If you’re here just to find the best double DIN receivers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about various products on the market by looking into reviews and ratings in expert review sites for audio equipment as well as actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have researched on and compared, we believe the Kenwood DPX500BT is the best because of its amazing ability to make every ride fun and exciting. Delivering awesome audio performance, this receiver has a large single-line display that enables easy viewing of essential information while on the go. Combining form, function and fun, this model has a built-in Bluetooth hands-free feature that lets you make and receive calls while driving safely. It comes with a variety of tools for audio tweaking aside from having some extremely nifty entertainment options. Able to play CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RW discs, this model accommodates MP3, WMA, and AAC files. If the Kenwood DPX500BT runs out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the Pioneer AVH-280BT.



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A double din receiver improves the sound quality in your vehicle and usually has features that turn your car into a larger version of the media player on your smartphone. With that said, if you are trying to upgrade to one of the best rated double din receivers, you may find it a little confusing.

We have created this guide to help you choose which double din receiver is the best device for your vehicle—and has all the features that you are looking for.

Pioneer FH-X700BT


If you are trying to find out who makes the best receivers on the market, it all depends on the connectivity of the device. While most of the double din receivers can connect to MP3 players, smartphones, and other electronic devices either by Bluetooth or a USB, you will want to choose a device that has both options available. This will make it easier for you if you should ever lose the USB cord—you can still use the Bluetooth option. Of course, if you need to charge the device, it is a nice feature to have the USB connectivity because it can charge your device as well.


Stream Media

It is a great ability to access media that is already stored on your smartphone or media player via the double din receiver. There are too many commercials on the radio and sometimes you want more of a variety than a couple of CDs that you have in your car. But even your playlists can get stale. By having a device that can access streaming media services like Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, you are broadening your music library by leaps and bounds.



You will want to choose a budget before you seriously consider a new double din receiver. They can get pretty expensive and they may not even have all the features that you are looking for. Also, just because something is expensive does not mean it is the most popular or the best device to choose. You will also want to do a little bit of research and price comparison.

A double din receiver is an excellent way to turn up the entertainment factor during that dreaded morning commute. You can listen to your favorite music without having to worry about annoying commercials, repeat songs, or lacklustre radio personalities.



Product for Specific Needs



Best Double Din Receiver for iPhone 5


Pioneer FX-X700BT


The Pioneer FX-X700BT In-Dash Double Din Car Stereo Receiver uses Pioneer’s exclusive MIXTRAX technology. This technology creates a continuous mix of your entire music library that peppers in DJ-inspired effects to the music. This creates a fun sound that is unique to the system. You will be able to appreciate hands-free calling and audio streaming capabilities because the system is Bluetooth capable. Because it is hands-free, you do not have to worry about unlocking your phone or entering any complicated codes, as you can access the media controls through the stereo. This is the best double din receiver for iPhone 5 because it can be connected directly to the device with a USB cord—and it will charge the phone as well!


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Best Double Din Receiver for the Money


Kenwood DPX500BT


If you are looking for an affordable stereo receiver for your car, this is the best double-din receiver for the money. It is installed into the dashboard of your vehicle and it features an AM/FM receiver, CD player, and it can also play MP3s. The USB Receiver comes with a remote control, which adds to the convenience while you are driving. You have the ability to use the Pandora Link which integrates the streaming service into your car. The Bluetooth technology allows you to make hands-free phone calls and also allows your music to stream wirelessly. The two-way iPod control gives you the ability to control the media from your stereo or the iPod.


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Best Double Din Receiver for Android


Pioneer  AVH-X4600BT


This seven inch stereo receiver features a WVGA touchscreen display that, if you have the proper accessories, can be navigation ready. Because this device can connect to your Android device via Bluetooth, this is one of the best double din receivers for Android devices. You can make hands-free phone calls and access your media either with a USB cord or through the Bluetooth function. The stereo is SiriusXM compatible. The App Radio Mode allows you to access apps such as car browser, maps, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Waze, and other fantastic apps. You can also control the media and apps through the receiver, instead of having to fumble around with your smartphone.


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Top rated double din receivers in 2022


When everything in this world is getting smart, why should your car fall behind? A Double Din Receiver will improve the audio quality of your car with features like Bluetooth streaming, automatic connectivity with your cell phone or iPod, front USB port etc. If you are keeping around the basic factory radio, then it is the time to change your stereo system to a high end master blaster CD receiver. Have a look over the best double din receivers reviews to find the best stereo for your car. Think smart and get smart!



Pioneer AVH-280BT


2-pioneer-avh-280btThe Pioneer AVH-280BT is a premium quality DVD/CD receiver with internal amp that delivers 14 watts RMS and 50 watts peak on 4 channels for amazing audio performance. It enables you to do safe driving with its built-in Bluetooth technology.



Offering both CD and DVD playback, this model also enables iPod and iPhone control via USB so you have a variety of audio sources. You can even send video output to rear seat screens to enable your passengers to enjoy video entertainment on the go, especially during long trips.

Offering impressive sound, this model lets you enjoy terrific sound quality with every turn of the key. The receiver is equipped with a powerful MOSFET amplifier for great audio performance, while the versatile 5-band equalizer ensures optimal sound delivery through your car’s sound system.

Adding this receiver to your car lets you keep your steering wheel controls. Simply use an adapter to retain those controls, connect some wires and then program the adapter according to the type of radio or car you have.

The 6.2″ WVGA Touchscreen with LED Backlight Display enables easy operation every time. You’ll have easy control of the sound system of your car with this revolutionary in-dash receiver.

This model is able to provide control and playback of music files on compatible Android devices. The 5-band graphic equalizer comes with 7 preset EQ curves so you can tweak your audio according to your preference.



The unit does not come with a remote control for convenient use. A remote control would be helpful since the volume level indicator is positioned exactly below the volume adjustment button so when you press it, you will be unable to view the volume level. However, you can easily tell if the sound levels are fine thanks to this unit’s dependable audio performance.


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Kenwood DPX502BT


3-kenwood-dpx502btBoasting maximum Output Power of 50 watts on all 4 channels, the Kenwood DPX502BT boasts a number of revolutionary features that make it the best addition to your car’s audio equipment collection. It comes with the exclusive Kenwood sound reconstruction that restores musical to compressed music.



Providing maximum output power of 50 watts on all four channels, this model delivers playback of a variety of files including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and FLAC while displaying the ID3 tag so you can view plenty of information about the files you enjoy.
Sirius XM-ready, this model is compatible with smartphone applications including iHeartRadio and Pandora. You can listen to a variety of audio sources to make every ride enjoyable and less stressful. The device also plays FM and AM radio stations.

The unit ships with a remote control for truly convenient use on the go. Its host of audio-tweaking options allows you to enjoy a variety of ways to play your favorite songs. The built-in Bluetooth enables wireless connectivity of devices.

The device plays CDs and also connects to your MP3 player or smartphone conveniently through the easy-access front aux and USB connections. You can directly plug in your smartphone for control over your music or charging. Use the variable color display plus the capable qualizer so the look and sound of your audio becomes personalized.

Use Bluetooth to stream audio or pair the receiver with your phone for convenient hands-free calling. Callers can hear you loud and clear thanks to the external microphone. Pair two smartphones at the same time so you can switch between them when you want or share the same car with another driver. .


Switching the car ignition on when using a USB thumb drive with this device will cause it to read through the entire contents of the removable drive. You may prefer to use smaller capacity drives to reduce the waiting time for the device to play back USB drive contents.


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Kenwood DPX300U


Remote Pandora Link allows you to integrate car stereo with your iPhone, iPod, and Pandora internet radio. The controls are designed exceptionally well and they are easy to use once you get familiar with them. If you are looking for clean and clear sound at different volume levels, then what is delaying you from having this one? The price is justified with the options and quality which it offers. There are many customization options regarding audio quality like treble, bass, fader, balance etc. Best double din receivers reviews introduces this device to seat shaking sound wave lovers like you.



Audio specialists underline the smooth efficiency of the DPX300U from Kenwood, a model which safely integrates in the car’s audio system iPhone and iPod and streams quality music

Offers audio streaming from MP3, CD, AM/FM and USB Receiver that significantly improves the car’s entertaining capabilities, delighting drivers with beloved songs and interesting radio shows

This sleek DIN receiver features variable color illumination system that offers proper readings on song name, duration and many more

The receiver offers impressive audio force with 50 RMS watts x 4 channels, more than enough to enjoy clear and banging sounds



Does not offer Bluetooth capabilities but to some degree the USB receiver compensates with more audio sources

The LED displays has glare especially while driving in hot summer days


“The best double din receiver reviews were right to name Kenwood DPX300U a top notch model because it does have everything you would expect from one. On top of all this, I bought it for a very respectful price and I must point out its excellent stereo sound quality.” – Anthony Ruiz


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Kenwood DPX500BT


If you are looking to enhance the entertainment level in your car, the double DIN receiver to get is the Kenwod DPX500BT. With it you can connect to your favorite AM/FM radio stations, listen to your favorite mp3s or play content directly from your smartphone via its USB port. This receiver can even allow you to take your calls hands-free because it’s fitted with Bluetooth technology. This feature also helps it connect quickly to iPods and smartphones. You can also personalize its appearance by changing the unit’s light colors. We conclude by recommending the DPX500BT for its top features and for its affordable price range.



It can support a top sound quality if connected to a state-of-the-art car speaker system

Bluetooth makes connecting to smartphones and other devices a breeze

The installation process is extremely simple, you just have to plug it in and it’s ready to play your favorite radio stations or tracks

Changing the lights’ colors definitely helps the user personalize the receiver

An affordable price range



Some users have reported that the FM signal is pretty low (we believe this is largely down to the area you are in, some areas tend to have a weaker signal)

The first time you play a song via Bluetooth, only the front speakers will work (this is how the unit is preset, check the manual so you get to the menu setting which will allow all the speakers to play the song)


“When I saw that this Kenwood double din receiver had a Black Friday discount on Amazon, I knew I couldn’t miss on the opportunity to buy it. The sound quality is great and I love the fact that I can personalize the colors of the actual receiver. Overall I think it’s one of the most reliable models in 2022 and I’m sure it was the best option for the money I paid for it.” – Charles Carnell


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Pioneer FH-X700BT


Best Double Din Receivers ReviewsThe brand new piece out from Pioneer is excellent and does almost everything that you want your stereo to do. Hands free calling, USB for iPod control, Bluetooth streaming, good sound, and easy to use menu whatever you need is present in this stereo system. You do not need to read the manual to figure out things, it’s extremely easy. The Bluetooth connects automatically when you enter the car. You can keep your cell phone in your pocket and just play the music from it. The price is great which is unbelievable for an awesome stereo like this.



Regarded the best double din receiver with Bluetooth 2022 the FH-X700BT In-Dash features advanced MIXTRAX technology and also Bluetooth for comfortable audio streaming during long or short drives

Comes equipped with USB direct control system (for iPod and iPhone) which permits people to safely stream music and radio shows whenever they want

Incorporates a user-friendly display and high quality key illumination system (over 21.000 colors) which safely match the vehicle’s own illumination theme

With a resistant anti-dust design this double DIN receiver represents a great addition to any car



Some assembly is needed(read the instruction manual with attention)

Doesn’t come with a mute button to rapidly turn down the volume


“I’m quite impressed with my new Pioneer FH-X700BT double din receiver and most of all I’m pleased with the excellent sound quality. It was very easy to install, the Bluetooth works great and I manage to connect quickly to my iPhone or tablet.” – Lisa Furlong


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Clarion CX501


The Clarion CX501, a versatile Double Din receiver, is offering Bluetooth hands free calling, audio streaming, USB connectivity with iPod, and MP3/WMA playback. You can enjoy your favorite CDs or burn CD-R/RW full of audio files for longer playback. Don’t like waiting for a disc to burn? Using the front panel USB, playback your favorite tunes directly from a USB thumb drive. Large volume control knob will remind you of the old days with the ergonomically symmetrical design of the unit. All this can be yours and more for a very reasonable price.



Offering drivers access to AM/FM radio, iPod receiver, CD and MP3 which are more than enough to set an entertaining driving experience the CX201 double DIN represents a great addition to any vehicle

Features a powerful 50W x 4 MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) amplifier which drivers can use in order to pump up the volume

The double din receiver incorporates 13-segment 2-line display that are very easy to read in different lighting conditions during long or short trips

Incorporates Beat EQ system which allows users to customize the whole listening experience, choosing from a wide range of midrange, bass and treble settings



The remote control takes a while to truly master but after one or two driving trips things become familiar

The documentation doesn’t cover the radio streaming functions


“Through Clarion CX501 I’ve found the highest rated double din receiver for my car. I have everything I could possibly want: hands free calling, easy connectivity with all sorts of devices and a top sound quality. Frankly, I have come to view it as the best double din receiver 2022.” – John B. Lowder


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Pioneer AVH270BT


1.Pioneer AVH270BT

The Pioneer AVH270BT is a notable option for people looking for some fully capable double din digital media receivers. It supports both hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming, and makes the driver’s life a whole lot easier on account of the Bluetooth wireless technology it comes with. The unit is easy to install and utilize, as emphasized by the many positive reviews it has gathered in this sense. The Pioneer interface has been significantly upgraded from the last version, which means that it’s a lot more responsive and intuitive, allowing people to enjoy the quickness it responds to their commands.


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Kenwood DPX308U – Not Available


If you have planned to buy the Kenwood DPX308U then you have made the best car audio choice ever. Rap, rock or country whatever you like to listen, this device will make your audio speakers sing amazingly. Most of the cars come with a double Din opening, so swap that basic radio for this Kenwood system and enjoy the full features of the CD receiver. When you connect your iPhone or iPod to the front USB port, it will provide an advanced search option to playback your favorite music at ease. You don`t have to spend too much to get this CD receiver for your car.

“I would definitely recommend this double din receiver from Kenwood for the easy connectivity options and the excellent stereo sound. The USB port allows me to charge my Smartphone and to play tracks from it simultaneously. In other words this is a state-of-the-art car receiver which would make for a great Xmas gift.” – May J. Flower




Double Din Receivers – What to Look For:


doubledinMillions of Americans own cars and want to display them whenever they have the opportunity. So, creating a comfortable and entertaining interior becomes a priority. Due to recent technological advancements car stereo systems offer captivating experiences worth taking in. In order to ensure that you install the GPS, audio system and radio in an elegant manner in your car, a great double din receiver needs to be identified. With a precise Bluetooth receiver module, your car will be connected to various entertainment sources, at your disposition every moment of the respective drive. Still, there is one important question that needs to be answered: which is the most efficient DIN receiver for my car? Well, in order to obtain a swift and conclusive answer to this question you have to consult some of the present best double din receiver reviews which underline the efficiency of some top rated products, already available on the market.

With professional information on the subject, you will be able to invest wisely in a double DIN receiver that keeps your entertainment source vibrant. Connectivity is everything for most people, especially for those that want to access different things in basically the same time. Going through some of the best double din receivers in 2022 represents an important step in discovering the most efficient device. Double-Din car stereos can also house different GPS navigation systems. Most DIN receivers include navigation as an integrated feature with touch screen and LCD in-dash audio and video players.

Furthermore, such devices can also come with navigation-enabled stereo, detailed maps, real-time traffic information and also text-to-voice route guidance.

Consulting some of the present best double din receivers reviews represents an important step in discovering the most efficient product, designed with attention in order to meet your requirements. You should know that single DIN systems can’t adapt well to navigation systems. Creating the ideal audio experience can be done once you find a high quality double DIN receiver, capable of housing different entertainment devices. For example component speakers, tweeters, midrange speakers and super tweeters for advanced high-range output can be placed inside the media construction. The respective entertainment system will experience a major boost once you find the most efficient double DIN receiver, which picks out precise signals.

How can you find the best double din receivers in 2022? Well, you might want to see what other people recommend since when it comes to vehicle components, fan groups grow in members with each passing month. Are you ready to create the ideal entertainment system in the comfort of your car? If you are, then investing in a high quality Double Din receiver, designed to provide a secure and comfortable environment for all your portable media and navigation systems.


Things to consider:

–          Types of Double Din receiver, developed by top brands, recognized for their high functionality.

–          Double Din receiver picks out all media devices, GPS, navigation system and speaker systems.

–          Weight, height and design

–          Enhances the car’s interior media system.



Unavailable products





Are you looking for something great without breaking the bank? For something around $100, you can’t beat this JVC car stereo. There are some great features including full control over subwoofer, high and low crossover adjustments, color changing options between the screen and the buttons etc. While you are reading best double din receivers reviews, perhaps you would be interested to buy a stereo for your car. Pick this unit with some great performance, a stylish design and reasonable price; you will experience quality audio playback seating in your car.



Most of the best double din receiver with Bluetooth reviews emphasize on the superb set of audio functions provided by the KW-R500 from JVC, a model with a frequency response from 5 to 20.000 Hz

Equipped with advanced audio features like Voice Recognition Dialling, Audio Streaming and hands free call, the receiver easily fits double-DIN of 4 inches for a comprehensive audio experience

Comes equipped with MOSFET amplifier and can play CDs, MP3, CD-RWs and also WMA files

The receiver is compatible with iPods and iPhones which enhance the number of audio sources during drives



Some assembly is needed (consult the user manual for proper installation)

Automatically switches to the USB device when users plug in their phones which can be frustrating for those that simply want to charge their mobile devices


“This JVC receiver has proven to be just the thing to improve my car’s entertainment aspect. It has a very cheap price as well, under $110,  while providing me with full control over my car’s speakers and subwoofer. All in all, I am more than satisfied with the way it functions.” – Matt R. Snowden