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Being a true do it yourself handyman means you have to have an impressive collection of power tools which will aid you for different applications. For drilling through all kinds of parts made from hard materials you need to have a reliable drilling press. But a drilling press must be of high quality so to not cause you more problems than actually solving them. Take a look at the list below and you will find 5 models which are all recommended by the best drill presses reviews.


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Thousands of American workers and engineers need professional power tools in their tool box. Out of the many power tools available on the market drill presses are needed during various construction projects. This is why so many people invest a lot of their time in learning more about drill presses; how they work and the type of results they offer. Electricians, woodworkers and architects use drill presses whenever they have to perform more specific actions. This piece of construction equipment is versatile and with a low profile, allowing people to make different holes in metal and also wood. Drill presses are mainly used in order make room for special attachments. The power tool is very flexible, turning easily in a pocket hole device, mortise, buffer, sander and also spindle unit!

Since there are so many drill presses available on the market, discovering the right model can take some time. We took the liberty of testing 20 of the most used models in 2022 for over 80 hours. When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best drill press reviews, worth consulting before you make a purchase. The first thing that you have to do is asses the product’s capacity. You need to review the drill size, going from throat depth to the chuck to the respective column. For enhanced drilling performance we recommend a 12-inch drill press. Searching for high quality drill press takes a bit of time. Now, you can opt for bench-top or floor units, capable of handling different construction tasks. Repairmen should use floor models which offer high drilling force. Furthermore floor models come with a wide range of attachments and drilling accessories.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Swing Price Dimensions No. of Speeds Our Rating Where to buy

Rikon 30-100

8 inch $$$$ 7 x 16 x 23 inch 5 A+ AMAZON

Rockwell RK7033

10 inch $$$$ 12 x 14 x 28 inch 5 B+ AMAZON

Wen 4208

8 inch $$$ 7.5 x 22.9 x 11 inch 5 A AMAZON

SE 97511MDP

5 inch $$ 12 x 10 x 9 inch 3 B+ AMAZON

Dremel 220-01

4 inch $$ 6 x 6 x 12 inch 3 B+ AMAZON


How can you find the best drill press in 2022? This is a tough question which should be handled with professional assistance. Advanced floor drill presses have the right force to drill through thick materials. Bench-top drill presses are useful machines, designed to enhance construction performance. A good drilling device can makes holes from 10 to 12 inches deep, with enough depth for standard construction or building jobs. Engineers and workers have the possibility of selection magnetic and radial drill presses. Radial presses offer amazing swing features for more complex tasks. Some of the latest statistics showed that a growing number of people opt for magnetic drills. You should know that magnetic drills are way powerful than bench-top and floor standing models.

With the best drill press in 2022 you will be able to work faster and with more precision. As we underlined before the market offers: bench-top drilling machine, floor-standing unit, magnetic machine and also radial drill press. There are some drill presses brands that need to be taken into consideration. For instance you can choose models from Delta, Grizzly, Black & Decker, Bosch or Milwaukee. Such brands are well-known in the construction community, offering workers the chance to get the job done with limited problems. Furthermore you need to find a drill press that comes from an exclusive warranty.



Rikon 30-100 Drill Press


The best drill presses reviews consider the Rikon 30-100 to be a solid choice for any workshop because it offers a very well balanced set of features which will surely let you complete a job professionally. Any type of material will be dealt with by this drill thanks to the fact that it can operate at various speeds thanks to its versatile motor. Only top quality materials go into its construction like cast iron or solid steel so one of its greatest features can be considered its durability.



Set by specialists among the current top 10 drill press models, the 30-100 8-inch model from Rikon is a great addition to woodworkers and construction engineers that need to drill holes in different types of materials

Features 5 spindle speeds that range from 620 to 3100 RPM, more than enough for precise drilling into wood materials

Due to its durable steel and cast iron construction this drill press ensures smooth stability and lack of vibrations during each drilling operation

As one of the best products under $500 this drill press features depth stop function which permits users to set the drilling depth fast and accurately



Contains small parts which represent a choking hazard for children

Minor set up is required


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Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press


Best Drill Presses reviewsInvest your money in the Rockwell RK7033 and get some excellent precision from the powerful 2/3 HP motor which powers the whole machine. Use 5 different speeds so you can work properly on wood, plastic on metal. Your safety is very important for this drill press and it can only be started by the keyed safety switch so no accidents can occur after starting it by mistake. Adjust the rack and pinion table to the height that is most comfortable for you easily as well.



Considered by professional woodworkers as the highest rated drill press from Rockwell, the RK7033 model is powered by a 6.2 amp and 2/3 HP motor which ensures heightened drilling performance during various woodworking projects

This 10-inch drill press incorporates a user-friendly 5 speed gear box which permits users to adjust the proper speed

Due to the powerful construction and 45 degree bevel this unit can be used to perform precise cuts in plastic, metal and wood

The drill press comes equipped with a special keyed safety switch which limits the appearance of accidents during work



Even though the drill press is easy to assemble the instruction manual offers pretty limited information

Does not include a keyless chuck but comes with a traditional keyed chuck


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SE 97511MDP Mini Drill Press


The SE 97511MDP has a top quality to price ratio which many customers praise in their positive reports. Choose one of the 3 speeds at which it can operate so you can precisely drill through different materials. The whole package will also grant you some very useful accessories like a pair of spare motor brushes, wrenches and so on. The iron cast base will firmly stand on your work bench keeping it very stable when you are working with it. Many handymen around the country view it as one of the best drill presses in 2022.



Regarded by many as the best product for Christmas, the 97511MDP mini drill press from SE has a powerful motor that reaches speeds up to 5000, 6500 and 8000 RPM, more than enough to drill through metal, plastic and wood

Made of durable steel this advanced drill press comes equipped with 2 Allen wrenches, replacement motor parts and also chuck key

This powerful mini drill press delivers precision during each spindle, chuck and quill action during the actual drilling process

Incorporates a powerful motor that delivers powerful torque and speed control for enhanced drilling performance



The quill is a bit flimsy but it gets the job done

Some assembly is required in order for the drill press to fully operate


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Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station


The Dremel 220-01 is a very popular sight in workshops around the country because it has an excellent performance rating and the price can be afforded easily by any dedicated handyman. The 56 inch square metal base will provide your work station with great stability so you can carry on your work in ideal conditions. It can also operate as a drill press so you are able to complete even more jobs with its help. It is no surprise why it is seen as one of the best drill presses in 2022.



Even though an affordable product the 220-01 rotary tool work station from Dremel is optimal for a wide range of applications such as hobbies, crafts, metal working or even woodworking

Comes with a solid tabletop which permits people to safely perform slotting, sanding, grooving and also edge trimming

The device is fitted with a tool holder which can accommodate different types of tools, set at a 90 degrees stance horizontally

Features solid cord management clips that safely store power cords and enhance drilling performance on the work station



Some assembly is needed but the instruction manual helps out a lot

Contains plastic materials in various places of the station


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Northern Industrial Tools Benchtop Mini Drill Press


Another affordable drill press you can buy is this one from Northern Industrial Tools which is even considered by some one of the top rated drill presses in 2022, because it has some advantageous characteristics and it is built to last at the same time. The 120 volts motor can run at 5 different speeds proving very useful when confronted with all kinds of materials. The whole press is designed to operate with the utmost precision so you get the results you need.