If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best down comforter money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best down comforters on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Superior All Season is the best down comforter for sale because it is comfortable, beautifully designed and can be conveniently tossed in the washer when it needs to be cleaned. Constructed from a microfiber material and filled with down style polyester, it is the perfect choice for anyone with allergies. The polyester fill is hypoallergenic, and has the added advantage of being machine washable. You will also appreciate its exact measurements, which ensures a perfect fit on your bed. If the Superior All Season is not in stock in your area you could also consider the Chezmoi Collection White Goose as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Sizes Available Material Color Our Rating Where to buy

Pacific Coast European

Queen 170 Egyption Cotton White A+ AMAZON

Signature Bedding 1200

King 90 Egyption Cotton White A AMAZON

Superior Down All Season

All 25 Microfiber White A AMAZON

Chezmoi Collection Goose

Queen, King 40 Polyester White B+ AMAZON

Pinzon Basics Year Round

Twin, King, Queen 50 Microfiber White B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


When it is time to close your eyes for the night, it is only natural that you want to envelope yourself in comfort. By choosing one of the highest rated down comforters, you may find you will have the best sleep in your life!

With so many down comforters on the market, how can you possibly decide what’s the best comforter to choose? We can’t really tell you which comforter to choose, but we can offer you suggestions on how to choose the right one!

The Down

If you find yourself looking at the top ten down comforters, you will notice that these comforters have a high fill power. What this means is that the larger the number, the better the quality the down is inside. The larger down clusters are warmer and more breathable than smaller clusters. When you are looking at the fill power, anything below 400 is considered to be low-grade down. 500 to 699 is considered to be high-quality comforters and the cream of the crop, luxury down comforters have a fill power of 700 and up.



When it comes to choosing what is the best down comforter, you want to choose high quality materials. Down comes from the belly of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. The down has a three-dimensional construction that creates a cluster that will trap air and help to keep you arm. Sadly, synthetic materials simply cannot replicate this. You should know that down should come from mature birds, as it will last longer and not break down as quickly as the down of younger birds.


Thread Count

A down comforter is already a luxurious bedding material, but when you pair that with a high thread count—you will feel like sleeping on clouds. A high thread count refers to the numbers of threads that you will find in a single square inch of fabric. The lowest thread count ranges between 100 and 180. Anything above 250 is considered to be high quality cotton. And thread counts that go above 400 are considered to be luxurious.

A good down comforter should give you incredible warmth, comfort, and maybe even a sense of security when you wrap yourself up in it. There is nothing better than snuggling with a good book and your comforter on those days where it feels entirely too cold to get up.


Products for specific needs


Best Down Comforters for Summer


Natural Comfort White Down Alternative with Embossed Microfiber Cover


Wrap yourself in this Natural Comfort down comforter any time of the year—even in the summer. What makes this particular comforter one of the best down comforters for summer use is that it is lightweight and the micro-fiber allows the comforter to breath so you do not get too hot. The micro-fiber adds a luxuriously soft touch and is incredibly durable. The box-stitch construction keeps the down evenly distributed throughout the comforter. You need not worry about allergens, as this blanket is hypo-allergenic, so you can rest easy at night.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($48.99)




Best Down Comforters for Dorm Rooms


Black Twin Extra Long Comforter Set by Ivy Union


This 92 inch comforter is not your average comforter for twin beds! Because it is so long, it is one of the best down comforters for dorm rooms. When that alarm goes off early in the morning, you can pull the blanket over your head without your feet becoming exposed! The double stitched edging ensures all the filling remains inside the comforter, keeping is light, fluffy, and incredibly soft. College life can get pretty exciting, so the denser quality fabric of this comforter ensures that it will not rip or tear easily. The box stitching on the comforter ensures that the filling stays evenly distributed throughout the comforter, even with repeated washings.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($64.99)




Best Down Comforters for Cribs


Just for Baby White Down Comforter


Why should baby miss out on the luxury of sleeping with a soft down comforter? The white down comforter offered by Warm Things is, by far, one of the best down comforters for cribs. The hypo-allergenic material is sensitive enough for babies to sleep on and the 300 thread count, 100% down proof cotton shell ensures that no tiny feathers will poke through the comforter, the blanket measures 41” by 48”, giving your baby plenty of blanket to keep warm. The baffled channel construction of the blanket ensures the down is evenly distributed and allows you to adjust the amount of warm for the baby.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($79.99)





Top down comforters in 2019


A good night’s sleep is vital for eveyrone so they are well rested for the next day’s activities. Some nights prove chillier than others and in order to be prepared you need to have a reliable down conforter. You will be able to find a huge number of different models and sometimes it can be confusing to choose the best one . This is why you need to take a quick glance over the best down comforters reviews which will present to you the top five models.



Pacific Coast European Down Comforter


Best Down Comforters reviewsFor a good night’s sleep, you should purchase Pacific Coast European down comforter. This model has a high quality level because it is made from Egyptian cotton, which is superior in retaining heat. Another advantage for this model is its ability to only need cleaning every 3 to 5 years. Ten years of warranty  make this all American product even better and have convinced us to recommend it as our number one choice.




US-made with premium materials, which assures strict quality control and superior construction, from a prestigious manufacturer who searched the world for top-quality rare Pyrenees down to use in the comforter

Contains 650 fill power Hyperclean® Pyrenees Down that ensures larger and fluffier clusters to offer excellent insulation

Carries genuine Baffle Box design and patented Comfort Lock® border, so the down inside has full loft, all while minimizing shifting

Soft and durable 420-thread count Egyptian cotton Barrier Weave® fabric prevents the down from sneaking out



Size of comforter requires professional laundry or dry cleaning service

Not too many choices on color, as the down material has to be kept in natural pristine state


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Signature Bedding 1200 Thread Down Alternative Comforter


Signature Bedding Alternative comforter has been praised by the best down comforters reviews for its excellent set of features, that keep warmth trapped underneath it. The cover is made out of Egyptian cotton which is treated, so it is hypo-allergenic too, for those people who are susceptible to allergies. A maximum level of warmth will be evenly distributed because it has a box-stitching design which doesn’t allow shifting inside the comforter.




Soft and luxurious down alternative comforter offers medium level of warmth for year-round comfort even during the hotter months, making this the best down comforter for summer 2019

Made of 100% Egyptian cotton in 300 thread-count king size to keep the bed looking and feeling comfortable and totally fabulous the whole year

Hypoallergenic material ensures comfortable and stress-free rest and sleep for people with asthma and allergies

Baffle Wall Box design ensures that the comforter stays securely on the bed, with no shifting of the down contained inside the Egyptian Cotton shell



Can have crinkly sound during initial use, but this quickly disappears as the fibers ease out


Buy from Amazon.com for ($84.99)




Superior All Season Alternative Comforter


One of the comforters with the best price-quality ratio is this models from Grand Down. The cover is made totally out of microfiber like its interior, retaining  heat so you feel warm when you are underneath it. Also, the fiber is hypoallergenic, so microbes can’t thrive on its surface. The filling won’t be allowed to shift because it is fitted with double needle stitching. The top down comforters reviews recommend it because it has an affordable price.



Individuals suffering from allergies or asthma can sleep in peace and total comfort with the Grand Down All-Season Down Alternative Comforter on their beds, thanks to the Microfiber Fill and Microfiber Cover guaranteed to be hypoallergenic

Measures 88 inches wide and 90 inches long, to amply cover full or queen size beds  in soft and luxurious warmth

Has 77 Ounces of fill to ensure superior insulation that works during various parts of the year and most specially during the colder seasons

Made machine washable for easy care and maintenance, while preserving its brand-new look when washing instructions are adhered to



Made a bit heavy to ensure superior warmth during colder months


Buy from Amazon.com for ($46.99)




Chezmoi Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter


The most successful down comforter across America is clearly Chezmoi Collection Goose, which comes at very advantageous price, so any customer with an average budget can afford it. This queen sized comforter is excellent for all year round use. When you want to wash it in your machine, you should keep in mind to select the soft cycle with cold water. The allergen free poly fiber is another great feature, making it to be considered one of the best down comforters in 2019. The comforter will not slide from your bed because it has corner tabs and piped edges.



Always on top in the best down comforter for summer reviews thanks to its luxurious goose-down alternative composition that makes it the perfect comforter to have all year round

Made extra soft and comfortable, with allergy-free poly-fiber material guaranteed to be friendly to asthma and allergy sufferers, eliminating bothersome sneezing and dangerous asthma or allergy attacks

100% hypoallergenic material ensures safe and trouble-free rest and sleep for highly-sensitive individuals, for peace of mind and total comfort

Measures 88 inches by 88 inches to keep standard-size beds amply covered in enveloping warmth, softness and comfort



Snow-white color leaves little choice for people who want more color and character in their beddings, but quality is still the best


Buy from Amazon.com for ($36.58)




Pinzon Basics Down Alternative Year Round Comforter


Another great option for a down comforter is Pinzon Basics, which has all kinds of top qualities to ensure you are nice and warm sleep underneath it. The micro fiber polyester has the property of being hypoallergenic. You won’t have to worry about the filling moving around inside it because the comforter is fitted with box stitches. Cleaning it will be effortless because this comforter is machine washable.



With 25-ounce down alternative polyester fiber fill that makes this a highly hypoallergenic bedding for year-round use

Material is hypoallergenic to help allergy and asthma sufferers enjoy the warmth and comfort of down comforters without the terrible effects that such material can have on their health

Uses down alternative material constructed in end-to-end box-stitching to keep the filling in place and keep the comforter from shifting annoyingly when laid out on the bed

Made machine washable to facilitate easy cleaning, so users do not have to get the comforter professionally washed or dry cleaned



Comes only in solid white color, which makes the bed look neat, restful and inviting


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Down comforter – What to look for:


4In the bedroom comfort is everything for people that want to relax or enjoy a good night sleep without twisting and turning around. In order to enhance the sleeping experience, more and more Americans resort to down comforters. Better known as duvets such products are known for their warmth, softness and lightness. There are many lucky individuals that spend one night with a down comforter and expressed their amazement in the quality of their sleep. Down comforters are designed to improve the sleeping pleasure, casting aside any reasons to wake up in the middle of the night and change positions. Taking into account that there are so many models available for purchase, discovering the best down comforter without access to professional information takes time.

You shouldn’t resort to guessing while browsing for a new down comforter. Don’t leave things up to chance and approach the selection process in a constructive manner. We managed to go through the best down comforter reviews in order to help people easily identify the right product for their bed. The market offers different types of bedding items that can expand the comforter levels. For instance you will be able to choose from down featherbed, down blanket or down pillows. Now, there are some technicalities which can speed up your decision. Well, down is mainly a fluffy cluster which houses bird feathers. Users appreciate the fluffiness of the down comforter that feels really nice at touch. According to our research it seems that there are different types of down comforters available on the market.


You can choose the best down comforter in 2019 from goose, white goose, grey goose and duck down types. Goose down is very popular and pretty affordable. You should know that white goose down can easily accommodate any bed because it doesn’t display comforter shells. Grey goose down comes with a darker appearance, matching contemporary bed themes. Normal duck down is usually used in featherbeds down comforters which are very comfortable. For people that have a bit more money to spend, eider down comforters represent a great investment. Eider comforters are softer than other models.  Furthermore you have to take into account the down fill. This is where a simple calculus makes the difference: 1 ounce of down equals xxx cubic inches.


The best down comforter in 2019 will have high cubic inches which enhance warmth and fluffiness levels. According to recent statistics it seems that 700 or more cubic inches represents a high bedding comfort. Furthermore with high fill power more warmth is added to each sleeping experience. The down comforter construction is also important, because it offers more stability while sleeping. You need to know that box-stitch shell includes a solid cover which protects featherbeds comforters. The extra stitching maintains the down in place as you sleep, limiting the shifting effects. There are also baffle-box constructions with a durable fabric set, present on the comforter bottom and top of the material.



In order to buy the best down comforter in 2019, here is a list of things to consider:

–         Type of down comforter that suits you best which may include white goose, grey goose, duck and eider duck materials

–         Fill power, which has to be 700 ounces or more for enhanced stability and warmth

–         Construction that can be baffle-box or box-stitched

–         Comfort level, offered by the softness and warmth of the down comforter model