How to select dry food for your dog


Even if you make it a habit to check the many best dry dog food reviews you can find online and off, feeding your dog the right type and amount of food can be a difficult decision. There are so many factors to consider, as feeding your pet can be very similar to feeding a toddler: you can never know if a food item that your pet really likes is the right kind and in the right amount.

Remember that the makers of the top ten dry dog food products are compelled to list their ingredients in such a way that the ingredient that forms the major portion in the dog food is listed at the top.  Thus, if it says chicken as the first ingredient in the list, this means chicken forms the dominant part of the food. Preferably, the main ingredient should be 95% of the total food mass, with the rest of the ingredients making up the remaining percentage. That primary ingredient should be a named meat source, and not a by-product that is used as a mere additive. For instance, if it says chicken, it should not signify any other element such as hoofs, beaks, hair or horns. Although such elements are not by any means unfit for consumption after they are processed, it is just their unpopularity as food sources that make them so. Dry food for pets should still include nutritious and highly-digestible organs such as heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. So give your pet a treat for Christmas with food that contains those healthy food sources.

You can snag a good dry food product at Black Friday deals that feature nutritious dog chow. Check for adequacy, as in for a dog’s various stages of development, for adult dogs, dogs in the stage of reproduction, etc. Those indications will assure you that your dog also gets nutrients appropriate for its age, lifestyle, reproductive stage, genetics, ideal weight and activity level. An indication that your pet is getting optimum nutrients from what you are feeding him is a strong immune system, firm stools, glossy and healthy coat or hair, and active lifestyle.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Flavor Grain Free Our Rating Where to buy

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog-Food

30 pound bag $$$ Roasted Bison & Venison YES A+ AMAZON

Canidae Formula For Dogs

44 pound bag $$$$ Chicken, turkey, lamb & fish YES A AMAZON

Wellness CORE Original Formula

26 pound bag $$$$ Turkey & Chicken YES B+ AMAZON

Diamond Naturals Dry Food

40 pound bag $$$$ Beef & Rice No B AMAZON

Pedigree Complete Nutrition

14-17 pound bag $$ Chicken & Rice No C+ AMAZON


Descriptive terms such as premium, gourmet or natural are not precise indications that the best dry dog food for the moneyadvertised in a magazine is the best that your pet can have. It only indicates how manufacturers want to appeal to your senses but not to your pet’s genuine nutritional needs.

Even the most popular dry dog food that has not undergone animal feeding tests fails miserably when it comes to appropriateness for dog feeding. Unless the product has been used to prove its efficacy with real dogs, it should never be considered the best there is in the market.

Experts agree that the best rated product to feed your petshould still include grains, as the carbohydrates can be used by dogs as energy sources. However, if your pet is allergic to grains and also to gluten, you should just avoid them altogether. Corn, which is of limited nutritional value, can also be hard to digest. The same can be said of wheat fragments and products, beet pulp and molasses. These elements should never be part of the top five ingredients you find in your pet’s food.


Things to consider:

–      Appropriateness to your dog’s age, breed, lifetyle, development/growth stage, reproductive stage

–     More of the essential ingredients like organs and none of the by-products, for optimum growth support

–     Ability to encourage strong immunity and development of your pet

–     Adequacy and animal-tested certification, along with quality ingredients that can surely support development and overall health


Top rated Dry Dog Food in 2022


Taste of the Wild Dry Dog-Food


Best Dry Dog Food ReviewsMade for the carnivore/omnivore that your dog is, Taste of the Wild Dry Dog-Food is grain-free dog food fit for your pet’s variety of life stages. It incorporates lean bison and venison meat, prepared by roasting to extract maximum flavor. The High-prairie canine formula is packed with highly-digestible protein and antioxidants that combat harmful free radicals that come from an active lifestyle. This dry dog food is able to support a healthy immune system so your pet can stay healthy, active and strong. The formula is also supplemented with fruits and vegetables including peas, tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries. It employs pro-biotic ingredients such as Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus for a healthy digestive system. The formula also incorporates vitamins and minerals, making it the best dry dog food 2022.

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CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula For Dogs


US-made formula for dogs of various stages of development, from puppies to adults to senior dogs, makes feeding of pets in multiple-dog households easy and uncomplicated. The formula uses 4 high-quality meat meals for perfect nutrition: chicken, turkey, lamb & fish. The canine formula has guaranteed levels of pro-biotics to promote healthy digestion. There are antioxidants added for a healthy immune system.  CANIDAE All-Life-Stages Formula also carries omega 6 & 3 for glossy coat and healthy skin. It has all the vitamins and minerals appropriate for every life stage, size and genetic breed. Your dog can enjoy the same type of food till it grows old, which makes this product gain high ratings in many best dry dog food reviews.

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Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog-Food


Formulated for dogs over one year old, the Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog Food is made 100% grain-free. It has 54% more protein than Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health Recipes and makes a special grain-free and poultry-free choice for dogs that require maintenance of optimal daily health. It has optimal fat and calorie levels that make it ideal for everyday feeding. The canine formula incorporates nutrient-rich ingredient s including spinach, broccoli, kale and parsley, precisely selected for their health-giving combination in dog food. There are no meat by-products, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, additives, extenders, flavors or preservatives. The dog food offers controlled mineral content levels while using high quality, lower ash meats. Thanks to the high-quality meats, the ash levels are 50% to 75% lower, making the dog meal more palatable.

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Diamond Naturals Adult Dog Dry Food


The Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs is made with no soy, no corn and no wheat, making it an easily digestible canine formula. It has beef protein that ensures provision of optimal nutrition for dogs that prefer the taste of beef. It is ideal for dogs that are sensitive to chicken or corn. Diamond Naturals Beef Meal & Rice Adult Formula Dry Dog Food is a specially-formulated dog meal with guaranteed levels of vitamin E and selenium, which ensure that your pet gets optimum antioxidant nutrition. The incorporated Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids keep the skin and coat shiny and healthy. It comes in crunchy kibble form to help clean your pet’s teeth and protect them from plaque formation.

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Pedigree Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food


Specially formulated for adult dogs, Pedigree Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food helps keep dogs in the adult stage looking like dog show winners. The unique formula works with your pet’s immune system to keep him active and going during the entire day. Yard patrol is always easy for your pet as this formula helps him have firm stools with its tummy-friendly formula. The unique form helps clean teeth down to the gum line as your dog has to chew every morsel thoroughly. It is 100% balanced and complete for better vitality and health. It has optimum levels of oil and minerals to nourish your dog’s body and coat. Mature dogs can live a life full of energy and vitality with this dog food’s high levels of vitamin E for healthy immune system, plus a unique blend of fiber to help support healthy digestion.

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