shells that are constructed from polyamides. The device has no less than six variable speed controls. Its maximum revolving speed is of 2000 revolutions per minute.



This device is light in weight. Consequently, you won’t find it difficult to maneuver it. On top of that, it features a grip handle for easy movement.

When shipped, this option comes fitted with a built-in brush as well as with an extra hose that, according to the seller, can be connected to your vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning the resulted dust.

Moreover, the model comes supplied with numerous accessories such as hexagon wrenches, a screwdriver, carton brushes, bolts and many others.

The seller pointed out that this product has a compact construction that features sealing elements in all its joints.



There have been owners that were unhappy that the item is not entirely dustproof.

A handful of buyers noted that this option is not as light in weight as they had expected it to be.


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Festool RTS 400 EQ


The strength of this model is enough to persuade you to buy it. It is one of the strongest sanders that you will find in the market.  Although it does not have a long hose, its small size makes it quite comfortable to work with. Another advantage of the model is that it so light that you can use it for many hours without getting tired. The price for the model ranges from $235-$250. This sander can comfortably be held by both hands or by one hand while sanding.

With the new Festool RTS 400 EQ Sander, I can easily finish walls  without worrying too much and getting too tired. The reality is that the product is easy to use and of high quality. I was even lucky enough to get this drywall sander for Xmas. ” Frank Isenberg


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Products which are no longer available



Aleko 690E


This is another great model of a dry wall sander. I loved working with this model because it requires less effort to sand walls.  The product has a convenient size and weight that helps you to sand a large area without getting fatigued. In addition, the model works very fast and enables you to save time. Generally, this model performs better than most of the traditional models.  Aleko 690E is less expensive than the Porter Cable 7800 model.  The price of Aleko 690E model ranges from about $150-$250 and in some instances, this price covers the shipping charges.



Designed to help people sand even hard to reach of the ceiling or walls the 690E vacuum sander comes with a sturdy telescopic handle which adds comfort and stability during work

Due to its continuous input power of 600 W this heavy duty drywall sander offers users the chance to manage a variable speed from 1000 to 2000 RPM

It features a long 14 feet hose for added mobility during sanding jobs and also 6 sander discs to use when needed

The dust collection hose is very flexible, matching user’s need for clean working environments and accurate sanding results



The images present in the instruction manual are pretty hard to decipher but the installation process is fairly easy

The sander can be a bit heavy while performing overhead tasks but due to its lightweight format does wonders for small sanding tasks around the house


“The Aleko 690E Sander is quite affordable compared to other drywall sanders and it works really well. Also because it is light, I don’t get tired when finishing a ceiling. I bought it for under $150 with a Black Friday discount. ” Mark Pettawa



Bosch 1294VSK


This is a top quality sander. Its long hose makes it easy to use as it requires very little effort by the users.  The light weight is another factor that makes it easy to use the sander. Besides the ease of use, this model can last for long without the need for a replacement. In addition, its spare parts are readily available in the market hence no need to worry in case some parts of the device need to be replaced.

The Bosch 1294 VSK Sander Kit has been in my possession for almost a year and I hasn’t failed me so far. It feels very sturdy, so I know durability is not a problem for it. I sand everything the way I want it, with this most reliable sander. I may not know exactly who makes the best drywall sander, but I do know that this product is certainly one of the top 10 models in 2022.” Luke Norris




Drywall Sander — What to Look For:


drywlWhether you are a professional carpenter or are a real American handyman, you know the difficulty of sanding a drywall. You can make your life easier if you have the right protective equipment with you and also the necessary tools. When talking about tools you can opt for the classical hand operated sanders, which require a lot of effort. Or you can go for the new drywall sanders, which use electricity and make work easier for you. But knowing how to get the best drywall sanders in 2022, will require you to remember a few details which will be presented by this buying guide.

Generally, these tools were only available for professional carpenters, but now that prices have dropped, they can be afforded by a handyman with an average budget. Except reducing your effort, this type of sander for drywalls will also allow less dust to form. Because as you work with it, the sander also collects most of the dust in a special bag. The first thing you should know, is the fact that such a sander can’t work on corners, so in this case you still have use a sand block. But other than this, it is vastly superior to your manual sand blocking technique and a lot quicker.

The features we present were chosen by us after reading all the reputable drywall sanders reviews. A top model should have all the details that we mention in the following lines.

The power level measured in Amps is important, especially if working on hard surfaces. Normally, it should surpass a minimum value of 4 Amps. Then you have to see the hose length, to make sure it is long enough to reach every part of the room you need to finish. A too short hose will mean that you have to use the sand block more, thus using a lot more energy. The next thing you will have to check is its overall weight. Think carefully about it because you will have to hold the sander above your head for a period of time, while finishing the ceiling. You should try it out in the store to see if you are comfortable with its straps.

We would personally recommend, getting a hook-and-loop strapping system because it is the most convenient. Also it will grant you full control over the sander. Versatility is also a key feature because if it can operate at different RPMs, you can properly sander harder or softer surfaces.

The best drywall sanders reviews should be read,  because they will describe different reliable models. There is no doubt a reliable drywall sander will enhance you sanding abilities, making work easier, faster and cleaner. Look carefully and patiently for one of the best drywall sanders in 2022 and keep in mind the features that were analyzed by us.


Things to consider:

–          A decent amount of amps so they can handle tough jobs;

–          Lightweight;

–          A long hose;

–          Comfortable straps (hook-and-loop straps are the best);

–          A multiple speed operation.